Best LG V20 leather cases

We don’t know about you guys, but we have a thing for the LG V20, which, in our opinion, is one of the most interesting smartphones ever made. And, in a very special way, it’s also an elegant device. Still, like most handsets, it’s pretty fragile and a single drop can turn it into… well, something not very appealing.

Yes, you guessed it, today we’re talking about cases, but not your average models, but the best LG V20 leather cases, perfect for keeping your phone safe and maintaining a very elegant look!

Let’s see what models we have for you guys.

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1. ShopLeather Vintage LG V20 Leather Case

Shop leather LG V20 case

Today we’re starting with a handmade case, from genuine leather, able to protect your phone against scratches, dirt and daily wear and tear. It acts like a wallet, featuring pockets for ID, cards and cash, while the magnetic clasp keeps the cover safely closed.

Finally, like most wallet cases, it can also work as a kickstand, being great for hands-free viewing. It’s available just in brown, but you will definitely love this finish!

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2. StilGut LG V20 Leather Case

StilGut LG V20 leather case

Next, we have another stylish LG V20 leather case, this time from StilGut. It’s made of genuine leather and it has an ultra slim profile, fitting the phone perfectly. Unlike the previous model, it doesn’t have a special closure, since the flap works like a book cover.

Also, what we really like about it is the fact that it’s a slim model, making the V20 look very, but very good! You can get it in Black and Brown. One of our favorite models, by far!

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3. Pierre Cardin Handcrafted LG V20 Case

Pierre Cardin LG V20 leather case

The name might sound a bit familiar, since it’s a well-known fashion brand, which, apparently, also makes smartphone cases. This model for the LG V20 is made of premium genuine Italian cowhide leather, with a special feature: self repair.

To be more specific, the soft fabric allow small scratches to completely wipe off. Well, we must admit, this is something we’d be very curious to see live! The case is available in Red, Black and Brown.

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4. Dretal Genuine Leather LG V20 Case

Dretal LG V20 leather case

If you prefer to carry your phone on your belt, you should check out this LG V20 leather case made of genuine leather.

It offers all-around external surface protection, without compromising usability, protecting the phone from dust, grime, bumps and other types of damage.

It’s definitely an unusual model, due to the carrying style, but we can’t deny the fact that it’s a very high quality product! You can get one in Brown, Black or Red.

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5. Berlose LG V20 Leather Case

Handmade LG V20 leather case

One of the best LG V20 leather cases of the moment is made by Berlose, out of real cowhide leather, perfectly fitting your phone.

It’s basically a pouch, with a tape which helps you pulling out the phone easier and featuring a leather belt loop and clip on the back, in case you want to wear your pho… well, differently.

It’s available in some pretty cool colors too, like Black, Cognac (which looks awesome, by the way), Dark Brown, Grey and Light Brown.

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6. PDAir LG V20 Wallet Case

PDAir leather LG V20 case

Technically, this is an LG V20 leather case, but if you ask us, ‘wallet case’ is the best term. Precisely designed for the V20, this high quality genuine leather model provides a tight and secure fit, with easy access to all buttons and ports.

It also features slots for three credit cards or IDs, as well as a special money compartment, so you can completely forget about your classic wallet. Right now, it’s available just in Black.

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7. Berlose Cover Pouch

Berlose leather LG V20 case

It’s the second Berlose product in our top and we’re starting to like how these guys work. This time, we’re looking at a really nice pouch for your LG V20, made of 100% cowhide leather, with a magnetic closure, in order to keep it safe and sound all the time.

On the back, it has a resistant belt loop, but you don’t want to wear it like that. We know it’s safer, but come on, it’s 2016 after all! The case is available in Black, as well as a beautiful Chestnut finish.

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Our Pick

And we’re done, ladies and gents. Below you can find seven of the best LG V20 leather cases, in our opinion. This time, it was really easy to pick our favorite, since it was basically love at first sight.

We’re talking about StilGut’s model, which looks just like a leather case should! In a word: it’s beautiful and we would totally buy it for a V20. Ok, there’s more than just one word, but you get the point.

But what about you? Do you share the same feeling or you prefer another model? Let us know about it, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below.


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