Best aluminum iPhone 7 Plus case

With an iPhone 7 Plus, you will definitely be able to stand out of the crowd, since this handset looks amazingly good. However, if you want to take its looks to a whole new level, as well as improve its level of protection, you should definitely opt for an aluminum case!

Since we know that there are a lot of models available on Amazon and not all of them are that good, we made a short selection for you guys, after doing a bit of research.

Therefore, without much further ado, here are some of the best aluminum iPhone 7 Plus cases.

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1. LWGON Aluminum iPhone 7 Plus Case

Lwgon aluminum iPhone 7 case

Yes, it looks a bit unusual, compared to most cases you can find on the market, but this model is made of top-level aircraft grade aluminum and it’s able to keep all scratches away, as well as the damage that can occur after impacts.

Also, in order to make it look even better, the case has carbon fiber inserts, which will definitely catch everybody’s attention. It’s available in several colors, as well as some really cool color combinations.

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2. Feitenn Aluminum iPhone 7 Plus Case

Feitenn iPhone 7 Plus case

Yes, it looks bulky, but this case will surely keep your iPhone 7 safe, in the eventuality of a serious drop. It’s a heavy model, as the front panel is mounted using six screws and it’s made using Gorilla Glass.

Thanks to the raised edges, the screen and the rear camera are also protected, so you shouldn’t worry about scratches.

In the package, you will get the actual case, spare screws, a screwdriver, the double protection film, an outdoor hook and a lanyard, for an alternative way of carrying it. You can get the case in five different colors.

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3. RANVOO Anti-Scratch Aluminum Case

RANVOO iPhone 7 Plus case

Looking for a very elegant case? How about this model from RANVOO? If you ask us, it’s one of the best looking models of the moment, featuring a flexible soft TPU shock-absorbing inner frame, made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Technically, it’s not an actual case, but a bumper. Still, it’s great for protecting the phone against bumps! It will also raise the phone’s edges, protecting the back, display and the camera from scratches.

You can get one in Jet Black, Black, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Space Greay, matching your iPhone perfectly.

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4. Light Desire Heavy Duty Cover

LIGHTDESIRE iPhone 7 Plus case

Next, we have another hardcore aluminum iPhone 7 Plus case, offering all-round protection against shocks, dust or a sudden water splash.

It also comes with a tempered glass panel that must be attached on the front of the phone, being very easy to install.

And yes, it will add a big amount of bulk to your phone, but it will be 100% safe. You can buy it in various colors.

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5. X-Doria Defense Edge Series Bumper Case

X Doria iPhone 7 Plus case

The folks over X-Doria also have a very good looking bumper case in their portfolio, made of anodized aluminum and featuring a soft rubber interior lining.

It’s a very slim model, so it won’t add a significant amount of bulk to the phone. Also, since it comes with Space Gray, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold finishes it will precisely match your iPhone 7.

Finally, we should also mention that thanks to its special construction, you can easily access all the buttons on the sides, as well as the ports.

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6. iSmarTech Aluminum Bumper Case

iSmarTech iPhone 7 aluminum case

Specially designed for the iPhone 7 Plus, out of aircraft-grade aluminum, this bumper case provides all-round protection, including knocks, shattering, drops or even the most serious shocks. It’s very easy to install on your Phone and it’s safe and convenient to use.

It comes with a free high quality tempered glass, able to take all the impact if you drop your phone and it lands on the display. It’s available in various colors, like Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver.

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7. DDLBiz Brushed Metal Hard Case

DDLBiz aluminum iPhone 7 Plus case

The last aluminum iPhone 7 Plus case from our top is available at an excellent price. It’s a combination of rigid plastic and brushed aluminum, providing a maximum amount of protection.

It fits the phone perfectly, while the openings on the sides and back allow full access to all functions and features.

If you’re looking for an elegant case and the bumpers presented above are not enough for you, this is the case you need! Oh, and it’s available in Gray, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver.

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Our Pick

When it comes to aluminum iPhone 7 Plus cases, it’s pretty difficult to decide upon our favorite. Some of the bumpers presented above look incredibly great, but you can’t compare the protection they offer with that offered by a full case.

Keeping it short, we would totally buy the DDLBiz metallic hard case. The brushed look on the back looks very good and, for us, it’s a very big plus!

But what about you guys? Which of these aluminum cases would you buy for your iPhone 7 Plus and why? Let us know by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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