Best iPhone 7 game controller

Besides being one of the best smartphones released this year, the iPhone 7 is also an excellent gaming device, iOS 10, combined with the handset’s hardware, offering you the chance to enjoy tons of awesome titles.

Overall, the experience is great, but thought about a way of improving it: using a controller. You can choose from a wide variety of iPhone 7 game controllers, but the truth is that just a few of them are actually worth buying. Therefore, we made a short selection for you!

Below you can find five of the best controllers, perfect for taking your gaming to a whole new level!

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1. Megadream iPhone 7 Game Controller

Megadream iPhone 7 game controller

Let’s begin with an Apple MFi Certified controller, compatible with the majority of games you can find in the App Store and with a great built quality. It has a special finish, in order to offer a very consistent grip when playing, as well as a special clamp, in order to fit the phone while playing.

Besides this, it also has pressure sensitive buttons, which offer precise control and very accurate responses, making it perfect for action games and not only!

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2. SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller

SteelSeries iPhone 7 game controller

The folks over SteelSeries are one of the big names in the gaming industry and their iPhone 7 game controller is definitely worth our attention.

It comes with pressure-sensitive buttons, console-style left and right analog triggers, as well as four LEDs which display your player status during multiplayer games.

The Lithium-ion battery can be easily recharged via a Lightning connector, being able to offer up to 40+ hours of gaming! Very solid pick, if you ask us!

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3. Mad Catz iPhone 7 Game Controller

Mad catz iPhone 7 game controller

Mad Catz is another well-known gaming products manufacturer which makes it to our top with a controller for the iPhone 7.

It’s Apple Certified and it features an adjustable smartphone clip, for the perfect viewing angle, and it runs on AAA batteries, resisting for up to 40 hours of gaming, no matter if you’re playing on a smartphone or even a tablet!

You can get it in five different colors, like Black, Blue, Orange, Red and White.

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4. PXN 6603B Speedy Wireless Gamepad

PXN iPhone 7 game controller

Approved and Certified by Apple, the PXN iPhone 7 game controller is very easy to use and connect, via Bluetooth.

It supports a lot of MFi-compatible games and it also includes a  special clip at the top, so you can attach your phone in it and play anywhere, anytime.

It’s coated with solid high molecule polymer material, being great for keeping all those fingerprints away. It’s available just in black, but man, it looks good!

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5. Gamevice Dual Analog Controller

Gamevice iPhone 7 game controller

Finally, this last iPhone 7 game controller in our top comes from Gamevice and it’s completely different, compared to the previous entries. It has dual analog joysticks, for a top notch gaming experience,  as well as A, B, X, Y fire buttons and a patented flex bridge technology.

The battery has a capacity of 400 mAh and, get ready for this, it has Audio DAC and headphones out, so you can use those fancy headphones you got, instead of Apple’s base model.

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Our Pick

All of these controllers are awesome for gaming on the iPhone, but the model from Mad Catz managed to seriously catch our attention.

Of course, the fact that it’s made by a reputed manufacturer influenced our decision, as well as the integrated clamp, alongside the design. Not to mention that it’s pretty affordable!

But what about you gamers reading this? Which controller would you get? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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