Best Aluminum iPhone 7 cases

Until now, we covered here some of the best cases iPhone 7 money can buy, made from different materials, like plastic, leather or even wood. However, today we’re looking at something a bit more different and we bet that you’ll love them!

To be more specific, we’re talking about aluminum iPhone 7 cases, one of the best materials in terms of resistance.

Below you will find some excellent rugged cases, perfect for those who tend to drop their phones a lot, as well as elegant models, adding a plus of style to your handsets. Let’s begin, shall we?

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1. OMORRO Aluminum iPhone 7 Case

OMORRO aluminum iPhone 7 case

First in our top is a rugged iPhone 7 case, made of shock absorbent, shatterproof and anti-scratch, aircraft grade aluminum. It has a unique design, with easy access to all buttons, controls and port.

It’s slim and lightweight, with a raised lip, protecting the phone’s display and webcam. Definitely a model that will attract a lot of eyes, this case is available in several colors, like Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold, perfectly matching your phone.

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2. iSmarTech Aluminum iPhone 7 Case

iPhone 7 aluminum case

Next we have something that it’s more like a bumper, thanks to the cutouts on the back, but we decided to include it in our top, alongside the best aluminum iPhone 7 cases.

Thus, it’s also made of top-level aircraft grade aluminum, protecting the corners of your phone in the eventuality of a drop, while the carbon fiber inserts are a very stylish addition, giving it a very distinctive look. You can get it in various color combinations!

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3. LUNIWEI Aluminum iPhone 7 Case

LUNIWEI iPhone 7 aluminum case

This one goes out for all you ladies out there and not only. Hey, who knows, maybe there are some guys who like a handy mirror in their pocket as well!

Yes, ladies and gents, this aluminum iPhone 7 case will turn your phone into a mirror, thanks to its incredibly shiny finish, and, in the same time, it will increase its protection level and keep fingerprints, scratches and dust away. You can get one in Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

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4. LIGHTDESIRE Aluminum iPhone 7 Case

LIGHTDESIRE iPhone 7 aluminum case

Going a bit into the big league, we have a complete protective shell for your iPhone 7 here, made of aluminum and featuring a tempered glass, in order to keep that display safe.

It provides all-around extreme protection, keeping your phone safe in case you drop it. Even though it looks very rugged, it’s actually very easy to put on and off. You can get it in several colors.

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5. Feitenn Aluminum Armor Case

Feitenn iPhone 7 aluminum case

Moving on, we have another rugged case, but with a ‘lighter’ design, made with TPU rubber, toughened glass and a special super zinc alloy.

It also features six screws on the front, this being the fixation system. Even though it looks a bit bulky, it weighs just 110g, thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum it’s made of. Right now, you can get one in Black, Gold, Red and Silver.

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6. X-Doria Defense Edge Series Frame

X-Doria aluminum iPhone 7 case

Again, we’re not talking about an actual aluminum iPhone 7 case, since X-Doria’s product is a bumper, but it looks completely awesome!

It’s made of machined anodized aluminum, with a soft rubber interior lining, available in the exact color the iPhone 7 comes out of the box – Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold – to match its design perfectly. And you don’t even need tools or screws to install it!

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7. RANVOO Anti-Scratch Aluminum Bumper

RANVOO aluminum iPone 7 case

Last but not least, we have another bumper in our top, made of aircraft-grade aluminum and featuring a soft TPU shock-absorbing inner frame. It’s great for protecting your iPhone 7 against unwanted bumps and drops, as well as those nasty scratches the phone’s edges attract like a magnet.

It’s a very slim model, with precisely cut opening, allowing easy access to all functions and features. As for the colors, you can get it in Jet Black, Black, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Space Grey.

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Our Pick

Ok, time to pick our favorite. This time, it was easy: the last entry in our top, RANVOO’s bumper, is absolutely sexy and we would totally put it on an iPhone 7, since it looks like the phone came out of the factory with this protective accessory on it.

Your turn now. Which one of these aluminum iPhone 7 cases and bumpers would you choose and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below.


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