Best useful car accessories

Having the most slicked out, futuristic car in the world will only get you so far. If you really want to pimp your ride, you need to take it one step further by taking advantage of one of these affordable and useful car accessories under $100.

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Check these handy car accessories below:

1. WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion

WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion

Availability: View it on Northerntool

Is your back or legs hurting from sciatica or sacroiliac joint pain? You can correct that by replacing your rough car seat with this extremely soft and flexible WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion.

This seat cushion is made of pure silicone that takes the stress off your back and butt by letting you sink deeper into it like a cloud made of jelly. What’s the price? $59.99.

2. The Drop Stop

The Drop Stop

Availability: View it on Walmart

The Drop Stop is a really useful car accessory that solves a problem almost everyone has: dropping stuff in between your seats. That crack to the side of the seatbelt holder is just big enough for your phone or important papers to slip into, but not big enough for your hand to fit through in order to pull those items back out.

The Drop Stop fixes that problem by literally stuffing the gap with a thick plastic material that even has a perfectly cut-out slot for your seatbelt to fit through. Next time you drop your phone in the car, it’ll be sitting right on top of the Drop Stop where it should be. Price: $9.88.

3. Fix A Flat

Fix A Flat

Availability: View it on Walmart

Fix A Flat isn’t usually something that people would consider to be a cool gadget or accessory, but it is an extremely useful item that everybody needs to keep in their car at all times, right alongside the jumper cables and road flashers.

Fix A Flat can instantly seal any hole or tear in your tire, letting you fill it back up with air and get home or to the nearest mechanic shop. Considering what can happen if you break down on a long trip, far away from home, Fix A Flat can literally be a lifesaver. Price: $6.18.

4. High Road’s Leakproof Litter Basket

High Road’s Leakproof Litter Basket

Availability: View it on OrganizeIt

The High Road’s Leakproof Litter Basket is a great car accessory for anyone who’s prone to making messes in their car and particularly for anyone who eats food in their car. This little trash can is made of dense cloth with easily cleanable vinyl on the inside that makes cleaning up spills a quick and painless process.

The High Road’s Leakproof Litter Basket has one large pocket for storing trash as well as one side pocket for storing keep-worthy items, such as bottles of hand sanitizer or tissues, that you don’t want rattling around on the floorboard. Price: $17.99.

5. Rain-X

Rain X

Availability: View it on HardwareOnlineStore

Have you ever seen a video of the mysterious nano-liquid that lets you pour Hershey’s chocolate all over your brand new sneakers only to watch it just slide right off without a trace of a mess?

That’s basically what Rain-X is. A thin coat of Rain-X on your windshield, windows, and all over the rest of your car will make water ball up and slip right off instead of spreading around and blocking your vision. Rain-X will also keep bugs from sticking to your car and keep fog and ice from building up on the glass, which makes it well worth the $4.75 a gallon it costs at most stores.

6. Honey-Can-Do’s Trunk Organizer

Honey-Can-Do’s Trunk Organizer

Availability: View it on Walmart

The Honey-Can-Do Trunk Organizer is a foldable vinyl and cloth bag that can be used for storing all of your emergency roadside tools, such as jumper cables, flares, Rain-X, and flashers, in one easy-to-reach organizer.

Alternatively, you could use this organizer for carrying groceries or as a tote bag for books and magazines. The bag has two large pockets for storing heavy items as well as three mesh pockets on the side for carrying papers, screwdrivers, and other loose items. Price: $8.34.

7. AC Adapter

AC Adapter

Availability: View it on GanderMountain

AC adapters come in many different shapes and sizes, some of which are meant to fit in your coffee cup holder as a fake Starbucks cup while others are simply an outlet box with a DC cord that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter.

Regardless of what it looks like, any AC adapter is a good item to keep in your car because it lets you use regular electronics, such as laptops, vacuum cleaners, and even portable stovetops, that you wouldn’t normally find inside of a moving vehicle. Price: $19.96 (fluctuates depending on model)

8. Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

Availability: View it on GearBest

A magnetic cell phone holder keeps your phone attached to your dashboard by using two magnets. One is attached to your phone with the provided adhesive strip and the other is mounted to your dashboard.

Next time you get in your car, simply tap your phone to the magnetic holder to use it for GPS or smart car features. Price: $2.98

9. Console Vault

Console Vault

Availability: View it on PartsGeek

A lockbox for your car that fits in the middle console to keep your valuables safe, even if your car is burglarized. Price: $69.51.

10. CD Slot Tablet Mount

CD Slot Tablet Mount

Availability: View it on Amazon

A tablet mount that attaches to your car’s CD slot to provide you with smart car features as well as the ability to watch movies, pull up directions via GPS, or surf the web. Price: $27.99.

11. MindMobile 3-in-1 Bluetooth Car Charger

MindMobile 3-in-1 Bluetooth Car Charger

Availability: View it on Amazon

The MindMobile 3-in-1 Bluetooth Car Charger is a nifty car charger that has a built-in bluetooth chip that will remind you if you get in the car without your phone and can also work in tandem with the MindMobile app to help you find your car when you come out of the grocery store. Price: $35.

12. XM Snap In-Vehicle Radio

XM Snap In-Vehicle Radio

Availability: View it on Siriusxm

The XM Snap lets you connect to your Sirius XM satellite radio subscription in a car that isn’t already equipped for it by connecting the device to your car’s cigarette lighter and antenna. Price: $59.99 (or $9.99 with a new subscription).

13. Allview Rearview Mirror

Allview Rearview Mirror

Availability: View it on Amazon

The Allview Rearview Mirror is a 15” long, 180 degree rearview mirror that virtually eliminates your blind spots by showing you the entire backside of your car all at once. Price: $29.97

14. RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove

RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove

Availability: View it on Amazon

The RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove is an aluminum foil-lined portable stove that plugs into your cigarette lighter and can heat food up to 300 degrees while on the go. Price: $35.18.

15. NEWSKY Car Auto Air Ionizer

NEWSKY Car Auto Air Ionizer

Availability: View it on Amazon

The Newsky Car Auto Air Ionizer plugs into your cigarette lighter and continuously removes smoke, pollen, dust, and bacteria from the air in your car. Price: $24.58.


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