5 best 18 inch car subwoofers

Nothing says you’re all about that bass like 18” car subwoofers. Whether you’re showboating around town or just kicking it old school with your gang, subwoofers are the bread and butter of cruising music. However, there are more than a few subwoofers on the market so it’s important to choose one that will fit your car, meet your expectations, and stay within your budget.

The following are some of the best 18 inch car subwoofers that money can buy.

Rockville RVW1800P8

Rockville RVW1800P8

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The Rockville RVW1800P8 is an 18” subwoofer from Rockville Audio that can handle an average power output of about 900 watts and as high as 1800 watts.

The cone is made of an ultra stiff paper composite reinforced with strong Kevlar while the basket itself has been expanded and rolled out of steel for maximum strength and durability.

The magnet weighs approximately 107 ounces and features a 3” high SPL voice coil, nickel-plated banana plug terminals, and a linear progressive conex dual spider system with 8 ohms of resistance, 105dB, and a frequency response rate of 20 – 500 Hz.

SoundQubed HDC3

SoundQubed HDC3 18 inch

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SoundQubed prides itself on high quality products that sell for cheaper prices than their competition. The HDC3.118 is no exception to that company policy.

This subwoofer uses a direct-connect system that doesn’t have any terminals at all, which eliminates the lead slap noise often heard in comparable products. The HDC3 uses a multiple spider configuration for improved structural support and the triple joints are hand-glued for maximum penetration in high-stress areas.

The HDC3 has an average power output of 1500 watts and can handle up to a maximum output of 4500 watts. The subwoofer operates at 31 Hz and has a magnet that weighs 340 ounces with a coil 54.229 mm long and 3” in diameter.

X-18 D2

X-18 D2 - Sundown Audio 18 inch

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The X-series is the first subwoofer from Sundown Audio that features the ultra high excursion suspension system. The 18” X-18 D2 uses the 6-spoke with a custom adapter for a 10” diameter spider.

The X-18’s motor is wound with a 3”, 4-layer CCAW coil around a thick aluminum former to very high levels of excursion. The X-18 is designed with the absolute lowest base extension possible without distorting sound quality. The X-18 D2 has an average power output of 1250 watts.

ZVX-18 D2

ZVX-18 D2 - Skar Audio 18 inch

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The X-18 D2 from Sundown Audio should not be confused with the ZVX-18 D2 from Skar Audio.

This subwoofer features a 3” high temperature voice coil and a particularly efficiency cooling system to allow for longer use at high decibels without causing any structural damage. The ZVX-18 D2 has an average power output rating of 1500 watts, but can handle twice as much when needed.

The magnet weighs approximately 315 ounces and uses heavy duty speaker push terminals. The subwoofer is available in both Dual 1 and Dual 2 ohm coil configurations.

American Bass 18″ Cast Frame 320Oz Magnet Woofer

American Bass 18 Inch

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The 18” cast frame subwoofer from American Bass is made of powerful interwoven kevlar and a non-press paper cone surrounded by EROM high excursion foam.

The triple-stacked 300 ounce magnet runs an average of 1500 watts and can handle up to 3,000 watts. This subwoofer features an 18” die cast basket with vents along the perimeter that supports four black conex spiders with a mounting depth of 10 ⅛”.

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