With the new release of LG’s G5 this year, consumers are going to need a new phone case to protect the G5’s unique design.

While the power button’s still on the back of the phone like it has been in previous models, the design has changed from an extended oval to a simpler circle, prompting the need for a new case.

To facilitate this transition, we bring you the top 10 best cases for the LG G5 (in no particular order).

i-Blason Prime

iBlason Prime

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The i-Blason Prime is one of the absolutely best cases for the LG G5. This case is decked out with a modern X-form layout inlined with a mesmerizing zig-zag design. The exterior of the case is made with strong polycarbonate and bulked out bumpers while the interior is reinforced with a silicone sleeve for maximum protection.

The rear has an elaborate two-piece, interwoven locking mechanism that slides outward to convert itself into a 360 degree belt clip that double as a kickstand for watching movies, playing games, and surfing the web in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen LG G5 Case

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The Spigen Rugged Armor offers a sleek design that allows for easy handling while also protecting the phone inside with patented Air Cushion technology for maximum shock absorption.

Carbon-fiber inlays along the top and bottom rear casing provide a snug grip while also making the phone look cooler than it already is.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal

Spigen LG G5 clear case

Availability: View it on Amazon

For those looking for a bit more minimalistic case, the Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal is a completely transparent case made from TPU and polycarbonate for maximum flexibility and strength.

The frame of the Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal has been reinforced around the port openings to protect your phone’s weak points and makes choosing a design quick and easy by stripping it down to the bare necessities.

POETIC Affinity Series

Poetic LG G5 case

Availability: View it on Amazon

The POETIC Affinity Series is made from a clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU designed to keep your phone from sliding out of your hands.

The Affinity Series is equipped with sturdy bumpers to protect your phone’s corners from nefarious falls while the X-FORM Poetic Design DNA provides a modern look and feel that’s guaranteed to impress all of your friends.

VRS Design

LG G5 VRS Design case

Availability: View it on Amazon

The VRS Design doubles as both a phone case and as a nifty leather wallet. The case is made from TPU for flexibility and comfort while a magnetic clip allows for quick and painless removal and reattachment.

The case itself includes 3 card slots for debit cards as well as a money pocket for cash, checks, and receipts. The case can even be flipped over to use as a stand during long videos, interactive games, or while reading.

NageBee Leather Wallet Pouch

LG G5 leather case

Availability: View it on Amazon

The NageBee Leather Wallet Pouch is a lot like the VRS Design, but it’s more minimalistic and allows for quicker access to your phone. The NageBee Leather Wallet Pouch resembles a leather checkbook with a metal snap lock to protect the contents within.

Like the VRS Design, this case includes two pockets for your cards and a money pouch for your cash. The interior is lined with microfiber cloth to protect your phone’s screen from scratches and fingerprints while the exterior leather is available in both brown and black.

Caseology Wavelength Series

Caseology LG G5 caseAvailability: View it on Amazon

The Caseology Wavelength Series, which is available in five different colors, features dual-layered TPU and polycarbonate with multiple textured ridges imprinted across the entire back of the case for maximum grip and durability.

Unlike other cases, this Wavelength Series case is slim and comfortable, allowing you to easily slide your phone in and out of your pocket with any hangups or intrusions.

Skyline Advance

Skyline LG G5 case

Availability: View it on Amazon

The Skyline Advance Series from Oblique is available in four different colors of flexible TPU squeezed in between two strong polycarbonate bumpers at the top and bottom of the case to protect your phone from mid-range falls and accidents.

The case also features a metal kickstand for horizontal use, allowing you to perch your phone at a perfect 45 degrees.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series

SUPCASE case for LG G5

Availability: View it on Amazon

The Unicorn Beetle Series from SUPCASE is specifically designed for extensive outdoor use with a dual layer of protection that consists of a shock-absorbing inner housing unit and impact-resistant bumpers as well as a built-in screen protector.

The back of the case also features a 360 degree swiveling belt clip that doubles as kickstand. Made from flexible TPU and PC plastics, the Unicorn Beetle looks amazing and even has port covers to keep dust and debris out of your phone’s charging and headphone outlets.

LG G5 Armband

LG G5 armband

Availability: View it on Amazon

Like the name suggests, the LG G5 Armband is a case for the LG G5, specifically designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts, that lets the wearer strap this case around their arm while exercising.

The case is made of soft silicone and features a non-slip, adjustable velcro strap that’s made to fit any arm size between 9” – 21” and lets sweat breathe. The strap is also covered in reflective designs for maximum safety during night-time runs.



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