For those buying a new phone this year, the S7 and the S7 Edge are both top-of-the-line picks for this year’s upgrade, which was released on the same day as its competitor LG G5. Unfortunately, the S7 Edge is just slightly different enough from the S7 to require it’s own case.

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To help you pick out a reliable case to go with your new phone, here’s a breakdown of this year’s best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

1. Obliq Naked Shield

Obliq Naked Shield

Availability: View it on Amazon

The Obliq Naked Shield is a transparent case that completely encloses your Galaxy S7 Edge to protect it from falls, spills, and scratches. The crystallized polycarbonate material is strong, but flexible and lightweight enough to not add any additional bulkiness to your pocket.

The Obliq Naked Shield has a magnetic kickstand for watching movies or playing games horizontally and the case has three trim color options, including black, clear, and rose gold.

2. Obliq Flex Pro

Obliq Flex Pro

Availability: See it on Amazon

The Obliq Flex Pro, made by the same company as the Naked Shield, is a polyurethane and leather case textured with carbon fiber to provide a lightweight and low-impact protective casing for your Galaxy S7 Edge.

This case is designed to be very slim and form-fitting to the phone so that it doesn’t take up too much space in your pocket like some cases do. The Obliq Flex Pro is available in Brown, Carbon, and Espresso.

3. Poetic Revolution

Poetic Revolution

Availability: Purchase it on Amazon

The Poetic Revolution is a sturdy, well-fashioned case for the Galaxy S7 Edge that’s made with a combination of textured, thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate for maximum resistance to shock and impact.

All of the port holes can be covered with removable flaps to protect unused ports from dust and pocket lint. The back of the case has a magnetic kickstand for vertical standing and the case is lavishly textured with the X-Form Poetic Design DNA.

4. Poetic Affinity Series

Poetic Affinity Series

Availability: Check it out Amazon

The Poetic Affinity Series is a much thinner case than the Poetic Revolution and is designed to take up less room in your pocket. The case itself is clear and made of a flexible polycarbonate while the black trimming around the sides of the case are made of a much stronger polyurethane with raised edges around the corners to protect the phone from unexpected falls and collisions.

The textured grips placed strategically around the sides of the case are also designed to prevent the phone from falling out of your hands while the raised bezel on the front of the case helps to prevent the screen from cracking when it lands face-down.

5. VRS Design Damda Clip

VRS Design Damda Clip

Availability: View it on Amazon

The VRS Design Damda Clip is another low-footprint phone case for the Galaxy S7 Edge that’s touted as “thin, but practical” as it has just enough protection to keep your phone safe, but not enough to get in the way. The case is made of a combination of polyurethane and polycarbonate and has a raised lip around the front side to keep your screen from touching the ground in the event that it falls.

Meanwhile, the backside of the case features a slot big enough for 2 cards, a photo ID, or a wad of cash. The Damda Clip is available in white, dark silver, rose gold, satin silver, and shine gold.

6. VRS Layered Dandy Leather Wallet

VRS Layered Dandy Leather Wallet

Availability: See it on Amazon

The VRS Layered Dandy Leather Wallet is a typical slim-fitting leather case with polyurethane edges that’s designed to protect your Galaxy S7 Edge while also serving as a dual-purpose wallet and phone stand. The Layered Dandy Leather Wallet has a hard plastic lip around the edge of the phone screen to protect it from damage while the back of the case folds out into a full-size wallet that features three card holders and a large pocket for cash, receipts, or other paper documents.

The case also features a magnetic clip for easy opening and closing of the case and the lid can be bent backwards for use as a large kickstand to hold the phone up while watching movies or playing games. This case is available in black, coffee brown, and wine red.

7. VRS Shine Guard

VRS Shine Guard

Availability: View it on Amazon

For those looking for a more simplistic case for their S7 Edge, the VRS Shine Guard is a slim, transparent case that ditches all of the bells and whistles of other cases for a quick and painless snap-on experience.

The Shine Guard has soft polyurethane on the inside to protect the phone from moving around when it gets hit while the hard outside exterior relies on tough polycarbonate to break the fall. While the front and back of the case is completely clear, the sides are available in clear, black, and gray.

8. BuddiBox H-Series

BuddiBox H-Series

Availability: View it on Amazon

The BuddiBox H-Series is a durable, hard plastic case made from tough polycarbonate and reinforced with an interior silicone sleeve for maximum shock protection and impact resistance. The BuddiBox H-Series consists of both a hard-back case that the S7 Edge slips into as well as a detachable belt clip that can swivel up to 180 degrees.

The exterior of the case is beautifully decorated with rugged ridges that allow for additional leverage when grasping the case. The BuddiBox H-Series is available in both black and blue.

9. BuddiBox Wallet Case

BuddiBox Wallet Case

Availability: View it on Amazon

The BuddiBox Wallet Case is similar to the VRS Layered Dandy Leather Wallet in that it doubles as both a phone case and a wallet. The BuddiBox Wallet is available in both black and purple and has three debit card holders as well as a transparent pocket for a photo or picture ID.

There is also a side pocket on the inside for cash, checks, and receipts. The flip-top cover can be folded over to use as a case stand when watching movies or playing games and also includes a magnetic strap to make opening and closing the case even easier.

10. SUPCASE Galaxy S7 Armband


Availability: View it on Amazon

This easy-fitting Galaxy S7 edge armband is designed to hold your S7 Edge while exercising or playing sports for any extended duration. This armband case will protect your S7 Edge from falls and slips by securing it to your arm with a non-slip, sweat-absorbing armband.

SupCase has armband case for Galaxy S7 as well.

The case itself is made of a soft, lightweight silicone material and the strap uses velcro to fit any arm size between 9” and 21”.

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