Best Galaxy Note 7 Leather case

No matter what tech community you join, if you ask members about cases, you will deal with two sides:

“No way, man, I like to enjoy the design of my phone, not ruin it with a chunky case” and “It’s one of the first things I get after buying a phone. After all, I want to keep it in a mint condition for as much as possible”.

Yeah, you know what we’re talking about.

If you ask us, we’re for cases, but only if it’s a very stylish model, that doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to the device and keeps it protected at the same time. And no, such accessories aren’t hard to find, if you spend some time looking for them.

For example, let’s take the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean manufacturer’s latest phablet, considered to be one of the best Android handsets ever made.

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Even though Samsung improved the grip, by refining the edges, compared to those on the S7 Edge, the phone is still slippery. Also, let’s not forget about the glass back panel, which is a real fingerprint magnet.

See, you definitely need a case for it!

Like mentioned above, we’ve spent some time on Amazon and put together a list with 10 of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leather cases.

Let’s get started with the showcase…

1. Verus Premium Note 7 Leather Case

Galaxy Note 7 Preimum Leather case Verus

A simple, high quality case, made from premium materials, is always a good option. However, this model from Verus, in brown, does much more than protecting your phone, as it can also work as a wallet, thanks to the three integrated card slots and money sleeve.

You can have it for $39.58.

Buy the Verus Leather Note 7 case here.

Want more options? You can browse more Note7 Leather case on sale here.

2. Caseology Classic Rich Texture PU Leather Case

Galaxy Note 7 Caseology

Another very stylish option comes from the folks over Caseology, who offer a classic looking leather case, covered with synthetic leather.

At the core, it’s a TPU sleeve, which, combined with the polycarbonate bumper, keeps the phone safe. It’s available in various color combinations and it can be yours for just $15.99.

Buy the Caseology Note 7 leather case here.

3. VIFLYKOO Vintage Series Premium PU Leather Case

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leather Case vintage

The third entry in our top will give your Galaxy Note 7 a vintage, but elegant in the same time, look. It has a smooth back cover and, thanks to the unique handmade process, it makes it way more durable.

The case has a price of $12.80.

Buy the Vintage Series case here.

4. FYY RFID Blocking Handmade Leather Case for Note 7

Note 7 FYY leather case

Who said that a leather wallet case can’t be stylish? This model from FYY has an impressively large capacity and it’s able to hold cards, receipts or even some change.

It also features an RFID chip, so the information from your cards is always safe. This handmade leather case for the Galaxy Note 7 is available at $29.99.

Buy the FYY Handmade Wallet case here.

5. CHOETECH Premium PU Leather Wallet Case

Note 7 CHOETECH case

Yeah, it does have a long name, but this leather case for the Note 7 is as simple as it can get.

Made from premium leather and with a durable polycarbonate shell, it will keep scratches and everyday bumps away from your phone. Get it now for just $9.49.

Buy the ChoeTech Premium leather case.

6. Aofu Stand PU Flip Leather Wallet Note 7 Case

Leather note 7 case by Aofu

One of our favorite leather cases for the Galaxy Note 7 is made by Aofu and it has that classic British look. The model is available in Brown and Black, with matching stitching and it also has a clear ID window and a hidden pocket for cash.

Finally, it can be easily turned into a stand, so you can enjoy some media on the Galaxy Note 7’s 5.7” display. It retails at $14.99.

Buy the Aofu Flip case here.

7. Ai-case Thin Slim Fit Leather Case for Note 7

Ai-case leather note 7 cover

This one is by far the best entry in this top, mostly because it’s a really slim model, fitting your Galaxy Note 7 perfectly. It’s made from a translucent organic composite and soft microfiber, which protects your phablet. 10/10 would buy, as it’s just $15.99.

Buy the Thin Slim Fit case for Note 7 here.

8. Terrapin Ultra Slim Fit Stand Leather Case

Terrapin case with stand for note7

If you’re that type of user who likes to consume media on the go, Terrapin’s case is a great choice for your Galaxy Note 7. It comes with a sleek slim fit design and it’s made from premium synthetic leather which feels great in the hand.

However, its best feature is the fact that it can transform into a viewing stand quickly. You can get it for just $11.95.

Buy the Terrapin Ultra Slim Note 7 case here.

9. SHOP-LEATHER Genuine Oiled Leather Case

Genuine note 7 leather case

This handmade genuine leather case is perfect for those preferring an old school look. Besides protecting against scratches and daily wear and tear, it includes pockets for IDs, it works with Samsung Pay and it has an RFID chip, protecting the data from your credit cards.

Buy the Genuine Note 7 Leather case here.

10. Ringke Textured Leather Note 7 Case

Ringke textured leather note 7 case

Modern and stylish, these are the best words for describing this case from Ringke. It has a soft leather-textured finish, providing increased grip for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so you can forget about dropping it due to its slippery design.

Finally, we must mention that shock absorbing bumper, which will keep the phone safe if still manage to drop it. The case is available in three color combinations and it has a price tag of just $12.99.

Buy the Ringke Textured leather case here.

Want more options? You can browse more Note7 Leather case on sale here.

Which one is your choice?

And this ends our list with 10 of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leather cases. As you can see, all models are more than just accessible and made just from quality materials, meaning that they can keep your phone safe for a longer time. Also, the models are very good looking, complementing the design of the phablet.

Like always, the comment section is open, so if you know any other leather cases that look good on the Galaxy Note 7, feel free to tell us about them!

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