Best Galaxy Note 7 Wallet Cases

A lot of people say that when it comes to smartphones, you just can’t find one that has them all. Except for the Samsung Galaxy Note7, of course.

The South Korean manufacturer’s latest phablet is already considered by many as the best Android phone released in 2016, combining a top notch spec sheet with a really sexy design.

Speaking about the design, Samsung opted for a metallic structure, a dual-edged display and a glass covered back panel, basically following the same design line started by the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge duo.

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As much as you’d like to show off with this great looking device, you must admit that it’s also very fragile. A single drop and it can be pretty much ruined, with cracked glass all over the place. And you don’t want this, we bet. But hey, this is what cases are for!

Considering that you want to keep your brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 safe and sound, we’ve tried to find 10 of the best wallet cases money can buy.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to find at least one that fits your needs and taste. Let’s being, shall we?

1. Spigen Note 7 Wallet Case with Stand

Spigen Wallet Note 7 Case

If you’re one of those users who don’t like carrying a lot of things in their pockets, this is the best option for you.

It features the 3 card slots and extra section for additional storage. You can also use the case as a hand-free viewing, because the case also acts as a stand.

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Spigen’s case is basically a full time wallet that keeps your Galaxy Note 7 protected and, when needed, it can easily turn into a stand. Pretty neat, huh?

Buy Spigen Wallet Note 7 case here.

2. FYY Handmade Galaxy Note 7 Wallet case

FYY Handmade case

Another very stylish case joins our top, this time made by FYY. This genuine leather model offers just enough space for your essentials, like credit cards or cash, but also turning into a kickstand when needed.

RFID protection is included, so all your data will be safe from anybody who tries to copy it. And boy, there are a lot of color options available, able to fit any style!

Buy the FYY Handmade case here.

3. Abacus24-7 Galaxy Note 7 Wallet case with RFID blocking

Abacus24-7 Note 7 case

Besides protecting it against shocks and scratches, this case adds another level of protection to your Galaxy Note 7.

With Abacus24-7’s case you don’t need to worry about identity theft if you’re carrying anything based on NFC or RFID chips, the information being safe all the time. And did we mention that it’s a very stylish option?

Buy Abacus24-7 Note 7 case here.

4. i-Blason Galaxy Note 7 wallet case

i-Bloason Galaxy Note 7 case

Speaking about stylish wallet cases for your Samsung Galaxy S7, this model from i-Blason shouldn’t be ignored either.

Made from premium quality synthetic leather and featuring a form-fitting hard shell in the interior, it makes sure your phone is always in place. Besides this, it also comes with functional holders, great for storing IDs, credit cards and, of course, cash.

Buy i-Bloason Galaxy Note 7 case here.

5. TORU Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wallet case

TORU Note 7 case

Definitely an interesting option, especially due to the color options you can choose from, TORU’s wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is made from Italian style synthetic leather and it has a semi-transparent shell.

If you like to watch movies on the 5.7” QHD display, it can easily fold into a kickstand. Also, let’s not forget about the slot on the front cover, so you can use the phone while the case is closed.

Buy TORU Note 7 case here.

6. GOOSPERY Canvas Diary Wallet Case

Canvas Diary Wallet Case for Note 7

There’s something special about this case that makes us love it. We’d say it’s the fabric used in making it, but you can also find the multiple credit card slots and the pocket for bills very appealing.

No matter how we’re looking at it, the folks over GOOSPERY made an excellent Galaxy Note 7 wallet case, from Premium Quality TPU, which, besides looking good, can also take some shocks, in case of a drop.

Buy Canvas Diary Wallet Note 7 case here.

7. Belk Magnetic Detachable Wallet Flip case

Belk Magnetic case for Note 7

Presuming that the first case from our list isn’t exactly what you want, we raise you another big wallet case. A bigger wallet case, that is!

It can hold up to 14 cards, not to mention all the pockets which can hold money, bills or coins. It keeps your Galaxy Note 7 safe, thanks to the magnetic inner PC shell, while the S View-like design allows you to take calls or check notifications without actually opening it.

Buy Belk Magnetic case for Note 7 here.

8. Belk Handmade Soft Leather Flip Wallet case

Handmade wallet case for Note 7

Unlike other cases from out top, this one has room just for the essential: your Galaxy Note 7 and a credit card. It’s a stylish leather option, with a soft TPU inner bumper and a velvety texture, offering a very nice and comfortable feeling. By far one of our favorite entries!

Buy the handmade wallet case for Note 7 here.

9. Genuine Oiled leather case

Oiled leather Note 7 case

If you’re after a retro look, we might have what you need. This handmade genuine leather will keep your phone safe and also provide all the space you need for credit cards and cash. It works with Samsung Pay and has an RFID chip included.

Buy the Oiled leather case here.

10. Obliq Slim Leather Credit Card Holder Note 7 case

Buy the Obliq Wallet case

Let’s face it, there are a lot of clumsy users out there, with a tendency of dropping their phones. If you happen to be one of them, you need something that offers military grade certified protection, just like this model from Obliq.

The case, part of the Flex Wallet Series, is the perfect combination of convenience and style. Despite the ultra thin design, it has slots for IDs and credit cards, as well as cutouts for accessing all of the phone’s ports quickly.

Buy the Obliq Wallet case here.

And there you have it, ladies and gents. 10 of the best wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you can get right now.

Want more options? You can browse more Note 7 Wallet cases on sale here.

We like to believe that we managed to select a model for every type of user and, if you’re looking for a case yourself, you will definitely find a suitable one here, depending on how much stuff you like to carry alongside your phone.

Of course, we’re aware of the fact that there are even more great wallet cases out there for Sammy’s phablet, so if you do know any specific model that should be on this list, let us know about it, using the comments section below.


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