Best Gaming Headphones Under $100

Games of all types and platforms are becoming progressively more Internet-based and that means the ability to talk to your teammates in real time has never been more vital to a winning campaign.

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Make sure that you snag up one of these great gaming headsets under $100 so you don’t let your team down.

1. HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset


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The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is designed and manufactured in Sweden and uses state-of-the-art technology to combine the perfect balance between comfort and functionality. The HyperX Cloud uses over-the-ear, noise-isolating, leatherette memory foam cups and features a detachable microphone.

These headphones are compatible with PCs, tablets, notebooks, mobile phones, and PS4 consoles. The headset is available in Black, Freestyle, and White, although the Freestyle design is notably more expensive at $131 compared to the $79.99 price tag of the black and white colours.

2. VersionTech G2000

VersionTech G2000

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The VersionTech G2000 features a very slick, modern design that screams “futuristic gamer”. This headset has a sturdy, well-built frame lined with comfortable leather and memory foam around both the arc and the earmuffs.

Matching LEDs surrounding the outer edges of the ear muffs and microphone highlight the futuristic gaming environment that is amplified even further by the rumbling “shock-feel” produced by the neodymium magnet in its core. The VersionTech G2000 is available in both blue and orange for $23.99.

3. Vomach Gaming Headset

Vomach Gaming Headset

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The Vomach Gaming Headset is another futuristic design that combines a downright cool appearance with useful features. Unlike these other headphones that all have very fixed, stable frames, the Vomach Gaming Headset is made of a flexible, scrunchy material that lets the arc bend and twist all the way around without breaking.

The microphone is fixed in place and features built-in noise-cancelling technology to reduce background noise. This headset is only $16.99.

4. SADES SA-708


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The SADES SA-708 is a well-crafted headset that has built-in EMI/RFI shielding to prevent interference from nearby electronic devices that can cause crackling noises and audible distortion during gameplay.

The microphone of the SADES SA-708 can be folded up and hidden from view and features a volume control switch as well as a mic-mute function. Both the head-pad and the earmuffs are covered in soft, comfortable polyurethane and is available for $17.99.

5. SADES Wired Surround Sound PC USB Gaming Headset

SADES Wired Surround Sound PC USB Gaming Headset

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The SADES Wired Surround Sound PC USB Gaming Headset has a very bold design that is completely covered in soft polyurethane and memory foam cushions on both the headpad and the earmuffs. Inside each ear cushion lies a ventilated mesh screen for extra comfort during long gameplay that prevents your ears from overheating and helps to reduce the fatigue you normally feel from the weight of the headset.

The retractable microphones can pick up sound in 360 degrees while the reinforced headband is fully adjustable to fit any head size. The SADES Wired Surround Sound PC USB Gaming Headset is available in two versions of black and blue, pink, Army Green, OMG, and white, ranging in price from $29.99 for the OMG design and $99.99 for Army Green.

6. Etekcity Scroll H5GX Gaming Headset

Etekcity Scroll H5GX Gaming Headset

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The Etekcity Scroll H5GX Gaming Headset is a plug and play headset that doesn’t require any setup or installation. This headset features a 160 degree rotating microphone, a fully cushioned headpad and earmuffs, and multiple LEDs on the earmuffs and volume control switch that turn bright red when you plug in the provided USB cable.

The cable itself is also made from braided paracord to prevent damage from twists and turns, making it much more durable than other headsets. Keep in mind, though, that this headset is for the PC only and is not compatible with Xbox or Playstation consoles. The Etekcity Scroll H5GX Gaming Headset is available for $19.99.

7. Logitech G230

Logitech G230

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The Logitech G230 is a very professionally built gaming headset that is both functional and comfortable. This headset is decorated in a sleek red and black design akin to what you would expect from Hollywood’s red carpet or satin sheets.

These ear muff is independently adjustable for height and the foldable, noise-cancelling boom mic can be controlled by the on-cable volume control and mute switch. The Logitech G230 is compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux and is available for $39.99.

8. Sentey GS-4731

Sentey GS-4731

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The Sentey GS-4731 has a somewhat interesting design that’s backed up with raw power. This headset features a Vibration Intelligent 4D Extreme Bass and DAC unit that’s capable of producing realistic surround sound that matches the intensity of the game that you’re playing.

The noise-cancelling earmuffs are packed with memory foam and covered with polyurethane while glowing red LEDs can be found on the exterior of the ear muffs as well as the microphone. This headset can be purchased in either white or black for $39.99.

9. BMOUO G9000


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The BOUO G9000 is proficiently outfitted with colorful memory foam cushions and LED lights that perfectly compliment each other to create a pretty cool pair of headphones. This headset features height-adjustable ear muffs, a 360 degree rotating microphone, and a highly durable wire wrapped in paracord for extra tensile strength designed to last.

The cord is equipped with a velcro tie to prevent twisting and a line-in rotary volume control dial as well as a mic-mute switch. The BMOUO G9000 is available in both blue and red for $20.99.

10. AFUNTA Gaming Headphones

AFUNTA Gaming Headphones

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The AFUNTA Gaming Headphones are made with plush memory foam surrounding over-ear earmuffs. These headphones feature a 160 degree microphone, braided paracord wire, realistic sound shock vibrations, and noise isolation.

These headphones *can* be used on the PS4, laptops, and mobile devices. The included USB cord is only used to power the colored LEDs found in the earmuffs. The AFUNTA Gaming Headphones are available in both black and blue as well as red and black for $23.99.


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