Best iPad Air 4 cases

Yes, we know. You were really looking forward to seeing a new iPhone during Apple’s event from last week, but as we all know, they still introduced a more than decent amount of new devices: two smartwatches and two tablets. One of them is the iPad Air 4, probably one of the most interesting tablets available on the market right now. 

Obviously, the first thing we could notice about the manufacturer’s newest mid-range tablet is how much it resembles the iPad Pro. But that’s not everything new, as it also features a TouchID sensor right under the power button, a switch to the USB Type C port and, of course, the new A14 chip under the hood. 

Sounds pretty cool for such a compact tablet, right? However, let’s not forget that no matter how good looking and performant this tablet is, it still remains a fragile device. But hey, that’s why cases are for! And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today: the best iPad Air 4 cases money can buy right now. 

After doing some research we managed to come across some really interesting models, suitable for any budget and, of course, keeping your new tablet safe and sound. 

Let’s see what we have for your iPad, shall we?

Top 7 Best iPad Air 4 Cases and Covers

1. MoKo Shockproof iPad Air 4 Case

If you’re having trouble finding a multifunctional case for your new iPad Air 4, then you will totally love this model from MoKo, with enhanced functionality!

Besides being able to protect your tablet, thanks to the solid plastic frame and screen cover, it also features a very convenient way to charge the Apple Pencil wirelessly and has a holder for it on the front side. However, our favorite part about this case is that it also has four magnetic grooves in the front cover, which turns it into a reliable stand, with multiple viewing angles. Looks like a great choice for any hardcore media consumer, don’t you think?

MoKo Case Fit New iPad Air 4th Generation 2020

Buy on Amazon: MoKo Shockproof iPad Air 4 Case

2. UAG Heavy Duty Stand Case

If you’re the kind of iPad user that’s all about protection, this case from Urban Armor Gear is exactly what you’re looking for. Meeting military drop-test standards (MIL-STD 810G 516.6), the case is made using a soft-grip and water-resistant material, making sure that the table won’t fall if you have slippery hands. 

Despite its rough look, this iPad Air 4 is ridiculously light, thanks to the feather-light composite used for building it. And it’s available in three vibrant colors: Shiny Black, Cobalt, and Magma. 

UAG Folio iPad Air

Buy on Amazon: UAG Heavy Duty Stand Case

3. Dadanism Air-Pillow Edge Bumper Case

Just ignore the weird name, because this iPad Air 4 case is a real bang for the buck!

Obviously, the first thing one will notice is the design. It looks really good, combining a sleek, minimalistic look, with the increased protection, given by the hybrid hard PC and shockproof soft TPU bumper. Even though it may look fragile, it’s great for keeping your new tablet safe from shocks, dust, scratches, and pretty much any kind of light damage. Oh, and it’s great for those with greasy fingers as well, since the case can keep fingerprints away!

The Dadanism Bumper Case features special cutouts, so you can easily attach the Apple Pencil with the tablet magnetically, for pairing and charging, without the need of removing it. A solid deal, we’d say. 

Dadanism iPad Air 4 Case 2020

Buy on Amazon: Dadanism Air-Pillow Edge Bumper Case

4. MoKo Shockproof Rugged Hybrid Cover

If the previous rugged entry on our list, from UAG, is not exactly the type of case you were looking for, but still want a shockproof model, we have an alternative, coming from MoKo!

Designed exclusively for the all-new iPad Air 4, it’s made with hard polycarbonate and flexible TPU, while also including a one layer anti-scratch full-screen protector. Now this is exactly what we call 360-degree protection for a tablet. But that’s not everything…

Besides the full protection, the table features a pencil holder and a foldable (and very stable!) kickstand, freeing your hands anytime you want to consume some media or have a video conference. Plus, it somehow completes the case’s design nicely. One of the best options of the moment by far, hands down. 

iPad Air 4th Generation Case with Keyboard

Buy on Amazon: MoKo Shockproof Rugged Hybrid Cover

5. YEKBEE Slim Leather Folio

Looking for something that’s a bit more than a case? Like something that keeps your iPad Air 4 safe but also includes a keyboard, for quicker typing? No worries, we got you covered. Check out this really cool model from YEKBEE!

Basically, we’re talking a folio-type case, with an illuminated keyboard, featuring a full row of iPadOS shortcuts and an adjustable 7-color RGB LED backlight. Which, at least for us, is absolutely awesome. 

The tablet has four different use modes and it’s made using hard PVC, able to protect all sides of the tablet. It features an Apple Pencil holder, overall, it has a very elegant look, despite the bulk it adds to the tablet, thanks to the integrated keyboard. Still a good deal, though. 

iPad Air 4th Generation Case with Keyboard

Buy on Amazon: YEKBEE Slim Leather Folio

6. MoKo Smart Swivel Case

No, this article is not sponsored by MoKo. It’s just that they have some awesome iPad Air 4 cases in their portfolio and we just had to share our favorites with you. 

Therefore, the next entry on our list is a really interesting model, with rotatable design, providing landscape and portrait views, while the three slots allows you to choose from multiple viewing angles. 

It’s made with premium PU leather on the exterior, while the interior is lined with soft microfiber, thus offering maximum protection against daily wear and tear. And last but not least, we should also mention the elastic band, which helps your iPad Air 4 to achieve the auto wake/sleep function. 

MoKo rotating stand iPad Air 4th Generation

Buy on Amazon: MoKo Smart Swivel Case

7. ProCase Shockproof Kids Friendly Case

Last but not least, we have an iPad Air 4 case that’s perfect for those who are planning to share their new tablet with some younger users. And we all know that this category is not exactly 100% careful when it comes to handling such devices. But that shouldn’t be a problem with this cover from ProCase on!

ProCase Kids Case for iPad Air 4

Buy on Amazon: ProCase Shockproof Kids Friendly Case

Made with impact-resistant EVAfoame, the case is great at preventing accidental drops, bumps and scratches, while the double-thick silicone at the cornersaddsd an additional layer of protection. Add the fact that it has anti-slip textured sides, for a firm grip, and the EVA foam is non-toxic and you can have a perfect, child-friendly tablet. It’s available in Blue and Red, by the way, with a 360-degree rotatable grip handle on the back. 

And these are it, folks. Seven of the best cases for the iPad Air 4 available right now on the market. Sure, there are several other models you can opt for, but we strongly believe that the models chosen by us are excellent deals, combining great price tags with solid builds, able to keep your new tablet safe and sound. 

Which one of these would you buy for your iPad? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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