SkrilleSewaWe’re pleased to share an interesting news to the fellow online entrepreneurs and freelancers from Nepal. The reputed online payment processing system, Skrill, has added an option to withdraw Skrill funds directly to the eSewa wallet.

The company, Skrill, partnered with HomeSend — a joint venture between MasterCard, and BICS, eServGlobal functioning as international money transfer hub.

What is eSewa?

eSewa is the leading online payment processing company from Nepal, which allows you to pay bills, purchase goods, and transfer funds to local bank account.

Like PayPal, you can use your eSewa account to do varieties of online transaction like buying movie tickets, online shopping and pay merchants within the country.

eSewa has changed people’s life. We need more of these creative ideas from our young entrepreneurs. Speaking of creative, check out our friend’s website Creative Rajit.

How to withdraw funds from Skrill to eSewa wallet?

To withdraw funds from your Skrill to eSewa wallet, login to Skrill and click on Mobile Wallets on the top navigation menu. Choose ‘eSewa Nepal‘ from the list and add the phone number you used to register your eSewa account.

Once you’ve added eSewa mobile wallet in your Skrill account, click the Withdraw button on the dashboard and withdraw the amount you desire to transfer to your eSewa wallet. Meanwhile, you should get a SMS from eSewa notifying that you’ve received new funds in your account.

The funds you withdraw will be instantly available in your eSewa wallet. Skrill charges 1% fee of the total amount you withdraw from the account.

On May, HomeSend and Skrill jointly waived fees to withdraw funds to Nepali bank after Nepal’s tragic earthquake incident that occurred in April 25, 2015.


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