Best Galaxy S7 Edge Case

When Samsung released the Galaxy S6 Edge last year, with a display curved on both sides, case manufacturers took it as a challenge and some of them managed to come with some amazing models!

In 2016, it happened again! Samsung released an excellent device, the Galaxy S7 Edge, but once again, it’s made from some very sensitive materials, which, besides being prone to cracking instantly, if dropped, also transform the phone into a fingerprint magnet. Keeping it short, every Galaxy S7 Edge user needs to cover it!

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Considering this, we’ve picked 10 of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases, perfect for keeping your phone safe all the time. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Spigen Wallet S Premium Wallet Case

Spigen Galaxy S7 Edge Case

First in our top is a wallet-type case from Spigen, made from premium synthetic leather and featuring a polycarbonate casing. It can hold up to three credit cards or IDs and it case a reversible magnetic clip, for secure hold on both sides.

Oh, and it turns into a stand, so you can enjoy some media on your phone! Get it now, for $14.99.

Buy Spigen Premium wallet case here.

2. SHIELDON Genuine Leather Wallet Case

SHIELDON Galaxy S7 Edge leather Case

OK, so wallet are pretty nice options for the Galaxy S7 Edge and this model from SHIELDON is by far one of the best looking ones we’ve seen so far. It’s made from premium cowhide leather and it has slots for credit cards, cash and much more.

What we really like about it is the slim build and the magnetic strip which holds the front cover shut, when not in use. Sounds cool, right? You can get it in multiple colors, for $22.99.

Buy SHIELDON Genuine Leather wallet case here.

3. Abacus24-7 Flip Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

Abacus Galaxy S7 wallet case

Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this stylish handmade cover is made from the finest quality synthetic leather and it provides space for 2 credit cards, as well as a clear ID window and a hidden pocket, for carrying some money with you.

If you’re the type of user that like to enjoy movies on a phone, the case also has a kickstand, perfect for hands-free viewing. It’s available for just $9.99!

Buy Abacus24-7 Flip Case here.

4. Amovo Detachable Wallet Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Amovo Galaxy S7 Edge Case

If you want a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case that turns heads, this one from Anovo could be what you need! Refined, functional and practical, it will offer increased protection for your phone, while letting its natural beauty shine unhindered!

It’s handcrafted from premium materials, with matching stitching, offering your phone a very elegant look. You can have one for $17.95.

Buy Amovo Detachable Wallet Folio case here.

5. Taken PU Leather Slim Case

Taken S7 edge Wallet Case

If there’s a leather wallet case for the Galaxy S7 Edge we actually live, it’s this model from Taken, in Dark Brown. It’s made from environmental friendly materials, which are also dust proof, scratch resistant and temperature resistant.

Also, what we really like about it is the classic feel it has, without rough edges or trimmings. Get one now, for $16.99.

Buy Taken Leather Slim case here.

6. Arae Flip Folio Wallet Case

Arae Galaxy s7 edge Case

By far the best case for anybody that wants to ditch the wallet and keep everything in one place: phone, credit cards, IDs and money. The soft TPU inner skin cover will protect your device from scratches, while the kickstand feature is ideal for enjoying some videos on your phone in style.

Fancying this model? It’s as cheap as $8.99!

Buy Arae Flip Folio case here.

7. WenBelle Blazer Series Wallet Case

WenBelle Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Another one of our favorite Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases comes from WenBelle and it’s able to hold your essential credit cards, business cards, driver’s license and IDs when you’re on the go.

It includes three card holders and a currency pocket, all in a very sleek, compact and professional package. It’s handcrafted from premium faux leather, with intricate, accented stitching and it’s available for $11.99.

Buy WenBelle Blazer wallet case here.

8. OCASE Slim Fit Leather Wallet Case

OCASE Galaxy S7 Edge Case Leather Wallet

One feature that’s essential in a wallet case is the amount of bulk it adds to your phone.  Fortunately, you’re looking at one of the slimmest cases of this type, with a magnetic closure and slots for cards and bills, perfect for securing money and other stuff you would otherwise keep in your wallet. You can get it in Brown or Black, for $17.99.

Buy OCASE Slim Fit case here.

9. i-Blason Leather Supcase

i-Blason Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Made from premium quality Vagan leather, this case is a great example of high-end craftsmanship! Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, it has a soft interior, keeping the phone away from scratches, as well as slots for documents and cards.

Oh, and it can be easily converted into a stand case, for video watching and messaging. The case has a price tag of just $14.99.

Buy i-Blason case for Galaxy S7 Edge here.

10. rooCASE Prestige Leather Flip Case

rooCase Galaxy S7 Edge wallet Case

Finally, the latest entry in our top is – you’ll never guess it – another wallet case, with an ultra slim design and a detachable inner case, with magnet technology, for effortless reconnection to the outer folio.

It can hold up to three cards, as well as some money, the essentials when you go out. It’s available in black, pink and red, and it can be yours for just #13.98.

Buy rooCASE prestige case here.

What’s your choice?

And we’re done! Ten of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases you can find right now on the market.

We would really like to know what are your thoughts on our selection and, like always, let us know if there are other models we might have missed, using the comments section below!


  1. I’ve found through experience that it the credit card slots are too deep, it’s very difficult to get your cards out.
    The i:Blason looks like they have addressed that problem.


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