best samsung galaxy s8 bumper cases

There are a lot of people who simply don’t like cases on their smartphones, since they want to enjoy the design all the time. However, they’re still afraid that their precious device will eventually fall on the ground and end up with some serious cracks on it. Just imagine dropping a Samsung Galaxy S8, for example… Yeah, that would be a nightmare!

However, accessories manufacturers are aware about the existence of this special category of users, so they designed bumper cases, which are basically covering just the sides of the phone, offering an essential amount of protection, but also allowing them to gaze at their beautiful phone all the time!

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In our mission to find the best model, we took a look over Amazon and came across some pretty cool models and here’s what we found…

These are the best Samsung Galaxy S8 bumper cases of the moment:

1. Caseology Galaxy S8 Bumper Case

best samsung galaxy s8 bumper case from caseology

Definitely one of the best looking bumpers on the market comes from Caseology. With a clear back panel and color contrast border, it’s made of premium materials, like PC and a TPU Frame.

The bumper comes with a corner cushion design, as well as responsive button covers and exact cutouts, so you can have access to all the features!

It also has raised edges, which are great for protecting the display and camera. The bumper is available just in Frost Gray.

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2. Spigen Neo Hybrid Reinforced Bumper

best samsung galaxy s8 bumper case from spigen

The folks over at Spigen are back in our tops with a great Samsung Galaxy S8 bumper, featuring a dual-layer structure, consisting in a TPU body and a polycarbonate bumper frame. It’s fingerprint-resistant and it has a really nice looking, trademarked herringbone pattern.

It’s also worth mentioning that you’re looking at a certified mil-grade model, so you don’t need to worry about your phone taking too much damage if dropped.

As for the colors, you can pick from seven different combinations, all of them looking incredibly good!

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3. Goospery Galaxy S8 Bumper Case

best samsung galaxy s8 bumper case from goospery

The next Samsung Galaxy S8 bumper in our top comes from Goospery and it’s an ultra thin and lightweight model, providing an increased amount of protection, without adding any unnecessary bulk to the phone.

It’s made of transparent TPU, so it’s able to keep your phone safe, besides significantly increasing the grip.

The special anti-slip clear coat resists yellowing and won’t attract any dust. Also, the case has a really nice metallic trim, with a Rose Gold, Silver or Gold finish, for a plus of elegance!

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4. Poetic Affinity Slim Fit Bumper Case

best samsung galaxy s8 bumper case from poetic

Next, we have another clear bumper case, made of polycarbonate and shock proof TPU.

Perfect for showcasing the phone’s design, it also has an engineered corner design, part of the X-Form architecture, as well as a side grip pattern, preventing the device from sliding out of your hand.

On the back, the case has a raised TPU bump, preventing scratching, while the inner edged TPU surface enables shock dissipation, in case of a drop. It also has raised bezels on the front, so the display is also protected. You can get one fully clear or with a Black or Blue bumper.

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5. GeekZone Galaxy S8 Bumper Case

best samsung galaxy s8 bumper case from geekzone

Another clear Samsung Galaxy S8 bumper makes it to our top, with a slim and lightweight design which doesn’t add any bulk to your phone. Made of soft silicone rubber gel, the case is resistant to oil, dirt and scratches.

On the sides, you will notice precise cutouts, providing convenient access to all functions. Also, if you pick the fully clear model, you will barely notice that there’s something on it, guarding the edges! You can also pick and Blue and Purple or Blue and Pink bumper!

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6. i-Blason Halo Series Bumper Case

best samsung galaxy s8 bumper case from i-blason

Don’t get fooled by the look of this case, since it’s made of 3H scratch resistant material, which prevents discoloration, as well as daily scratches.

It wraps perfectly around your phone, protecting it in case of a drop, while the raised bezel makes sure it doesn’t make contact with any surface, while faced down.

The case fits the phone precisely and it has special cutouts for all buttons and ports. Besides the fully clear variant, you can also pick this case in Black, Pink or Navy Blue.

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7. Ringke Fusion Transparent Bumper

best samsung galaxy s8 bumper case from ringke

Well, what do we have here? Oh, it’s another transparent Samsung Galaxy S8 bumper, this time coming from Ringke. It’s a dual layered model, featuring a polycarbonate panel and premium TPU, increasing the phone’s grip and adding a plus of stile.

The tough coating enhances the original look of the phone, with minimal bulk, not to mention it offers MIL-STD 810G-516.6 military grade drop protection, so you really don’t need to worry about any damage with this baby on. You can also get one in Rose Gold or Smoke Black.

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8. Trianium Bumper Case for Galaxy S8

best samsung galaxy s8 bumper case from trianium

Last but not least comes and ultra clear bumper case from Trianium, made with anti-scratch materials, providing long-lasting protection from all types of damage.

It’s made to perfectly fir the handset and it has precision cutouts for all ports, while the colors you can pick from are Black, Fully Clear or Turquoise.

And, if you ask us, it’s a really elegant and discreet model, not affecting that much the original look of the phone.

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And we’re pretty much done! These are the best Samsung Galaxy S8 bumpers in our opinion. As you can see, there are quite a few interesting models in this top, so you will definitely find a one you will like. As for us, we have a favorite…

Our Pick: Caseology Hybrid Bumper

What really made us fall in love with this superb case is the design. Honestly, besides providing enough protection for your phone, to keep it in one piece in the eventuality of a drop, it’s the best looking model in our top and this is just enough to make it our number one choice!

Now it’s your turn! Which one of these Samsung Galaxy S8 bumpers would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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