best samsung galaxy s8+ wallet cases

Let’s face it, even though the manufacturer reduced the bezels as much as possible, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is still a big phone, thanks to its 6.2″ display.

Considering this, it’s obvious that when it comes to cases, the best choice is a wallet model, providing enough space for all your important belongings. Basically, with a case like this, you can completely ditch your wallet!

And yes, you’ve guessed it! Today we’re talking about some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8+ wallet cases, perfect for keeping everything in just one place.

We’ve done a bit of research on Amazon and believe that these models are great for any budget and style!

Keeping it short, let’s check out the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus wallet cases:

1. Belk Galaxy S8 Plus Wallet Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus wallet case from belk

The first entry in our top is a sleek and elegant model from Belk, specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S8+, featuring a retro look and made of PU leather, providing an increased amount of protection for the phone.

On the inside, it has a special slot for a credit card or ID, while the soft material won’t scratch the display. The front is kept closed by an embedded magnetic closure, but it can also be used as a kickstand, being perfect for watching a movie or reading. You can pick one in Red, Black, Brown or White.

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2. Lumion Savant Series Wallet Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus wallet case from lumion

We must admit that we already have a thing for this Samsung Galaxy S8+ wallet case from Belk, especially for this Black model, with red stitching. Unlike the previous model, this one has three slots on the inside, for cards and various bills, while the quality synthetic leather covers the outside, as well as the inside, of the case, for a seamless look and feel.

Like expected, it has a magnetic strap, adding an extra layer of security, and special speaker and camera cutouts. Besides the Black model, you can also opt for Brown and Red.

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3. iPulse Galaxy S8 Plus Wallet Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus wallet case from ipulse

Made of premium genuine Italian leather, this case adds an extra plus of style to the phone, not to mention that it will age in a beautiful way, looking even more interesting. It also has stitches and handmade details, assuring you that it will last longer than expected.

On the inside, you can find slots for credit cards or an ID, as well as a special money pocket. And as a bonus, it works as a stand, being great for entertainment on the go. You can get one in Cognac, which looks amazing, Tan and Black, or Vintage Black.

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4. Clayco Galaxy S8 Plus Wallet Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus wallet case from clayco

Rocking an unconventional design, different than previous Samsung Galaxy S8+ wallet cases in our top, this model has a hidden card slot on the back, able to store 2 credit cards or IDs.

Are you can see, it’s made of hard polycarbonate and soft TPU, being able to deal even with some serious impacts. You can it in Black, which looks awesome, as well as Blue, Gold and Rose Gold.

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5. LK Luxury Leather Wallet Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus wallet case from lk

Another great wallet case comes from the folks over at LK. It’s multi-functional, designed to act as a case and a secure, portable wallet. Of course, it has multiple slots on the inside, being able to carry 3 credit cards, as well as cash.

It comes with four corner protection, alongside a quality soft TPU inner skin shell, able to absorb shocks. As for the closure system, it’s magnetic, making sure that everything stays safe inside the case. And yes, it can transform into a kickstand as well, being great for consuming media. It’s available in Brown, Black, Purple and Rose Gold.

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6. Clayco Helyos Series Premium Hybrid Case

best samsung galaxy s8 plus wallet case from clayco 2

Even though it looks pretty much like the previous Clayco model from our top, you’re actually looking at a slimmer version of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ case, with a protective bumper, made of high-grade polycarbonate, as well as a textured back, constructed of drop-resistant TPU.

Basically, this is a two-piece case, with a built-in credit card/ID slot on the back, perfect for anybody who wants a wallet case, but hates unnecessary bulk added to any phone. As for the colors it’s available in, you can choose from Blue, Black, Pink, Gold and Black, as well as Green and Silver.

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7. Crosspace Wallet Case for Galaxy S8 Plus

best samsung galaxy s8 plus wallet case from crosspace

And last but not least, we have a very interesting Samsung Galaxy S8+ wallet case, coming from Crosspace and featuring a hybrid, dual layer design, consisting in a hard polycarbonate back and a flexible TPU inner sleeve, which works as a card holder.

Your phone is fully protected with this model on it, including the display, thanks to the raised frame. It fits the phone perfectly and it can be purchased in Rose Gold, Gold or Black.

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And this is it folks! This is where our list with the best wallet cases for the big Samsung Galaxy S8+ comes to an end. As you can see, there are quite a few interesting models here, so we’re sure that you will find one fitting your style and budget.

Our Pick: Clayco Helyos Premium Case

Like always, we have a favorite, which today is Clayco’s Helyos Series Premium Hybrid Case. We have a thing for slim cases and the fact that this one is rocking a thin profile, combined with the hidden card slot, makes it the perfect choice for the Galaxy S8+ in our opinion. And it really matches the smartphone’s design!

But what about you? Which one of these models would you opt for and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


  1. Thanks for these reviews! I am curious though. When I check out your number 1 pick it seems that one is not actually a wallet case? Can you help clear this up for me as I need to purchase a case fast!



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