best samsung galaxy s8 battery cases

Over the past years, Samsung did their absolute best to optimize their phones’ battery life. Well, they tried the same thing with the Galaxy Note 7, but that’s a totally different story…

The idea is that the South Korean manufacturer’s latest flagships, including the new Galaxy S8, can deliver some pretty good numbers, making it through a full day of regular use with ease. However, there are a lot of users who still need an extra bit of juice throughout the day.

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For them, the perfect solution seems to be an external battery, but it can be pretty annoying to carry one all the time, not to mention that it’s pretty unpractical to use your phone while charging it. However, we have an alternative!

We’re talking about battery cases, of course, which are definitely the best pick for anybody who wants to protect their phone and charge it at the same time. And after a quick look on Amazon, we’ve come across some very interesting models.

These are the best Samsung Galaxy S8 battery cases you can get:

1. Vproof 5000mAh Protective Charging Case

best samsung galaxy s8 battery case from vproof

Let’s start our top with a relatively slim battery case for your S8, providing an additional 5000mAh of extra life.

Or, if you prefer, 28 hours of talk time or 13 hours or web browsing time. Made of high quality materials, it can protect the phone from scratches, as well as daily wear and tear.

The case has an LED power indicator, letting you how much juice is left, as well as a power button, allowing you to switch it off and on. As for the fit, it’s absolutely perfect, with special cutouts for speakers, ports and buttons. You can even sync the phone with a PC, without taking the case off.

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2. ALCLAP 5500mAh Galaxy S8 Battery Case

best samsung galaxy s8 battery case from alclap

The next Samsung Galaxy S8 battery case in our top comes from ALCLAP and, compared to the previous model, it’s a bit bulkier, but it also has a bigger capacity.

The case comes with a dual charging USB Type-C connector and it’s equipped with the Smart Dual Charge Technology. To be more specific, you can simply let the phone into the case and both the phone and the case will be charged simultaneously.

The 4 LED lights at the back of the case let you how much juice there’s left, as well as the charging status, when you’re charging it. Also, we really need to mention the matte finish on the back, which, if you ask us, gives a plus of elegance.

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3. mophie 2950mAh Galaxy S8 Battery Case

best samsung galaxy s8 battery case from mophie

One of the most reputed manufacturers in the world, mophie, makes it to our top as well, with a slim battery case for your S8. It features wireless charging, so you can simply place it on a charging base and you’re ready to do.

Also, the built-in magnets align with any mophie charge force mount, for a perfect charge every time. However, it has a capacity of just 2950mAh, providing 60% extra battery or more than 46 hours of talk time.

The case has high-impact protection, thanks to the internal rubberized support pads, able to deal with drops and hard falls. The raised corners also provide additional protection, against scratches and any potential cracks.

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4. Ruky 5000mAh Extended Battery Case

best samsung galaxy s8 battery case from ruky

Moving on, we have another 5000mAh battery case in our selection, this time coming from Ruky.

It’s made of high quality materials, able to also protect your phone in case of a drop or other serious bumps, but maintains a relatively compact design and fitting easily in your pocket.

The case can provide 100%+ extra battery life to the phone, thanks to the polymer battery with a five protection technology, able to reduce voltage conversion, so your phone won’t get hot or overcharge ti this case on. It also has LED indicators, telling you how much battery there’s left. And you can get it in Black and Gold, in order to match your phone!

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5. Scenekid 5000mAh Galaxy S8 Battery Case

best samsung galaxy s8 battery case from scenekid

It looks like 5000mAh is a pretty convenient capacity for most Samsung Galaxy S8 battery cases in our top, considering that this one has it as well.

Specifically optimized for the handset, the built-in Lithium-Ion battery can provide up to 60 hours of audio, 30 hours of talk time or even 6 hours of 3D gaming, so it’s ideal for a long trip.

The integrated circuit design, with intelligent protection, can effectively prevent a short circuit or overtime charge, even under extreme operating conditions, so your phone is safe all the time. As for the case itself, it provides 360 comprehensive protection, thanks to the bumper design and hard-shell backplate. It’s available in Black, Gold, Red and Sky Blue.

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6. ICONIC 5000mAh Charging External Case

best samsung galaxy s8 battery case from iconic

Yes, another 5000mAh one! ICONIC’s Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery has is made with a flexible soft frame and a hard shell backplate, offering 360 edge coverage and collision absorption. As for the battery function, the case can recharge your phone in less than two hours!

The case can be fully charged in around 1.5-2 hours, using the 2A output wall charger. However, it depends on the output of the wall charger. The bad part is that you can use the data cable with the case on, so you need to take it of when you want to make any transfers.

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7. Elebase 5000mAh Portable Backup Charging Case

best samsung galaxy s8 battery case from elebase

This 5000mAh rechargeable battery case comes with an LED indicator on the back, showing exactly how much juice there’s left in it.

Also, when fully charged, it’s able to deliver more than 100% extra battery, giving you the power to do more than your phone. It also has a slim design, with soft flexible plastic on the edges, maintaining a soft feel.

There’s also built-in circuitry and temperature protection, preventing over-charging and overheating, while the high-end Li-Ion polymer cells guarantee the most efficient charge. Unfortunately, it’s available just in black, but it looks great on the phone, no matter its original color.

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And this is where our list comes to an end. These are the best Samsung Galaxy S8 battery cases of the moment. Despite most of them having the same capacity, there are quite a few differences between them. And you guessed it, we also have a favorite model…

Our Pick: ALCLAP 5500mAh Portable Juice Bank Case

You simply can’t blame us for picking the case with the biggest capacity. After all, this is everything people looking for a battery case are looking for: to provide as much additional power as possible! And with a capacity of 5500mAh, this is definitely the best choice.

But what about you? Which one of these Samsung Galaxy S8 battery cases would you opt for and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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