best samsung galaxy s8 armbands

Going out for a quick jog is definitely a healthy option and, nowadays, thanks to the impressive progress of technology, you can basically track your entire workout, including the distance you cover, the calories you burn and many other details! Still, in order to do this, you need your smartphone. But it can be pretty annoying to carry it around when running, right?

Fortunately, there are some awesome things called armbands, perfect for all you sporty people out there and not only!

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However, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S8, for example, which is a 5.8″ handset, after all, it can be a bit difficult to find one that fits properly. But fear no more, as we did all the research and found some great models!

These are the best Samsung Galaxy S8 armbands for running you can currently buy:

1. DanForce Galaxy S8 Armband

best samsung galaxy s8 armband from danforce

First in our top comes a pretty basic armband, but, honestly, it’s everything you could ask for! Your Galaxy S8 will fit perfectly inside, guaranteeing maximum protection from rainy runs and sweaty sprints.

The armband is fully adjustable and it won’t slip from around your arm. Also, it has special cutouts for access to the headphone port and other controls and includes a convenient key holder, as well as a slot for a credit card.

It’s made of high quality PVC and Lycra material, so we’re definitely dealing with a premium model here!

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2. Melop Professional Soft Armband

best samsung galaxy s8 armband from melop

Moving on, we have a swear resistant Samsung Galaxy S8 armband for running, available in both Black and Red.

It’s suitable for other sports either, featuring holes for access to headphones, an enhanced leather clip and a portable pocket, being able to hold a key and your ID or credit card.

We really like the reflective material surrounding the phone (when inserted), making the case great for night runs, in low light conditions, since it provides additional visibility!

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3. Xboun Sweatproof Running Armband

best samsung galaxy s8 armband from xboum

If you want to basically wrap your entire wallet around your arm while running, you should definitely check out this armband from Xboun, made of flexible neoprene, which makes it sweatproof and water resistant.

It provides enough space to store your keys, cash, ID or credit card, as well as a pair of headphones inside!

Also, it has precise cutouts, allowing you to control your Samsung Galaxy S8 with ease, while the slide buckle and strap makes sure it stays firmly around your arm. You can get it in Black or Green.

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4. SUPTMAX Galaxy S8 Armband

best samsung galaxy s8 armband from suptmax

Next, we have another great looking Samsung Galaxy S8 armband in our top, this time coming from SUPTMAX and featuring a clear, scratch resistant material covering the display, enabling touch sensitivity. Basically, you can fully use your phone while it’s inside the armband!

It’s made of ultra thin, light and elastic waterproof Lycra, which makes it easy to bend and twist.

Also, in the rear pocket you can store your ID, credit card or cash! We should also mention the reflective band on the front, which is great for running at night, increasing visibility, while the rear cutouts allow you to charge the phone without removing the armband. It’s available in Green, Black, Blue or Rose Red.

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5. PASONOMI Armband for Galaxy S8

best samsung galaxy s8 armband from pasonomi

Definitely one of the most interesting armbands in this top, in terms of design, this model from PASONOMI is available in Black and Rose Gold and features a key holder and a slot for headphones, where you can store the entire wire.

As you can see, it has a highly reflective pattern, great for nighttime jogging, but this isn’t its most interesting feature!

You can easily detach the band and use the case separately, which is great for those moments when you don’t have time to switch to the phone’s regular case.

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6. JD Sports Armband for Running

best samsung galaxy s8 armband from jd

Made of premium materials, this Galaxy S8 armband from JD comes with an adjustable strap, fastening the device around your hand firmly, so you can completely forget about it while going for a quick jog.

The display cover enables full touchscreen functionality, so you can operate the phone directly through the armband, while the cutouts allow you to use the headphone jack and other buttons.

Oh, and there’s a key slot, as well as a pocket on the back, where you can store money, a credit card or ID. You can get this model in Black, Camouflage, Blue, Purple and Red.

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7. Sporteer Galaxy S8 Armband

best samsung galaxy s8 armband from sporteer

Finally, the last Samsung Galaxy S8 armband for running from our list  features a zippered pocket, fitting the handset easily, as well as an internal linen layer, protecting your phone from sweat and moisture.

As for the strap, it’s made with flexible Velcro, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

But we’re not done yet, since it’s a very spacious model, also being able to house a lot of essentials, like keys, headphones, credit cards or IDs. Yeah, it’s pretty much like a wallet wrapped around your arm. It’s available just in Black.

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And we’re done, runners! Below you can find some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 armbands of the moment, just perfect for keeping your phone and your important belongings in just one place, while going for a quick workout.

Even though most of these are pretty much the same thing and picking one it’s a matter of personal taste, we still think that one specific model is the best choice and we will tell you exactly why!

Our Pick: Melop Professional Soft Armband

Yes, it’s the reflective stripe on the front of the armband that made us pick this one, combined with the design, of course. But let’s not forget about the premium materials either, as well as the pocket, perfect for storing some money or an ID.

What about you? Which one of these Samsung Galaxy S8 armbands would you choose and why? Let us know by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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