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Update: The Samsung Galaxy S8 is out!

There are just a few days left until the Samsung Galaxy S8 will finally make its debut. However, at a second thought, there’s nothing that could surprise us about this phone, since we already know pretty much about it, due to the insane amount of leaks that made the rounds online.

No matter if we’re talking about pictures or details about the specs, they kept coming over the past month, so we doubt that Samsung manages to surprise us on March 29.

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Considering this big amount of leaks, it’s obvious that accessory manufacturers are already ready for welcoming the South Korean manufacturer’s new flagship. And since we were very curious to see what they have prepared, we took a quick look over Amazon and picked some of the most interesting ones.

Without much further ado, these are the best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories!

1. Simpeak Soft Transparent Case

simpeak samsung galaxy s8 case

According to the numerous leaked images, this smartphone is going to look incredibly good, so it would actually be a shame to ‘hide’ that design with a regular case. Therefore, we decided to include a clear model in our top!

Simpeak’s case is completely clear and measures just 1.5mm in thickness. Being made of premium TPU, it significantly increases the phone’s grip and it keeps it safe in case of a drop or lighter impacts.

Also, the material is anti-UV, preventing the case from getting yellow in time. Finally, the textured interior creates space for air ventilation, preventing generation of water and vapors.

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2. MoKo Ultra Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector

moko samsung galaxy s8 screen protector

Hey, let’s face it. Your Galaxy S8 will need a screen protector. No matter how much will you look after it, it’s inevitable to end up with some scratches on the display. Considering this, you might as well check out this screen protector, from the folks over at MoKo!

It’s an incredibly slim model, measuring 0.33mm in thickness, with 9H hardness, being able to deal with scratches made by keys, knives or pretty much any other sharp objects.

The oleophobic coating protects it from smudges, fingerprints, water or oil, not to mention that no bubbles will form under it and it’s very easy to take off, leaving no residue.

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3. Gambolex Fast Wireless Charger

gambolex samsung galaxy s8 wireless charger

Wireless charging is one of the coolest things ever, so you should take full advantage of it! For example, this charger, which also doubles as a stand, is perfect for this! Basically, everything you need to do is connect it to a power adapter and simply put your phone in it, when the battery is closing to 0%.

It has a LED indicator, so you can tell when the phone is fully charged, while the tower-shaped design makes it one of the sturdiest models on the market. And you can charge your phone in both portrait and landscape modes, which make it one of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories, in our opinion.

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4. Digilte Universal Car Dash Mount

digilte samsung galaxy s8 car mount

Since the Galaxy S8 will feature a 5.8″ display, it can work great as a GPS. However, in order to use it for this, you definitely need a car mount, which is clearly one of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories for drivers and not only!

It has an adjustable arm, allowing various mounting positions, so you can easily insert the Galaxy S8 in it, whether it has a case on it or not. It also allows 360 degree rotation, in both portrait or landscape. Pretty cool, huh?

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5. Maxboost Dual Car Charger

maxboost samsung galaxy s8 car charger

And finally, we can’t end this top with the best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories without a car charger. After all, if you want to use it as a GPS, the battery will drain really fast, so you must find a way to power up the phone.

Take this one, from Maxboost, for example. It’s a certified Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 model, being able to refill the power pack up to 80% faster than a regular model. It also has an external soft-glow LED ring, so you can easily plug the phone at night, and it can identify and provide full-speed charging for any smartphone or tablet, not just the S8!

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And this wraps it up, folks! These are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories of the moment, which any future user should at least consider, if her or she is planning to get the max out of this impressive smartphone. And if you ask us, we would totally buy all of them!

But what about you? Which one of these accessories do you consider indispensable and why? Let us know your thoughts, by dropping a few lines in the comment section below!


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