best google pixel 2 screen protectors

As manufacturers started using curved glass for phones’ displays, it became harder and harder to pick a good screen protector. And this applies to a lot of phones, including the new Google Pixel 2, which even though it has a flat display, still need some protection!

And you must agree with us that a screen protector is somehow mandatory nowadays, since it can save it in the eventuality of a drop, due to its ability to absorb the force of the impact. Besides this, it also keeps scratches away, caused by daily wear, as well as other sharp objects your phone could ‘meet’, like keys or knives.

We took a quick glance on Amazon and manage to find some excellent models for the Pixel 2, perfect for adding an additional layer of protection for your phone. And, of course, we made a list with them, in order to make things easier for you.

Ladies and gents, these are the best Google Pixel 2 screen protectors!

1. Vigger Bubble Free Screen Protector

best google pixel 2 screen protector from vigeer

Specially designed for Google’s new smartphone, the Vigger Bubble Free Screen Protector provides maximum protection for the flat portion of the display, thanks to the special cuts, made with laser. It’s also a scratchproof model, with 9H hardness, and the fact that it’s actually made of tempered glass makes it great against even the most serious shocks.

As the name says it, the bubble-free adhesive, as well as the magnetic absorption function, makes it very easy to install. It won’t leave any residue either after removing it. The film is 99% clear, with high responsive touch performance, so it won’t affect the quality of the image at all.

2. TAURI Full Cover Screen Protector

best google pixel 2 screen protector from tauri

Next in our top comes the Tauri Full Cover Screen Protector, made by one of the most reputed accessories manufacturer. It’s a tempered glass model, with a special Ballistic coating, able to take the damage inflicted even by some of the most serious drops.

The surface hardness is 9H, second to diamond, so it’s obvious that we’re dealing with a highly durable and scratch resistant model.

It’s laser cut and has polished and rounded edges. Finally, we should mention that the film is 99.99% clear and has excellent touch screen accuracy, which makes it one of our favorite Google Pixel 2 screen protectors.

3. Wimaha Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best google pixel 2 screen protector from wimaha

Moving on, we have the Wimaha Tempered Glass Screen Protector, a model that is smaller than the device’s display, but still able to provide an increased amount of protection, therefore keeping scratches and other types of damage away.

The 9H hardness guarantees the best protection for your Pixel 2, while the 99.99% transparency provides high-definition clear viewing.

This film has an additional oleophobic coating on top, able to protect the phone’s display against swear and oil residue from fingerprints, while maintaining a high-sensitivity touch response.

4. Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector

best google pixel 2 screen protector from skinomi

One of our favorite manufacturer is also present in the top of the best Google Pixel 2 screen protector with an excellent product. We’re talking about the Skinomi TechSkin, specifically designed using precise laser cutting technology, in order to offer maximum screen coverage.

It’s made using a self-healing and flexible material: military-grade thermoplastic urethane, able to absorb impact, in case of a sudden drop. The screen protector is also resistant against UV light and it won’t get yellow in time. It’s very easy to install, thanks to the liquid solution it comes with, and being virtually invisible, will make it hardly noticeable on the phone.

5. JD Premium Matte Film Shield

best google pixel 2 screen protector from jd

If you’re after a special offer, you should check out the JD Premium Matte Film Shield, which comes in a package containing not two, but eight films, so you can change them from time to time, if it gets scratched. It offers long lasting protection against scratches and dirt, but it’s also able to reduce oil and fingerprint smudges.

Made from high-quality PET, the film won’t let any adhesive residue when taken off, but the ‘main attraction’ is the matte finish, while helps removing glare and keeps fingerprints away. And the real touch sensitivity is maintained, with a flawless accuracy!

6. LK Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best google pixel 2 screen protector from lk

One of the greatest Google Pixel 2 screen protectors is the LK Full Cover Tempered Glass, offering to grade protection, thanks to the 9H hardness. Basically, it’s a shatterproof model, which can help your phone survive even in case of a high impact drop. Also, the oleophobic anti-fingerprints coating keeps the screen free of fingerprints and oily smudges, not to mention that it’s very easy to clean.

The screen protector has precise lase cut openings, offering access to the front facing camera, speakers and home button. It’s touch sensitive and highly responsive, as well as very easy to apply, so anybody can do it, from the comfort of their homes.

7. Gosento Soft Flexible Screen Protector

best google pixel 2 screen protector from gosento

Finally, we have the Gosento Soft Flexible Screen Protector, a model specifically designed for the Google Pixel 2, using precise laser cutting technology, in order to offer maximum screen coverage. And yes, it’s made using self-healing, flexible and tough military grade TPU, resistant against scratches and punctures.

The screen protector is resistant against UV light as well, so, unlike any other cheap models, it won’t get yellow in time. The high touch sensitivity¬† gives a very natural feel and it’s also fast responding, thanks to the 95% HD clarity. You can install it very easy, with a bubble-free method. Seriously, you just apply it and leave it there. No bubbles, no nothing!

Quite a selection, isn’t it? Even though they look pretty similar, these screen protectors are actually different from some point of view, so it’s up to you to decide which one is actually the one that fits your needs best! As for us, we know instantly which model we would choose.

Our Pick: Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector

We’re always impressed by self-healing screen protectors, since they might be able to deal with scratches, but this one is actually very special, since it will also remain looking like new, even after the impact with a sharp object. We also like the fact that it’s fully covering the front of the phone and that it won’t get yellow in time, so the quality of the images won’t be affected.

But what about you guys? Which one of these Google Pixel 2 screen protectors would you get and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!



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