best iphone 8 waterproof cases

The new iPhone 8 comes with IP67 certification, making it dust and water resistant, up to 1 meter deep, for 30 minutes. And as you probably know, water resistant is not the same thing as waterproof! This certification is for those extreme situations, when you’re out in the rain and need to take a call or somehow manage to drop your phone in the water. Thanks to it, your iPhone will be safe.

But what happens if you really want to take an underwater photo and the phone is your only camera? Well, you don’t! Or you can put a waterproof case on it and take all the pictures in the world!

Since we’re talking about an already insanely popular smartphone, it was pretty obvious that we can find some great cases like these. So we took it on Amazon and weren’t disappointed about what we’ve come across.

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Check out some of the best iPhone 8 waterproof cases of the moment:

1. UBeesize Shockproof Underwater Cover

best iphone 8 waterproof case from ubeesize

Let’s start with a really impressive case, fully submersible to 2m deep for 30 minutes and able to offer an insane amount of protection for your phone.

The UBeesize Shockproof Underwater Cover is great for diving, swimming or skiing, as the touch sensitive built-in screen cover delivers clear display and complete protection for the screen.

The back cover is also transparent, so the lenses aren’t covered, allowing you to take high quality photos and videos. The buttons and controls are easily accessible, just like they would be without a case. Finally, the case is made with durable materials, which can keep the phone safe, in the eventuality of a serious drop.

2. i-Blason Aegis Rugged Case

best iphone 8 waterproof case from i-blason

Moving on, we have the very interesting i-Blason Aegis Rugged Case, one of the simplest, yet effective iPhone 8 waterproof cases, covering the device completely and creating a total waterproof seal. It features a durable polycarbonate hard shell and it’s made with flexible TPU materials, which offer top notch protection.

On the front, there’s a built-in screen protector, preventing scratches, without compromising touch sensitivity, while the durable back cover has an anti-scratch clear window, allowing you to use the camera with ease. The case offers 3D Touch compatibility and covers all the ports securely. As for the buttons, they’re fully accessible and responsive!

3. Temdan Supreme Series Waterproof Case

best iphone 8 waterproof case from temdan

We’re looking at another rugged model here, since the Temdan Supreme Series Waterproof Case passed the test 1000 times: it’s able to stay in water that’s up to 5 meters deep for an hour and at water up to 10 meters deep for half an hour! Basically, you can take some awesome underwater photos while this baby protects your phone!

But this is not all, since it can also survive drops from 2m heights, thanks to the MIL STD 810F-516 standard. Specifically, the front is covered by the built-in screen protector, same as the back (and this is one is completely clear), while the accessories it comes with, like a float strap or camping snap hook, make it very easy to use in difficult conditions.

4. Effun Underwater Shockproof Case

best iphone 8 waterproof case from effun

If you want something a bit more colorful, in order to customize your phone a bit, you should check out the Effun Underwater Shockproof case, a model made with two pieces and fully submersible to over 2 meters, for one hour.

Basically, you can take it diving, surfing, swimming, snorkeling or even with you in the bath! Yeah, you can watch YouTube while taking a bath without any worries now.

Despite its features, the case measures just 9.0mm in thickness, which is perfect for a waterproof case. It’s fully transparent, so you also have access to the camera, not to mention that it reveals and enhances the original color and design of the device. It comes with several accessories and it can be bought in Aqua Blue, Black, Pink or White.

5. Mpow Floating Waterproof Case

best iphone 8 waterproof case from mpow

If the previous iPhone 8 waterproof case are basically very similar to a classic model, the Mpow Floating Waterproof Case is a bit different, as it feature an air circle padding around the pouch. Basically, if you somehow manage to drop it in the water, it will float and get back to the surface instantly.

It has a dual swivel lock, as well as a sealable closure clip design, being great for pretty much any water related sport.

The clear window on the front is made with premium TPU and it’s touch sensitive, while the volume buttons are also fully functional. The ABS materials ensure durable use, being resistant to scratches and wear. Finally, let’s not forget about the lanyard, which very comfortable to wear.

6. OUNNE Full Sealed Cover Case

best iphone 8 waterproof case from ounne

At a first look, this seems to be one of the most rugged iPhone 8 waterproof cases we’ve ever seen!

The truth is that the Ounne Full Sealed Cover Case is built like a tank, featuring an anti-scratch touch screen protector, with excellent clarity, while the overall seal allows you to keep the phone save against water, dust particles or any other hazards. Basically, it’s great for any type of outdoor activities!

With this case on, the phone can be sunken up to 2 meters, not to mention that the top-level TPU used for manufacturing it does a great job at protecting the phone. The back is clear, so you can use the camera underwater, while the ports are covered by flaps, but still remain easily accessible.

7. ASASUKI IP68 Waterproof Case

best iphone 8 waterproof case from asasuki

The next entry on our list is the Asasuki IP68 waterproof case, a masterfully designed model, with improved shock-resistance and anti-crack properties, featuring a tempered glass screen protector. The latter makes sure no fingerprints will remain on it, but it can also keep heavy dust, snow or dirt away from it.

Despite the amount of protection it provides, the case is relatively slim for a model like this, as well as lightweight, so you can easily carry it in a regular pocket.

The are openings on the sides and bottom, so you can access the ports, and it features an integrated magnet, so you can use it with a magnetic car mount, with no problems at all. And in order to observe how great is this case at sealing, it comes with a special opening tool, because otherwise, your phone is stuck in it. In a good way!

8. LifeProof FRE Series Waterproof Case

best iphone 8 waterproof case from lifeproof

We’re looking here at one of the best looking iPhone 8 waterproof cases of the moment, if you ask us! The LifeProof FRE Series Waterproof Case is fully submersible to 2m for one hour, not to mention that it meets or exceeds the IP69 Ingress protection rating, so you can also use it while out in the snow or in a very…dirty environment.

It comes with a very resistant built-in scratch protector, which is virtually invisible to the eye and touch, while the buttons and controls are fully accessible. As for the design, you can opt for various color combinations, like Night Lite, Chakra, Drop In, Banzai or Wipeout. Now those are some awesome names!

9. NexCase Full-Body Rugged Case

best iphone 8 waterproof case from nexcase

Told you, these iPhone 8 waterproof cases are very resistant and the NexCase Full-Body Rugged model is no exception! It’s an advanced dual layer case, featuring a polycarbonate hard shell, as well as flexible TPU materials, resulting in a super durable design, able to pass pretty much any underwater test you can think of.

The front cover has a built-in screen protector, able to prevent scratches, but without compromising touch sensitivity, while on the back, there are some special cutouts – also covered – for the camera and flash, as well as the Apple logo on the back. The case is available in Black or Pink.

10. ZVE Full Body Protective Case

best iphone 8 waterproof case from zve

And finally, we have the ZVE Full Body Protective case, an IP68 certified case, made with solid plastic and able to withstand drops from 2 meters high, as well as some hardcore swimming sessions, without taking any scratches. And it’s available with some really cool prints, like Camo, besides the regular colors.

The front and the lens on the back are fully transparent, so you can take high quality photos, even underwater. Also, the built-in screen protector is touch sensitive, so it won’t affect its functionality. One of the most interesting models in our top by far!

And this wraps it up, folks! These are some of the best iPhone 8 waterproof cases money can buy right now. We’re convinced that you will find a model you like, considering the diversity in our selection, because our eyes remained on one after checking it out for the first time.

Our Pick: LifeProof FRE Series Waterproof Case

What we really liked about this case is the fact that it manages to maintain an incredibly slim profile, considering the fact that it’s a waterproof model. Also, it’s available in some awesome color combinations, like Night Lite, which make your phone look absolutely stunning. And this should be enough, right?

What about you? Which one of these cases would you pick for your iPhone 8 and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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