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If you ask us, it’s the most expected smartphone of the year. While its competitors kept launching bezel-less phones, Apple waited and waited until September, when their anniversary model, the iPhone X, was finally introduced. And yeah, we must admit that it’s one impressive phone, with a great design and great specs. But still, we’re not convinced about that battery…

The manufacturer’s top notch model comes with a 2716mAh battery, which doesn’t seem enough for a 5.8″ phone. And even though it features Fast Battery charging, being able to refill the battery to 50%, in just 30 minutes, there are some situations in which it’s just not enough. But hey, this is what battery cases are for!

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Because we know that you don’t like those chunky external batteries, we’ve made a bit of research on Amazon and managed to put together a list with some of the best battery cases for the Cupertino-based company’s latest model.

Check out the best iPhone X battery cases you can currently buy:

1. ZeroLemon Slim Juicer Battery Case

best iphone x battery case from zerolemon

Let’s start with one of the most appealing models in our top, the ZeroLemon Slim Juice Battery Case. With a capacity of 5000mAh, it can recharge the phone to 100% one time and almost another half of its capacity. Basically, you can add 12+ hours of talk time of 7 of movie time.

But this is not all, since it also protects your phone from scratches, as well as daily wear and tear, which maintaining a relatively slim profile, despite the protection it provides.

Also, on the back you will find 4 LED light, showing how much battery there’s left into he case. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the case is also wireless charging compatible, which is a very big plus for us!

2. Betteck Ultra Slim Portable Battery Case

best iphone x battery case from betteck

Next in our top comes a model with a bigger capacity – not that much, but still… – able to provide 24 extra hours of talk time or 13 hours of watching your favorite shows on the go. We’re talking about the Betteck Ultra Slim Portable Battery case, a ridiculously slim battery case, with four status-indicating LED lights on the back and fitting in your pocket perfectly.

Of course, besides charging your phone, the case does a great job at protecting your phone from scratches, as well as daily wear and tear. Also, it has an integrated circuit design, with intelligent protection, able to prevent a short circuit or overtime charging, overcharge or over discharge. And there’s something about it that we really like it…

3. Alpatronix BXX Slim Portable Backup Charger

best iphone x battery case from alpatronix

More than 150% additional power, this is what the Alpatronix BXX Slim Portable Backup Charger promises. With a capacity of 4200mAh, it’s just what you need to make sure you won’t run out of power during the day.

However, if you somehow manage to consume all the power, you can quickly recharge the phone, since the case is Qi-enabled.

Approved by Apple to work with all features of the phone, the case also offers 30 degree scratch-guard protecting, while managing to keep a relatively slim profile. It has raised bezels, so the screen and camera lens will remain scratch free, not to mention that the top piece of the case has a slide-in design, for improved security. Definitely one of the greatest iPhone X battery cases of the moment.

4. vProof Rechargeable Power Charger

best iphone x battery case from vproof

If you’re after a battery case with a superior capacity, then you should definitely check out the vProof Rechargeable Power Charger. Curious about how much juice it packs? How about 6000mAh?

That should be enough even for the most pretentious users! And in order to let you know how much energy there’s left, the case comes with 4 LED indicators on the back.

Besides charging your phone in emergency situations, the case is also excellent for keeping your phone safe and sound, in case you somehow manage to drop it. Still, you should avoid dropping an iPhone X at all costs, considering its price… Finally, we should talk about the built-in metallic plate on the back, allowing you to use this case with any magnetic car mount.

5. Kujian Heavy Duty Slim Case

best iphone x battery case from kujian

Most iPhone X battery cases have a simple design, adding a relatively small amount of protection, but the Kujian Heavy Duty Slim Case is definitely the exception.

Made with high quality ABS materials, the hard shell exterior and flexible TPU bumper frame offer complete protection for your phone, not to mention that it has a 0.2mm raised bezel, great in case of sudden drops and falls.

But back to the main attraction, the integrated battery, it has a capacity of 3000mAh, meaning that it can provide an additional 17 hours of talk time or 12 hours of internet use. Not bad for a slim battery case, right? You can get it in full Black, Black and Navy Blue, Black and Olive Green, Black and Orange, or Black and White.

6. Moonmini Extended Power Pack Cover

best iphone x battery case from moonmini

How about an iPhone X battery case, with a massive capacity and able to recharge your phone almost two more times? Sounds pretty cool, huh? Well, if you’re interested in it, you should really check out the Moonmini Extended Power Pack Cover!

And guess what? It’s not that bulky at all, managing to maintain a surprisingly slim profile!

The second feature of this case is its ability to protect your phone, thanks to its sturdy design, which will keep your phone safe against scratches, dirt or daily wear and tear, being perfect for everyday use. It’s 100% safe, thanks to the internal circuit protection against overheating, overload and short circuits. Also, the LED indicators on the back let you know exactly how much power there is left. It’s available just in Black.

7. Marrrch Rechargeable Case Cover Shell

best iphone x battery case from marrrch

Despite the relatively weird name of the manufacturer, this is actually one of the most interesting iPhone X battery cases you can get now. The Marrrch Rechargeable Case Cover Shell has a capacity of 6000mAh, just as the previous entry in our top, being able to provide more than 180% extra power for the phone.

Also, thanks to the standard Lightning Input and Sync, you can charge and sync the phone at the same time, without removing it from the case.

The case has perfect cutouts, allowing access to speakers, ports and buttons, but it’s also lightweight and super slim, so it won’t occupy a lot of space in your pocket. As an additional feature, it also has a built-in metallic plate, so it’s compatible with any magnetic car mount.

And this wraps it up, folks! These are some of the best iPhone X battery cases you can currently buy and, if you ask us, all of them are pretty awesome, considering that they can save you in some emergency situations. Still, we do have a favorite, which we’d buy immediately!

Our Pick: Betteck Ultra Slim Portable Battery Case

How awesome can a 5200mAh battery case, with a ridiculously slim profile, can be? Seriously, this is best of both worlds! It looks great on the phone, without adding that unnecessary bulk we all hate, and it can save you whenever you’re out of battery.

But what about you? Which one of these cases would you buy and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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