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Not everybody can afford paying $999 (at least!) for the new iPhone X and we’re convinced that those who are doing it want to keep it mint for as long as possible. And we can totally relate, since it’s far from being a cheap model and it would be a shame to see even the tiniest scratch on it.

Still, there are already a lot of cases available for it, so you can easily find a way to protect it. But what if you want a bit more than a regular case? Let’s say, one that can house a few credit cards, some money or even some paper? Sounds pretty good, we know.

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We were curious if there are any iPhone X wallet cases already available and we were surprised by the cool models we’ve come across, so we decided to put them in a top.

Check out some of the best iPhone X wallet cases of the moment:

1. iPulse Vintage Book Wallet Case

best iphone x wallet case from ipulse

Let’s start with the very elegant iPulse Vintage Book Wallet Case, handmade from premium Italian full grain cowhide leather, which give it a classic look, not to mention that it will age brighter and beautiful in time.

On the inside, it has four different slots, two of them for credit cards, one for your ID, with a clear view window, and a special pocket for bills.

Also, a built-in magnetic closure makes sure the case remains closed all the time. As for the phone, it’s held by a flexible TPU frame, which makes it very easy to insert and remove. For the moment, you can get it just in Retro Brown.

2. Silk Vault Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

best iphone x wallet case from silk

How cool is this name?! The Silk Vault Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 is an excellent case for the iPhone X, fitting up to three credit cards, as well as some cash. If you still carry some, that is! It’s also wireless charging compatible, so you don’t have to take the case of every time you want to replenish the battery’s life.

It has high-grip textured sides, so there’s no chance of dropping it, while the protective air-pocket corners are able to save it, in the eventuality of a serious drop. As a bonus, it comes with a free screen protector film. You can get it in Black Onyx, Blue Jade, Crimson Red or Purple Orchid.

3. Abacus 24-7 Leather Wallet Case

best iphone x wallet case from abacus24-7

On the other side, if you prefer a classic approach, we have the most classic of the iPhone X wallet cases, the Abacus24-7 Leather Wallet Case. Even though it’s made using synthetic materials, it feels natural in your hand and it’s also very durable. On the inside, it comes with built-in card slots, so you can carry up to three cards, money or your ID.

Like the manufacturer used us, the case can act as a kickstand, by simply flipping the flap to the back, while the TPU shell on the inside is able to keep the phone sturdy, in one position. It’s available just in Black, but it looks very good on this color!

4. FYY Genuine Leather Wallet Case

best iphone x wallet case from fyy

If you’re the type of person who carries a lot of credit cards, then you must be concerned about their safety, so you need a case that can protect the data on them. One great example is the FYY Genuine Leather Wallet Case, which as an anti-RFID film inside, blocking any unapproved card readers.

Otherwise, it’s made with premium genuine leather and can hold up to three cards, as well as some money, thanks to the special pocket on the sides.

It has a kickstand function, which is great for movie-watching or chatting on the go, while the special cutouts provide easy access to all ports and controls. You can opt for Dark Brown, Black, Navy Blue, Purple, Wine Red or Magenta.

5. ZVE Slim Shockproof Hybrid Case

best iphone x wallet case from zve

With a very interesting design, this iPhone X wallet case will definitely catch your attention! To be more specific, we’re talking about the ZVE Slim Shockproof Hybrid Case, able to hold three cards, driver’s license, student ID or even some cash, on the back cover, since it doesn’t come with a flip cover. And you can easily get everything out, by pulling the release ribbon. Don’t worry, nothing will fall!

Otherwise, the case is made with soft materials, like leather and a TPU base shell, making it very comfortable to the touch. And it’s also great at taking shocks, thanks to the full frame protection it offers and the raised lip, which keeps the display from making contact with the ground. You can get one in Black, Mint Green or Rose Gold.

6. LAMEEKU Protective Leather Case

best iphone x wallet case from lameeku

Similar to the previous entry in our top with the best iPhone X wallet cases is the Lameeku Protective Leather Case, a handmade model, made with premium materials and featuring reinforced stitching, for a simple, yet elegant look. It includes three card slots on the back, very easy to take off, thanks to the special system, with a red ribbon.

In terms of protection, the case has raised edges, to keep scratches away from the screen, and a soft-touch cover, providing full-frame protection for all corners of the phone. There are also special cutouts, for all buttons and ports, as well as RIFD blocking material insertions, so all the data on your cards is safe. Get it now, in Black, Mint Green or Rose Gold.

7. Pasonomi Leather Slim Case

best iphone x wallet case from pasonomi

The Pasonomi Leather Slim Case is also following the form classic form factor and it’s made of high quality PU leather, being able to hold – get ready for this – up to 9 credit cards, cash and an ID, thanks to the clear view window.

However, you don’t need to worry about making your phone very bulky, since one of the interior supports for cards is detachable.

The case is made of high quality PU leather and polycarbonate, while a magnet keeps the whole thing together, offering 360 protection. It comes with an additional wrist strap, which make carrying it very easy, and is available in Black and Rose Gold.

8. MoKo Rugged Wallet Case

best iphone x wallet case from moko

Ok, get ready to check out one of the bulkiest iPhone X wallet cases, but able to deliver an insane amount of protection. We’re talking about the MoKo Rugged Wallet Case, a heavy duty model, with a dual layer design, able to deal even with the most serious shocks and drops.

You can carry two credit cards, as well as an ID, using the clear view window, and some cash, while the safe magnetic closure makes sure all your things won’t fall out. On the back, there’a kickstand, for ease of use and consuming media on the go, as well as a wrist strap, so you can carry it anywhere. In terms of colors, you can pick between Black, Brown, Pink or Mint Green.

9. ProCase Vintage Wallet Case

best iphone x wallet case from procase

Fancying a vintage look? Check out this very elegant model, the ProCase Vintage WalletCase, made from premium genuine leather and offering a soft and natural feel, complementing the look of the phone.

This classy wallet case comes with three card slots, as well as a cash pocket and a magnetic lock, securing your personal belongings greatly. The kickstand design isn’t missing either, allowing multiple viewing position, while the TPU frame on the inside can absorb shocks from a drop. You have full access to the cameras, speakers, ports and buttons, by the way, and can choose from three different finishes: Red, Black or Brown.

10. Snugg Executive Wallet Case

best iphone x wallet case from snugg

And finally, we have another elegant case for your iPhone X, that can totally make you ditch your wallet. The Snugg Executive Wallet Case combines style and functionality, offering a slim and lightweight design, as well as triple card slots and a money pouch, so you can keep all your daily essentials in one place.

The phone will be carefully held, thanks to the reinforced TPU tray, surrounded by PU leather, which acts as a shield against drops. As a final touch, the contrasting stitching adds a very nice finishing touch. The case is available in 12 different colors!

We’re done! Pretty big list, isn’t it? These are the best iPhone X wallet cases you can choose from right now and we’re sure that even though some models are similar, you will be able to choose one that totally matches your taste and style. As for us, we definitely have a favorite!

Our Pick: Silk Vault Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

This case has an absolutely awesome design and despite being able to house three credit cards, it manages to maintain a slim profile, so it won’t be bulky in your pockets. As for the protection, you can remain calm if you drop your iPhone X with this baby on it, since it can absorb a pretty big amount of impact! ’nuff said.

What about you? Which one of these cases would you get for your iPhone X and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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