best iphone x screen protectors

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest attraction points of the new iPhone X is the display. After all, Apple wanted to show the entire world that they can also equip a phone with a screen covering the whole front, just like its competitors, and we must admit that they did a pretty good job.

However, this comes as a challenge for accessories manufacturers – screen protectors, to be more specific – since they need to come up complex model, able to protect the iPhone X’s display, but also maintain the sensitivity and the rest of the features. And some of them did an excellent job!

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After a quick search on Amazon, we managed to find some great models, perfect for keeping the screen in one piece, in case of a drop, as well as scratch-free.

Here are the best iPhone X screen protectors of the moment:

1. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best iphone x screen protector from spigen

First comes the Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone X, one of the most easy to install models you can find. It has 9H hardness, so it’s able to protect the display against scratches caused by everyday wear and tear. Also, in case of a drop, the display can also absorb part of the impact!

Of course, it also has special cutouts, for the TrueDept camera setup, without affecting the functionality. It’s also manufactured smaller than the phone’s actual screen, in order to be compatible with any case.

2. Omoton 3D Full Coverage Screen Protector

best iphone x screen protector from omoton

Next in our top comes the Omoton 3D Full Coverage Screen Protector, made of tempered glass and featuring a soft PET frame, which covers the curved edges of the display, protecting them from breaking and dust. It has 9H hardness, so it can keep away unwanted scuffs and scratches, caused by knives, keys or other hard objects.

The film has an oleophobic coating, providing high-definition clear viewing, while also protecting the screen against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints. Also, it’s very easy to install, thanks to the bubble-free adhesive and the complete installation kit it comes with.

3. TOZO 3D Hybrid Screen Protector

best iphone x screen protector from tozo

The next entry in our top with the best iPhone X screen protectors is the Tozo 3D Hybrid, a model featuring the latest 3D Glass Bent Technology, allowing it to fit perfectly around the phone’s 2.5D rounded edge. Basically, it offers full protection for the phone’s front!

Made with a composite material, consisting in PET and tempered glass, as well as a soft edge, it can protect the phone’s screen from any type of damage. Also, it measures just 0.2mm in thickness, so it’s an ultra thin model, with 100% transparency and able to deliver high definition images.

Finally, let’s not forget about the 9H hardness and the Nanometer coating, protecting the display against fingerprints and sweat from fingers. You can get it with a Black or White frame. Definitely a very interesting model!

4. Anker Karapax DoubleDefence

best iphone x screen protector from anker

It’s not just the fancy name, this model can provide serious protection for your iPhone X’s display! Using the GlassGuard Technology, the Anker Karapax DoubleDefence provides top screen clarity and sensitivity and supports 3D touch.

Also, the DoubleDefence Technology – yes, another technology – provides twice as much strength as a non-tempered glass protector, as well as effective resistance against scratches and fingerprints.

The film is a bit smaller than the actual size of the display, covering just the flat part of the display, not the curved edges or the bezel, in order to make it case-friendly. Finally, we should also mention the shatterproof membrane, which ensures the glass sticks together, even if you drop the phone and cracks.

5. Selbite Thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best iphone x screen protector from selbite

Moving on, we have the Selbite Thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector, able to keep your iPhone X’s display safe from scratches or bumps. It’s very easy to install and it won’t leave any bubbles, not to mention that it will take just a few seconds.

The film measures just 0.3mm in thickness, so it delivers high sensitivity and a comfy touch.

Also, the oleophobic and anti-fingerprint coating prevents spots, oily residues and smudges, so it’s definitely one of the best iPhone X screen protectors.

6. Qoosea Crystal Clear Screen Protector

best iphone x screen protector from qoosea

Precisely cut to fit the iPhone X’s display, the Quoosea Crystal Clear Screen Protector is made of high quality tempered glass and able to effectively protect your phone against scratches, thanks to its 9H hardness rating. Yeah, almost as hard as a diamond.

It’s an ultra clear model, featuring a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, able to keep away sweat, oil residue and fingerprints.

Thanks to the easy installation method, you can put it on the phone in seconds, without worrying about those nasty bubbles we all hate.

7. Tauri Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best iphone x screen protector from tauri

Made with HD clear Ballistic Glass, the Tauri Tempered Glass Screen Protector helps you protect your iPhone X from scratches, as well as high impact drops. Also, thanks to the surface hardness of 9H, it’s highly durable and it can absorb the force of an impact successfully.

It has precise laser cuts and polished rounded edges, so it will fit the front of the phone perfectly. Also, it maintains up to 99.99% clarity and touch screen accuracy. Oh, and you’re getting not one, not two, but three films in the package!

8. Vigger HD Clear Screen Protector

best iphone x screen protector from vigger

One of the most interesting iPhone X screen protectors from our top is the Vigger HD Clear, specially designed for Apple’s latest handset, in order to provide maximum protection for the flat portion of the screen, using laser micro-dissection. It has a 9H hardness, so it can effectively keep away your phone from unwanted scuffs and scratches.

The film is very easy to install, thanks to the bubble-free adhesive, as well as the magnetic absorption function. It’s also 99% clear and able to provide HD clarity, without affecting the quality of the images. It comes in two variants, with a Black or a White frame.

9. Maxboost Mid-Clear Screen Protector

best iphone x screen protector from maxboost

Advertised as the world’s thinnest tempered glass model, measuring just 0.25mm in thickness, the Maxboost Mid-Clear screen protector is 100% touch accurate and compatible with the 3D Touch feature. Of course, it does an excellent job at protecting the phone from scratches and absorbing impact!

It has an open edge design, so it’s case friendly, and coated with a hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layer, so no sweat and oil residues from fingerprints will remain on the display. Finally, it’s very easy to install, thanks to the special frame it comes with, as well as the online tutorials you have access to, available on Maxboost’s website.

10. EasyAcc Invisible Shield Screen Protector

best iphone x screen protector from easyacc

And finally, the latest entry in our top with the best iPhone X screen protectors is the EasyAcc Invisible Shield, a model with up to 99% light transmittance and using an OCA layer that shows the actual colors of your screen. Also, the same layer is able to prevent oil and dust from staying on your screen!

Thanks to the special tempering process used for manufacturing it, the screen protector can reduce the force of an impact and avoid shattering the screen, if you drop it, thanks to the 9H hardness. Take notice, it’s 2-3mm smaller on the sides, so it won’t fully cover the screen, but it allows you to install any case you want.

And this wraps it up, ladies and gents! Below you have a selection of the best iPhone X screen protectors you can buy right now! Since there are a lot of models, we have no doubt that you will find one that suits your taste. Because for us it was a pretty difficult job…

Our Pick: TOZO 3D Hybrid Screen Protector

It wasn’t just the big list of features! This screen protector is absolutely amazing. Not only it measures 0.2mm in thickness, but it’s also able to completely cover the phone’s front, including the edges, while still remaining case friendly, which is a very big plus. And it has a 9H hardness, so it can deal even with the toughest scratches!

Now, it’s your turn! Which one of these iPhone X screen protectors would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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