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It’s one of the most expected phones of the year, but also one of the most expensive models ever released, with a price tag of $999. At least $999, that is! However, this doesn’t mean that the new iPhone X is not impressive!

Apple managed to combine a very interesting design with top notch specs, as well as new features, resulting in a smartphone desired by a lot. However, due to the fact that it’s covered with glass on both sides, it’s also very fragile, so a single drop will result in…a nightmare.

Since nobody wants to ruin such an expensive device, we thought that some cases couldn’t hurt at all, so we started searching. Eventually, we managed to find a few great looking models on Amazon, able to keep it in one piece, in the eventuality of an impact.

Below you can find the best iPhone X cases of the moment:

1. Spigen Thin Fit Matte Case

best iphone x case from spigen

The first entry in our top is a very simple, but yet elegant, model, the Spigen Thin Fit Matte Case.

Lightweight an pocket friendly, it will fit your new iPhone X perfectly, while adding an extra layer of protection, therefore keeping it safe if you somehow manage to drop it.

It’s scratch resistant and has special cutouts for the buttons, offering easy access to them and quick accessibility. It also supports magnetic car mounts, thanks to a special slot, where you can install the metallic plate. You can get it in Matte Black, which is definitely our favorite, but also with some very interesting finishes, like Metallic Red, Blush Gold, Champagne Gold, or Jet White.

2. Jaagd Slim Shock-Absorbing Case

best iphone x case from jaagd

For those of you who, no matter what, manage to drop their cases, we also have a rugged model, the Jaagd Slim Shock-Absorbing Case.

Made with a combination of hard PC and TPU, it provides optimal protection, without sacrificing the design. Yes, it manages to maintain a slim profile, despite the protection it adds.

The case has special silicone bumpers, which absorb the force of an impact, as well as a raised lip, preventing drop-induced screen damage. And it looks pretty cool on the phone! You can get one either in Black, Pink or Red.

3. Case-Mate What’s Your Mood Case

best iphone x case from case-mate

Ok, so you want something that really stands out? In this case, you need the Case-Mate What’s Your Mood Case! Thanks to the special layer on the back, it can change colors, according to the amount of light falling on it. How awesome is that?

Otherwise, the case comes with military strength impact protection, being MIL-STD-810 drop test certified, as well as anti-scratch technology, so you don’t need to worry if the phone takes a bit of damage.

And we’re not done, since it also has metallic covers for the buttons and a raised lip, protecting the display. Besides the crazy-colored model, you can opt for a Clear case or Iridiscent, Sheer Glam or Smoke.

4. TOZO Ultra Thin Hard Case

best iphone x case from tozo

Moving on with the best iPhone X cases, we have the Tozo Ultra Thin Hard model, with a transparent mirror back cover, in order to show off the phone’s original color, but also add some mirror effects. Simple and elegant, if you ask us, resulting in a very elegant design.

Besides the protection it provides for the phone’s sides and back, the case has raised edges, so the display will also remain safe, even when the phone is placed face down.

Same thing goes for the camera setup, which won’t get any scratches, thanks to a protective layer. The case is available in two models, with a Black or White bumper.

5. Anker Breeze Military-Grade Case

best iphone x case from anker

These guys aren’t good just at cables and power banks, but they also make some amazing cases! The Anker Breeze is actually one of our favorite iPhone X cases so far, featuring a unique 3D texture on the back, for rock-solid grip and enhanced comfort.

Thanks to the dual layer design, featuring a PC frame and a soft TPU cover, it can offer long-lasting protection!

Since it’s a military-grade certified case, it can withstand even some serious shocks, without compromising the phone’s appearance. It also has raised edges, protecting both the display and cameras on flat surfaces. It’s compatible with wireless chargers as well, so you don’t need to take it off in order to enjoy this feature. You can get it just in Gunmetal.

6. ESR Matte Finish Gel Case

best iphone x case from esr

One of the simplest cases from our top is the ESR Matte Finish Gel Case, rocking a ridiculously slim design, but covering your iPhone X perfectly, without adding any unnecessary bulk.

Made of soft TPU, it’s very easy to install and remove, but it can also absorb the shocks caused by light drops and deal with scratches very well.

Thanks to the matte finish texture, it’s very delicate and fine, but it also improves the grip. The raised lips are present on the ‘feature list’, protecting the phone’s display and camera, and it’s compatible with wireless chargers. You can get it in Matte Black or Rose Gold.

7. Spigen Extreme Heavy Duty Case

best iphone x case from spigen 2

Yes, another one of their models makes it to our list with the best iPhone X cases! The Spigen Extreme Heavy Duty Case provides extreme dual-layer protection, thanks to the TPU body and polycarbonate back.

As you probably guessed, it’s MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certified and features the Air Cushion Technology, for anti-shock protection.

On the back, the case has a reinforced kickstand, with raised lips, able to protect the phone and the camera. As for the buttons, they can be accessed with ease, thanks to the tactile buttons. In terms of colors, this bad boy is available in Matte Black, Blush Gold or Gunmetal.

8. FYY Leather Wallet Case

best iphone x case from fyy

Hey, a top like this is incomplete without a case where you can store all your belongings! Today, we picked the FYY Leather Wallet Case, which keeps all the information on your cards safe, thanks to the RIFD blocking material it’s made with, besides the premium PU leather.

Speaking about cards, the case can hold up to three, but it also has a special pouch, for money or documents. And as a bonus, there’s a mirror under the cover, so it’s obvious that this is a case ladies will love.

Of course, the kickstand on the back isn’t missing either, while the hand strap is great for carrying the case with ease. You can get one in Black, Gold or Rose Gold.

9. Caseology Apex Series Slim Case

best iphone x case from caseology

One of the most reputed manufacturer is also present in our top, with the Caseology Apex Series Slim case, a very thin and shock absorbing model, featuring a dual layer design and a modern geometric design on the back

Combining TPU and PC into a thin case, it offers twice the protection a regular case would do, while the raised lip protection makes sure that no scratch will get on your display.

It has responsive button covers, with crisp feedback, and precise cutouts, for all the ports. The case is available in Black and Warm Gray, Aqua Green, Burgundy, Ocean Gray, or Pine Green.

10. i-Blason Full Body Rugged Case

best iphone x case from i-blason

Last but not least, we have one of the most interesting iPhone X cases you will see today. Basically, the i-Blason Full Body Rugged Case offers complete protection, thanks to the integrated touch-compatible screen cover, but still keeping a profile that’s slim enough so you can fit it in your pocket with ease.

The wraparound bumper is made with shock-absorbent TPU materials, so it can deal even with the biggest shocks. Basically, you can drop the phone from a pretty serious height and it will survive. Finally, you can choose from three color combinations: Black and Green, Black and Blue or full Black.

And our top is over! Pretty big list, isn’t it? These are some of the best iPhone X cases of the moment, at least in our opinion, and we’re convinced that you will find a model you like among them. Because for us, it was love at first sight…

Our Pick: Anker Breeze Military-Grade Case

This case from Anker has everything: it looks good, it’s a slim model and it provides a ridiculous amount of protection for your phone. Seriously, what more can you ask for? Oh, and it supports wireless charging! By far the best case of the moment for the iPhone X!

What about you? Presuming that you’re the lucky owner of this amazing phone, which one of these iPhone X cases would you buy and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


  1. I recommend using Tozo case If you don’t want to lose the natural look of your phone. Excellent case for the money. The only protection this case offers would protect your device from scratch. This is my self-experience on my iPhone 6 plus.


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