best iphone 8 plus cases with card holder

Imagine carrying a big phone, like the new iPhone 8 Plus, in your pocket, along credit cards, IDs or any other essential documents you need everyday. Yeah, we know, it can be annoying to have all that stuff in your pockets, but fortunately, enough, there is a pretty great solution for this: a case with an integrated card holder.

Whether it’s an actual wallet case or just one with a spacious slot on the back, it can definitely help you avoid clutter and, of course, help you become more organized.

Considering this, we gave a quick glance at what Amazon has to offer and managed to put together a list with some great models.

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Below you can find the best iPhone 8 Plus cases with card holder you can buy right now:

1. Spigen Slim Armor CS

best iphone 8 plus case with card holder from spigen

Let’s start with a very good looking model, from one of our favorite manufacturers. The Spigen Slim Armor CS is a dual-layered model, made with shock-absorbent TPU and rigid polycarbonate, for increased durability. Also, on the back it has a sliding cover, which protects the cards and can be accessed easily, without any security issues.

The case can store up to two cards, as well as some cash, so it can replace your wallet from time to time. It has precise cutouts and tactile buttons, ensuring quick access and feedback. You can get it in Black, Gunmetal, Red, Jet White and Rose Gold.

2. CoverON SecureCard Series Hybrid Cover

best iphone 8 plus case with card holder from coveron

Next, we have the CoverON SecureCard Series Hybrid Cover, with a premium design and a faux brushed metal look, for a perfect everyday style.

Made with premium materials, this iPhone 8 Plus case with card holder can keep your phone safe, thanks to the inner TPU rubber layer, as well as the PC hard outer layer.

On the back, there’s a fold out kickstand, for added handsfree convenience, as well was watching movies or reading on the go. When it comes to the colors, you can choose from five different variants, like Rose Gold, Teal Mint, Black, Gunmetal Gray or Navy Blue.

3. SOWOKO Ultra Slim Leather Case

best iphone 8 plus case with card holder from sowoko

One of the most elegant iPhone 8 Plus cases with card holder from our top is the Sowoko Ultra Slim Leather Case, which, despite its increased functionality, it will fit your phone perfectly, without adding any unnecessary bulk, so you can keep it in your pocket with ease.

Made with high quality PU leather and rocking a vintage look, the case has a soft sleek lining and two rear slots, perfect for storing an ID, credit cards or cash, everything fitting in snugly.

The case also provides increased protection, thanks to the durable inner shell, shielding the back, corners and edges and holding the phone tightly. It’s available in Rose Gold, Mint Green or Black.

4. Silk Vault Protective Case

best iphone 8 plus case with card holder from silk

A very interesting iPhone 8 Plus case with card holder is the Silk Vault Protective model, available in five very interesting colors and being able to fit up to three credit cards, as well as some cash. Of course, if you’re one of those persons who still carries cash around.

It has textured sides, which will significantly increase the phone’s grip, so you don’t need to worry about dropping it that easily, while the protective air-pocket corners can absorb all the impact, in case of a serious drop. Finally, the case is also wireless charging compatible, so you don’t need to take it off in order to refill the battery!

5. ProCase Slim Hard Cover Case

best iphone 8 plus case with card holder from procase

Looking for something with a very simple and slim design, but still able to store a credit card? How about the ProCase Slim Hard Cover Case, an ultra slim model, perfect for going wallet-less when necessary and rocking a ridiculously slim look?

With a durable hard inner shell and a PU leather back, with a card slot, the case is very easy to install, not to mention that the card can be taken from the slot in a snap!

The slim design adds minimal bulk, while still offering durable protection, and the precise cutouts allow access to all controls and features. You can get this model in Black or Rose Red.

6. Spigen Crystal Wallet Case

best iphone 8 plus case with card holder from spigen 2

A lot of people will want to show off a bit with their new iPhone 8 Plus, so the Spigen Crystal Wallet Case is one of the best choices you can make, if you’re one of them.

Thanks to the revolutionary design, with patent pending clear inner TPU, you can enjoy the look of your phone all the time!

On the back, we can spot a sliding cover, under which you can store a credit card or even money. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this is actually one of the toughest iPhone 8 Plus cases with card holder, featuring military grade protection, with Air-Cushion Technology, for all corners. As for the colors you can pick from, it comes in Rose Gold, Jet White, Champagne Gold and Black.

7. Taken Protective Hybrid Case

best iphone 8 plus case with card holder from taken

But what if we told you that we have another rugged case in our list? The Taken Protective Hybrid Case is also able to provide an insane amount of protection for your iPhone 8 Plus, thanks to a combination of high quality polycarbonate and TPU.

There’s an invisible card slot on the back, built to hold one credit card, as well as a movable holder, offering a lot of great viewing angles, perfect for those who enjoy consuming media on their phones. Oh, and it has precise holes for buttons and ports, for a hassle-free user experience. Get one now, in Rose Gold or Black.

And we’re pretty much done, folks! These are some of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases with card holder we’ve come across, all of them being great choices for anybody who don’t like carrying a wallet all the time. All of them are excellent models, but, like every time, we do have a favorite model.

Our Pick: ProCase Slim Hard Cover Case

Does our choice still needs to be justified? Seriously now, just look at how slim this case looks and you’ll see why we like it! Also, add the fact that it can hold a credit card on the back – the slot being barely noticeable – and you will surely get it! And it looks awesome in any color!

But what about you? Which one of these iPhone 8 Plus cases with card holder you like the most and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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