best iphone 8 plus tempered glass screen protectors

The bigger the phone, the harder to handle it becomes! The same thing can be said about the new iPhone 8 Plus, which, despite being just (yes, just!) 5.5″ inches, people with tinier hands will find it a bit difficult to use it with just one hand. And if they’re clumsy enough, they will also manage to drop it… How many things that are worse than a broken iPhone can you think now?

Fortunately, there are a few ways of improving the security of the display and the first one that comes into our minds is applying a tempered glass screen protector!

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Since we’re talking about one of the most popular smartphones of the moment – already! – there are a lot of models available for it, but we selected just the best and put them in a top. Let’s see what we found…

These are the best iPhone 8 Plus tempered glass screen protectors you can find in this very moment:

1. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best iphone 8 plus tempered glass screen protector from spigen

Simple and efficient! These are the perfect words to describe the Spigen Tempered Glass screen protector, one of the best picks you can make right now.

With extreme clarity and able to preserve the original screen brightness, as well as 9H hardness, it will keep scratches and bumps away from your phone’s display!

It’s smaller than the phone’s actual screen, so it’s not covering the rounded edges, but this is done on purpose, in order to make it compatible with several cases on the market. And you get not one, but two screen protectors in the package, which is an excellent deal.

2. IQShield LiQuidSkin Full Coverage Protector

best iphone 8 plus tempered glass screen protector from iqshield

Next in line comes the IQShield LiQuidSkin Full Coverage Protector, one of the manufacturer’s best products! Thanks to the special adhesive it comes with, as well as the IQ Shield wet-install method, it ensures easy, bubble-free and frustration free installation, which will leave the film perfectly contoured.

The protector is also self healing and provides high response sensitivity, while in time it won’t get yellow at all, thanks to the revolutionary process used in making it. Since it’s classified as a ‘smart film’, it will fully cover the phone’s front and ensure optical transparency into a single layer of flexible, yet tough film.

3. Maxboost Privacy Black Tempered Glass

best iphone 8 plus tempered glass screen protector from maxboost

The next entry in our ‘best iPhone 8 Plus tempered glass screen protectors is specifically designed for those who want complete privacy when it comes to using their phone. We’re talking about the Maxboost Privacy Black Tempered Glass, which keeps your personal information safe from stranger, no matter if you hold your phone horizontally or vertically.

The information is visible within 90 degrees, as the protector is designed to filter out a portion of the brightness, so be aware of this before ordering one.

Otherwise, it features a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, as well as an anti-scratch surface, which protect the phone from accidental spills, oil residue from fingerprints or bumps. A clear model is available as well.

 4. Supershieldz Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass

best iphone 8 plus tempered glass screen protector from supershieldz

Another great iPhone 8 Plus tempered glass screen protector is Supershieldz’ Anti-Scratch model, made from high quality tempered glass and able to provide maximum protection against all types of scratches.

It has 2.5D rounded edges, as well as 9H hardness, but it’s able to maintain 99.99% HD clarity, therefore preserving the original touch experience.

Like most models, it has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating on top, protecting the phone against sweat and other residues, while fingerprints are also kept away. It’s smaller than the phone’s actual screen, so it will be compatible with pretty much any case on the market.

5. amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best iphone 8 plus tempered glass screen protector from amfilm

And last but not least, we have the amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector, one of the thinnest iPhone 8 Plus screen protectors of the moment, measuring just 0.3mm in thickness.

Despite this, it’s highly durable and scratch resistant, the surface hardness being 9H.

It’s a highly durable and scratch resistant model, providing 99.9% transparency, in order to allow a natural and optimal viewing experience, while on top it has a special coating, able to reduce fingerprints and keep other residues away. One of the best choices you can make right now in terms of screen protectors!

And we’re done! Below you can find some of the best iPhone 8 Plus tempered glass screen protectors, all of them being excellent choice for anybody who wants to keep that display in one piece for as long as possible. As always, we have our favorite model…

Our Pick: Maxboost Privacy Black Tempered Glass

Just like a few days ago, when we made the top with the best screen protectors for the iPhone 8, we went with Maxboost’s model, the only one featuring the self-healing technology and which won’t get yellow in time. These are some huge pluses we just can’t ignore.

But what about you? Which one of these tempered glass films would you pick for your iPhone 8 Plus and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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