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After focusing on the iPhone 8, it’s time go give a bit of attention to its bigger brother as well, the iPhone 8 Plus. Despite the increased size, it’s as fragile as most iPhones, so a single drop can turn it from one of the most beautiful phones of the moment in…well, we’ll let you guys decide upon the term.

Fortunately enough, there are already some great cases on the market you can choose from, hence improving its level of protection and keep it in once piece, even after one big drop or any other types of accidents.

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After taking a quick look on Amazon, we found some great cases and decided to put them in a top.

Without much further ado, these are the best iPhone 8 Plus cases you can currently buy:

1. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

best iphone 8 plus case from spigen

First in our top comes the Spigen Neo Hybrid Case, one of the best looking cases of the moment, featuring a timeless design and, of course, unbeatable drop protection.

It’s made of two parts, containing a shock-absorbent layer as well as a rigid bumper frame, while the form-fitted construction allows it to remain slim and pocket-friendly.

Of course, there are special cutouts on the sides and tactile buttons, ensuring quick access and feedback. And when it comes to the colors, you can opt for Gunmetal, Champagne Gold or Sating Silver. Definitely one of the best picks of the moment!

2. Supcase Full-Body Rugged Case

best iphone 8 plus case from supcase

The next entry in our top is a rugged model, which increases the phone’s drop protection, while maintaining a sleek design. We’re talking about the Supcase Fully-Body Rugged Case, a dual layer model, made with polycarbonate and flexible TPU.

The front cover of the case features a built-in screen protector, preventing scratches without compromising touch sensitivity, while the covers on the back are interchangeable, allowing you to customize your phone according to your style.

3. Spigen Resilent Shock Absorption Case

best iphone 8 plus case from spigen 2

Speaking about rugged models, there’s also the Spigen Resilent Shock Absorption Case, one of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases for us, with a new design and glossy carbon fiber textures, for a premium and top notch look.

It fits the phone precisely and offers all around and military grade protection, thanks to the Air Cushion Technology for all corners.

The flexible layer it’s made of keeps itself fingerprint-resistant, with hassle-free application. Also, on the back, it has a special opening, so you can show off the Apple logo. It’s available in Black or Midnight Blue.

4. Shieldon Leather Flip Cover Case

best iphone 8 plus case from shieldon

How about a nice flip case for your iPhone 8 Plus? Yes? Well, in this case, you need to check out the Shieldon Leather Flip Cover Case, made with genuine leather and featuring a TPU inner case, while maintaining a natural and soft look.

The case comes with a cushioned shockproof edge and ensures the phone against drops and bumps.

Besides all these, it’s also a wallet case, featuring three slots on the inside, as well as a side pocket for money or additional cards. A convenient magnetic closure keeps everything in one place, neatly and securely. And it can work as a kickstand as well! You can get this model in Purple, Black, Blue, Brown, Red or a very stylish Coffee Brown.

5. Luvvitt Clear Scratch Resistant Case

best iphone 8 plus case from luvitt

A clear model is a mandatory presence in a top like this, so we decided upon the Luvvitt Clear Scratch Resistant Case.

It’s a hybrid model, made with scratch-resistant and rigid material, which won’t get yellow in time. Additionally, you can opt for a model with a colored bumper, having four options to choose from.

You can spot some raised lips, protecting the display and camera from scratches, as well as precise cutouts, for quick and easy access to ports. On the inside, it has air pockets, for additional drop protection. A great choice for anybody who wants to show off a bit, but also enjoy the design of the phone all the time.

6. Caseology Vault Series Slim Case

best iphone 8 plus case from caseology

Moving on, we have this great looking iPhone 8 Plus case from Caseology. To be more specific, we’re talking about the Vault Series Slim Case, an ultra thin protective TPU case, with shock absorbing features and rugged impact protection, as well as a three dimensional texture on the back and sides, increasing the grip.

It’s a flexible and pocket-friendly model, fitting easily in any pocket, not to mention the protection against occasional drops it provides.

It includes responsive button covers, with great feedback, as well as a raised lip, so the display can always remain scratch-free. It’s available just in Black.

7. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Case

best iphone 8 plus case from supcase 2

Featuring a slim design and fitting the iPhone 8 Plus perfectly, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Case is one minimalist model, with a transparent back, defined edges and smooth finish.

The case is made of a high grade, shock absorbing TPU, as well as polycarbonate, available in multiple colors, like Black, Navy, Green or Pink.

It also has elevated bezels, which provide extra protection for your screen, while the cutouts are also present, allowing easy access to all functions.

8. Caseology Parallax Series Slim Protective Case

best iphone 8 plus case from caseology 2

Moving on, we have the Caseology Parallax Series Slim Protective Case, which comes with a slim protective design, with dual layer protection and made with shock absorbing materials. One of its biggest pluses is that despite the increased amount of protection it provides, it manages to maintain a slim profile, without adding unnecessary bulk.

On the back, the phone has a textured geometric pattern, which offers enhanced grip and also offers even more shock absorption to this already protective case.

On the side, it has responsive button covers, with crisp feedback and precise cutouts, while the raised lips keep the screen safe. You can get on in Black or Coral Pink.

9. TORRAS Slim Fit Hard Shell Case

TORRAS Slim Fit Hard Shell Case

Ultra thin and ultra light, the Torras Slim Fit Hard Shell case is barely noticeable on your phone, increasing the grip and fitting perfectly on the device, but it’s also very easy to take off. What makes it one of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases is the silky feel which feels very nice in the hand.

Despite the slim profile, it can keep the phone safe and sound. Also, it can protect the volume and sleep button.

As for the colors it’s available in, you can choose from eight different variants, like Light Blue, Silve, Champagne Gold, Lucky Red, Navy Blue, Product Red, Rose Gold or Space Gold. Quite a selection, isn’t it?

10. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Case

best iphone 8 plus case from supcase 3

Even though the name sounds similar, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series Premium case is not the same model as the previous entry in our top, as you can see by comparing the two images. However, it’s still a slim model, with a minimalist design and fitting the phone perfectly. The back is also transparent, with defined edges and a smooth finish.

The case is made of shock absorbing high grade TPU and PC materials, offering top notch protection, while the side buttons are also covered, being very easy to access while the case is on. The elevated bezel is also present, so the display will remain scratch-free for a longer period. You can get one in Frost and Black, Blue and Navy, clear with a Pink bumper or Red and Black.

And we’re finally done with the best iPhone 8 Plus cases! This time, it was a long list, but we believe that we found enough great models so everybody can pick one. Because we definitely found one…

Our pick: Supcase Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Case

Besides the increased amount of protection it provides to your phone, Supcase’s…uhm, case is perfect for showing off the ¬†phone’s original design, thanks to the transparent back. Also, the various colors the bumper comes in allows you to customize the phone, according to your style.

What are your thoughts on these iPhone 8 Plus cases? Which one would you pick for your phone and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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