best lg v30 screen protectors

LG managed to surprise us a few days ago, with their latest phablet, the V30. Of course, it’s an amazing phone, rocking a high-end spec sheet and a….well, let’s call it ‘familiar design.’ Yes, it resembles the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus/Note 8 a lot. Including the display!

Since it’s so big and it has curved edges, it’s pretty difficult to find a good screen protector for it. After all, it’s not the cheapest phone out there, so nobody who pays that much for it doesn’t want to drop it and crack that screen. But hey, we’re here to help!

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In our search for the best models of the moment, we managed to come across a few that definitely caught our attention.

These are the best LG V30 screen protectors you can get right now!

1. MoKo Premium HD Screen Protector Film

best lg v30 screen protector from moko

Starting our top is the MoKo Premium HD, a film measuring just 0.33mm in thickness and promising increased touchscreen sensitivity and 99.9% transparency. It’s an anti-scratch model, featuring 9H hardness, being able to deal with scratches by key, knife and any other sharp objects.

It’s a bit smaller than the actual screen size, not covering the edges completely, but preventing bubbles from forming and edges from peeling up.

Also, it has an additional oleophobic coating, which keeps smudges, fingerprints and oil away. It doesn’t attract any bubble or residue either!

2. Ringke Invisible Defender Screen Protector

best lg v30 screen protector from ringke

Made by a famous smartphone accessories manufacturer, the Ringke Invisible Defender features innovative technology, able to adhere to even the curved sides of the phone’s display, for maximum screen coverage. And this is what makes it one of the best LG V30 screen protectors!

Made with the highest quality urethane material, with optical enhanced film, for crystal clear protector and composed of multiple structured layers, enhancing the touch sensitivity of the phone, it’s great for keeping scratches and daily wear and tear away. The film is also case friendly, eliminating lifting with advanced technology, for an optimal fit.

3. IQShield Tempered Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

best lg v30 screen protector from iqshield

Looking for something really tough? How about the IQShield Tempered Ballistic Glass screen protector?

99.9% clear, this film provides true HD images, while a hydrophobic and oleophobic outer coating keeps swear and oil away.

Being designed from a single sheet of 0.33mm tempered glass, the protector has 9H hardness, being great against scratches and scrapes, but without adding any bulk to the phone. Finally, it has rounded edges, fitting the front of the phone perfectly. And don’t worry about the installation, since it’s dust and bubble-free!

4. Skinomi MatteSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector

best lg v30 screen protector from skinomi

Moving on, the next entry in our top of the best LG V30 screen protectors is the Skinomi Matte Skin, specifically designed to offer maximum screen coverage, thus protecting the whole front of the device.

The anti-glare infused material will significantly improve visibility in brighter environments, providing a smooth texture and high-quality look and feel.

Of course, it’s also self-healing and flexible, since it’s made using military-grade elastic polymers. The MatteSkin is also resistant against scratches, punctures, smudges and fingerprints, not to mention that it’s very easy to install, using the liquid solution that comes into the package and leaves no air bubbles.

5. Supershieldz 3D Curved Glass Protector

best lg v30 screen protector from supershieldz

And finally, we have the Supershieldz 3D Curved glass protector for your LG V30, made from high quality tempered glass, measuring 0.3mm in thickness and having 9H hardness. Basically, it’s one of the strongest films you can install on the phone!

Anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and bubble free, this glass protector provides 99.99 HD clarity, while maintaining the original touch experience.

And besides all this, it has hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, protecting against sweat and oil residues, from fingerprints. A great choice for your phone, if you ask us!

All done! These are the best LG V30 screen protectors of the moment. We know the selection is short, but hey, it’s quality over quantity. Of course we found a lot more models, but these are the ones actually worth being present here. And yes, we also have a favorite, despite the short selection!

Our Pick: Skinomi MatteSkin Screen Protector

It’s always the Wolverine element that wins us over. We’re talking about the self-healing factor, of course, present on this screen protector’s features list. Of course, there’s also the matte finish and the fact that it covers the display of the phone completely, including the curved edges that helped us make this decision.

But what about you guys? Which screen protector would you pick for an LG V30 and why? Let us know about your choice, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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