best iphone 8 battery cases

No matter what tricks Apple comes up with, iPhones will never be the best phones when it comes to battery life. It’s a fact, a universal truth and everybody knows it. However, it’s not such a big deal after all, since you can do a few things in order to solve this issue. Can we call it an issue? Yeah, probably…

Basically, you have two options: opt for a power bank or a battery case. However, carrying the first can be pretty annoying, especially if it’s a big capacity model, of over 10,000mAh. Some of them are so big that they need all your pocket or don’t even fit there, so you need to put them in a bag. In this case, a battery case is pretty much the best option.

Let’s take the iPhone 8, for example, one of the manufacturer’s latest releases. It has a battery of just¬†1821mAh, but it’s optimized to last at least one day of use. But what do you do if it’s suddenly out of juice, you need your phone urgently and can’t charge it? Well, this is where a battery case comes in handy!

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Since it’s a very new phone model, there aren’t that many models available for it, but after a quick look on Amazon, we still managed to find a few great ones.

Without much further ado, these are some of the best iPhone 8 battery cases of the moment:

1. Maxboost Atomic Power 3200mAh

best iphone 8 battery case from maxboost

Starting our top is the Maxboost Atomic Power, a powerful 3200mAh li-polymer rechargeable battery case, able to deliver up to 110% more battery life to your iPhone 8. Basically, this is the equivalent of an added 18+ hours of talk time of 14+ hours of web browsing time.

The case features the sync-through technology, allowing you to sync it with a PC without even removing it. Besides this, you can simultaneously charge your iPhone and battery case, thanks to the microUSB cable included in the package, while the LED indicator shows exactly how much battery life is left.

In terms of protection, it has a two piece design, protecting it from scratches, bumps or drops, while maintaining a slim profile, so you can fit it in your pocket with ease. It’s available in black.

2. Vproof Protective Case 5000mAh

best iphone 8 battery case from vproof

Next, we have one of the most ‘powerful’ iPhone 8 battery cases, with a capacity of 5000mAh. To be more specific, we’re talking about the Vproof Protective case, which provides more than 200% extra power, helping you keep the phone charged for an entire day. There is also a 4 level LED power indicator, showing exactly how much juice there is left.

The case and the phone can be both charged at the same time, while the built-in magnetic metal allows you to use this case with any magnetic car mount. As for the design, it’s a rough model, offering total edge protection, with reinforced frames, able to absorb the impact, in case of an accidental drop.

3. Trianium Atomic Pro 3200mAh

best iphone 8 battery case from trianium

Moving on with our selection of the best iPhone 8 battery cases, we have the Trianium Atomic Pro, a model with a capacity of 3200mAh, just like the first entry in our top.

Of course, the LED light is present, showing you how much power there is left. Also, it features the sync-through technology and allows both the phone and case to be charged at the same time.

As for the protection part, the case offers 360-degree comprehensive bumper design, as well as a hard-shell backplate, keeping the phone safe against scratches and daily wear and tear. And yes, it keeps a profile that’s slim enough, so it can fit in any pocket.

4. Alpatronix BX170 Slim 3200mAh

best iphone 8 battery case from alpatronix

It looks like 3200mAh it’s a pretty popular capacity among iPhone 8 battery cases, since it’s also offered by the Alpatronix BX170 Slim model, which can help you keep your phone powered for a full day of intensive use. It’s certified by Apple, so it’s compatible with Apple Pay and all upcoming iOS software updates.

Using the microUSB cable the case comes with, you can charge it alongside the phone. And of course, it’s very easy to install and take off from the phone!

Despite being an ultra slim model, the case offered dual layer protection and raised lips, making sure the display remains scratch-free, even if it’s placed screen down. In terms of colors, you can choose between Black, Gold or Rose Gold.

5. i-Blason Ultra Slim 3000mAh

best iphone 8 battery case from i-blason

Last but not least, we have a model with a smaller capacity, but with a great design, suiting the iPhone 8 perfectly. We’re talking about the i-Blason Ultra Slim case, with a capacity of 3000mAh, but still able to provide a full charge for the phone.

Just like the previous models in our top, it supports simultaneous charging and data sync, but it also keeps the phone safe to a higher level. It has precise cutouts, so you can access all ports, sensors, speakers and the camera, so it won’t affect the functionality of your phone at all. You can get one in Black or Rose Gold.

And we’re all done, guys! These are some of the best iPhone 8 battery cases you can get right now! However, we’re convinced that way more models will be released in the near future, but for the moment, these are definitely the greatest choices you can make. And we also have a favorite model, despite the small selection.

Our Pick: Trianium Atomic Pro 3200mAh

Technically speaking, there aren’t any major differences between these cases, except the capacity of the battery. Still, if it’s way too big, it makes the case bulky! Fortunately, Trianium’s case is the perfect compromise between a decent capacity and a slim design, not to mention the integrated metallic backplate, making it very easy to use with a magnetic car mount. And it looks awesome with the matte black finish!

But what about you? Which one of these iPhone 8 battery cases would you pick for your phone and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!



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