best iphone 8 car mounts

We know you love your new iPhone and you want to take it with you anywhere, but actually, it’s not recommended to do this. For example, when you’re driving, you should put your phone aside and focus on the road instead!

However, for a lot of people, their smartphone is a real driving companion, since it can be used as a navigation, music player and so on. If you’re one of them, then you’re in big need of an iPhone 8 car mount. Using one, you will have access to the phone all the time, but without being distracted from the road, especially if you want to search some maps, when traveling to an unknown place.

Of course, there are tons of models available, since these accessories are pretty much universal, but we took a quick look on Amazon and managed to put together a list with some models that fit the phone perfectly.

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Check out the best iPhone 8 car mounts of the moment! Oh, and they work with the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X as well!

1. Kulussy Wireless Charger and Mount

best iphone 8 car mount from kulussy

First in our top comes a very interesting model, the Kulussy Wireless Charger and Mount, which is much more than your average mount. That’s right, you can also use it to charge it your phone, completely wireless. And it can be mounted on the dashboard, using the suction cup, or directly into the air vent.

The cradle is fully adjustable and has expandable supporting feet, so you can place your iPhone 8 perfectly, in order to find that ‘sweet spot’, for wireless charging. Otherwise, it has an anti-slip silicone padding, so it will protect the back of the phone from scratches or falling down.

2. Spigen Kuel QS11 Magnetic Mount

best iphone 8 car mount from spigen

Next, we have the Spigen Kuel QS11 Magnetic Mount, a way simpler model, compared with the previous entry in our top. It’s discreet and can be easily mounted in your car’s air vent. Also, it comes with an included metallic plate, which needs to be placed between the phone and the case.

Don’t like using a case? Don’t worry, you’ll also get a protection film, for direct mounting of the metallic plate and protecting the phone from scratches. The bad part is that wireless charging won’t be enabled with this plate, but after all, you’re in your car and you can use a cable for this, right?

3. iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount

best iphone 8 car mount from iottie

One of the best iPhone 8 car mounts we’ve seen is the iOttie Easy One Touch, a very complex, yet simple to use accessory, featuring a special lock and release system, with just a push of a finger.

It has a telescopic arm, so you can adjust the position of the phone and it opens to 3.2 inches in width, being compatible even with the iPhone 8 Plus.

The base comes with a sticky gel pad, adhering securely to most surfaces, yet easily removable, not to mention that you can use it on a lot of surfaces, with no problems at all. Finally, let’s not forget about the 2-step locking system, allowing you to adjust the mount, depending on where you’re using it.

4. Maxboost Stick-on Car Mount

best iphone 8 car mount from maxboost

Yeah, this is pretty much the simplest model in our top! We’re talking about the Maxboost Stick-on Car Mount, a multi-purpose magnetic mount which conveniently and securely attaches your smartphone to any flat surface in your car. And not only!

It has a sleek design, able to complement any surface, and it’s padded with soft rubber, in order to provide a smooth adhesion and avoid scratches on your phone.

On the inside, it has four powerful magnets, which make sure the phone remains on the mounted surface. And it’s very easy to install as well, not to mention, the possibility to rotate it, in order to adjust the viewing angle.

5. Torras Magnetic Car Mount Holder

best iphone 8 car mount from torras

Moving on with the best iPhone 8 car mounts, we have the Torras Magnetic Car Mount Holder, a model available in two different colors (Jet Black or Silver), in order to match the interior of your car.

Thanks to the powerful neodymium magnets, it can hold devices up to 500g, while the 3M strong adhesive the metal plate comes with makes sure your phone stays in place.

Made with an aluminum alloy and a liquid silicone base, it can stick to your dashboard or windshield and it has a metallic ball in the middle, allowing 360-degrees rotation, so you can choose your favorite viewing position. Definitely one of our favorite models so far!

6. Raysmart Dashboard Phone Mount

best iphone 8 car mount from raysmart

It’s time to look at a very interesting model again: the Raysmart Dashboard Phone mount, featuring a special HUD design, which enables you to mount it in any location, on the edge of your car’s dashboard. Basically, you can both look at the road and concentrate on the road at the same time!

The mount is 360-degree adjustable and has a powerful magnet, able to hold pretty much any cellphone, not just the iPhone 8. The base is very solid and clips tightly on the dash, thanks to a soft rubber pad, while the non-slip silicone pad makes the phone very stable in the mount. A different, but very interesting approach to the classic car mount model, we’d say!

7. Ztechworld Clip Car Mount

best iphone 8 car mount from ztechworld

Speaking about models with a classic form factor, we have the Ztechworld Clip, the latest entry in our top with the best iPhone X car mounts. With a washable silicone suction base, it can be attached either to your dashboard or windshield, as well as pretty much any smooth or textured surface. The clamp is designed so you can open it in two directions, so mounting the phone can be done with one hand.

The suction cup on the bottom is made of sticky silicone gel material and the clamp is available in two colors, Black or Red, for a smooth touch for your car’s interior. There’s also a ball joint, enabling rotating at 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, for the best viewing angle.

And we’re done, folks! Below you have a top with some of the best iPhone 8 car mounts (also working for 8 Plus and X, remember!) money can buy right now. They are very different, so we’re sure anybody will find a model for their cars! As for us…

Our Pick: Maxboost Stick-on Car Mount

Seriously, what more can you ask for? It’s a barely noticeable model, fitting on any surface and able to hold the phone securely, thanks to those powerful tiny magnets. Nobody will even know that it’s a car mount! See why we like it?

But what about you guys? Which one of these iPhone 8 car mounts would you get and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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