best iphone x leather cases

You don’t have to be the biggest Apple fan in order to agree that the new iPhone X is one of the best looking smartphones of the moment. Also, it’s also one of the most expensive models as well, so if you splash the cash one one, you want to make sure that it’s safe all the time. After all, who wants to see scratches or even cracks on a phone with a starting price of $999?

But hey, you can always opt for a case, right? And what better model to complement the great design of this device than a leather model?

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We went to Amazon and looked for a while, hoping that we will come across some great cases. And guess what? We actually did, so we put everything we found in a top!

Check out some of the best iPhone X leather cases!

1. Hoofur Slim Fit Wallet Case

best iphone x leather case from hoofur

First of all, we have the Hoofur Slim Fit Wallet Case, a great leather case for your iPhone X, which besides the increased amount of protection if offers, it can also work as a discreet wallet, thanks to the flip cover on the back of the phone.

It can store two credit cards, or a card and an ID, using the special clear view slot. It has two powerful magnets in the corners, which make sure that the flap stays closed all the time and all your belongings are safe.

Also, it’s anti-scratch and shockproof, ensuring the constant safety (and integrity) of your iPhone. You can get one in Brown, Blue or Red.

2. Olymtek Premium Leather Case

best iphone x leather case from olymtek

Next, we have a classic leather case, but with a sleek and modern look, which will adapt to your iPhone X perfectly. The Olymtek Premium Leather Case is made with premium TPU leather, offering increased durability, not to mention that it’s very easy to get on and off, without worrying that you will scratch the phone.

Thanks to a special process used in manufacturing it, the case is fingerprint resistant.

Also, it has raised edges on the front and a special bezel around the camera, lifting the phone on flat surfaces, in order to keep those nasty scratches we all hate away. It’s available just in Black.

3. Belk Premium Vintage Leather Case

best iphone x leather case from belk

One of our favorite iPhone X leather cases is the Belk Premium Vintage, an exquisite model made with PU leather and featuring a polycarbonate hard back shell, able to absorb the force of an impact, in the eventuality of a drop.

The case has a really nice texture and feeling, keeping away fingerprints or oil residue from your finger. As a plus, it has a painted edge, which prevents the leather from peeling off.

The camera lens is surrounded by a bumper, as well as the display, avoiding scratches and abrasion when the phone is placed on flat surfaces. Finally, it features reinforced protection around 4 corners, reducing the impact again. The special cutouts are also present, offering access to all ports, and you can get it in eight different colors!

4. Fly Hawk Slim PU Leather Case

best iphone x leather case from flyhawk

An alternative to the classic wallet case, the Fly Hawk Slim PU Leather Case is available in six different colors, including a great looking Brown model, and it’s made with PU leather. The material is very comfortable to touch and has an excellent grip, but also features a durable felt inner lining.

On the back, it has 2 slots for cash of credit cards, while managing to maintain a slim profile. It has raised lips, so you can avoid getting scratches on the display and camera, as well as precise cutouts, which offer access to all ports.

5. Tasikar Premium Slim Case

best iphone x leather case from tasikar

Let’s check out the Tasikar Premium Slim Case, a model designed with high quality leather and offering an excellent grip and comfortable touch. As you can see, it manages to maintain a very slim profile, so it’s also pocket-friendly, no matter how tight your pants are.

Despite its minimal profile, it can provide excellent protection, while the raised edges lift the screen and camera off any surface. Specifically, it’s made with flexible shock-absorbent TPU, therefore it’s also very easy to install and take of. It comes with an included screen protector.

6. Belk Slim Soft Leather Case

best iphone x leather case from belk 2

By far one of the best looking iPhone X leather cases we’ve come across, the Belk Slim Soft Leather Case is made with shock absorbing TPU, as well as a thin layer of premium leather, with anti-scratch, anti-slip and fingerprint-free features, Not to mention how great it feels in hand!

The selected non-deforming TPU ensures a long-term use, while the dot pattern on the insides makes sure no smudges will remain on the back of the phone.

The camera and front screen are protected by the raised edges, which can keep it lifted while placed on a flat surface. You can get one in Brown (awesome color!), Black, Pink or Red.

7. Poetic Nubuck Wallet Case

best iphone x leather case from poetic

Another great design is offered by the Poetic Nubuck Wallet Case, made with high grade TPU and premium perforated leather.

Despite being a very slim model, fitting the iPhone X perfectly, it still has an integrated credit card holder on the back, able to store up to two cards. And you can easily get them out, using the pull-tab, which blends perfectly with the case.

Besides its wallet feature, it’s also great at absorbing shocks, in case of an impact, as well as keeping scratches away from the back of the phone and the display and camera, thanks to the raised lips. You can get this model in three different colors: Black, Brown or Navy Blue.

8. Apple Genuine Leather Case

best iphone x leather case from apple

The top would’ve been incomplete without this model. Yes, we’re talking about the original Apple Genuine Leather Case, especially designed by the manufacturer for its top notch smartphone. Made from tanned and finished European leather, the outside feels soft to the touch and in time, it will develop a natural patina.

It has aluminum buttons on the sides, matching the finish of the case, while on the inside, it has a microfiber lining, great at protecting the phone. And you can keep it on all the time, since it’s compatible with the wireless charging feature.

The case is available in 9 different colors, like Black, Red, Charcoal Grey, Cosmos Blue, Dark Aubergine, Midnight Blue, Pink Fuchsia, Saddle Brown (one of our favorites), and Taupe.

9. Salawat Slim Shockproof Leather Case

best iphone x leather case from salawat

Our top with the best iPhone X wallet cases continues with the Salawat Slim Shockproof, a classical model with a vintage look, but able to keep your new phone safe, in case of an accidental drop. Simple as that!

It’s made with hard polycarbonate, as well as premium PU leather, which increases the shock protection.

The case features two lanyard holes, designed for hanging it and facilitating carrying on. It’s also wireless charging compatible, so you don’t need to take it off anytime you want to make use of this awesome new feature. You can get one in Navy Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gray, or Black.

10. Sonix Military Grade Leather Case

best iphone x leather case from sonix

Yep, such thing exists! You’re looking at the Sonix Military Grade Leather Case, a Military Drop Test Certified case, with a ruggedized 360 form factor, providing complete protection for all sides of the phone. Slim and lightweight, with easy press-protected buttons, it delivers streamlined usability and keeps scratches and cracks away.

Otherwise, the design is simple, if you opt for the Black Leather model, with raised lips, so the display and camera won’t touch any surface, as well as special cutouts, for ports. It’s also available in other models, like Flora Leather, Pineapple Leather and Tan Leather.

And this is it, folks! Below you have a wide selection of some of the best iPhone X leather cases you can get. No matter if you prefer a simple model or something a bit complex, we’re convinced that you will find something you like. As for use, we knew from the start which model we would buy!

Our Pick: Belk Slim Soft Leather Case

We’re absolutely in love with the Brown version of this case. It’s simple, with no logos on the back, and it provides just enough protection we you don’t need to worry about dropping the phone. And it won’t leave any marks on the phone if removed either, thanks to the dotted pattern on the inside!

Now, it’s your turn. Which one of these cases would you buy for your iPhone X and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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