best iphone 8 leather cases

No matter what some people say, the iPhone 8 is one of the most elegant phones of the moment, with a sleek and refined design, as well as a modern touch, offered by the glass back panel.

And if you want to somehow maintain the elegant look, but also protect it, there’s no doubt that you need a leather case for it! After all, in time, they will age beautifully and add a personal touch to the phones design. Sounds good, right?

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In our attempt to find the best leather cases, we’ve come across 10 great looking models, for all budgets, and put them together in a top.

Check out the best iPhone 8 leather cases you can buy right now:

1. Shieldon Leather Wallet Case

best iphone 8 leather case from shieldon

Let’s begin with a simple model, made of genuine cowhide leather and featuring a TPU interior case, the Shieldon Leather Wallet Case. Thanks to the tough and high quality materials, as well as the cushioned shockproof edge, it can provide great dual-layer protection for your phone.

On the inside, it has 3 card slots and a side pocket for money and additional cards, while the hidden magnetic closure keeps everything in one place, neatly and securely.

Of course, there’s also a kickstand on the back, which can be used in a horizontal position, great for watching your favorite shows almost anywhere! You can pick from one of the six colors: Brown, Black, Blue, Purple, Red or Coffee Brown.

2. Alto Handmade Leather Case

best iphone 8 leather case from alto

Moving on to something with a simple look, we have the Alto Handmade Leather Case, a model measuring just 0.5mm in thickness and perfectly molding on your phone, without adding any unnecessary bulk, so you can easily fit it in any pocket.

It’s made with premium Italian leather, which will eventually darken around the corners in time, getting a unique look.

Otherwise, the inside is made with polycarbonate and padded with microfiber, so it can absorb the shock created by small impacts. You can get one in Caramel, Navy, Coral or Lemon.

3. Apple Leather Case

best iphone 8 leather case from apple

Of course, when it comes to the best iPhone 8 leather cases, we just can’t ignore Apple’s own model, one of the most elegant models you can opt for to protect your new smartphone.

With machined aluminum buttons and a microfiber lining on the inside, it will significantly increase the phone’s amount of protection, while matching the device perfectly, it you choose the color accordingly.

But you can also go wild and opt for a more vivid finish, since you can pick from 9 different models, including the great Saddle Brown, one of our favorites. And you can keep it on the phone all the time, since it won’t affect the wireless charging feature.

4. Kanvasa One Leather Back Cover

best iphone 8 leather case from kanvasa

Sticking to slim iPhone 8 leather cases, we have the Kanvasa One Back Cover, a ridiculously thin case for your phone, perfectly fitting the device and made with genuine leather, which can protect it against bumps, strains or scratches.

The case doesn’t cover the buttons, ports, microphones or camera, while the high quality materials it’s made of guarantee the longevity.

Not to mention that being a genuine leather model will make it age beautifully, so you will have a unique accessory for your phone. In terms of colors, you can choose between Black or Brown.

5. toovern Vintage Series Slim Case

best iphone 8 leather case from toovern

Well, it looks like we have a thing for slim cases today… Next in our top comes the toovern Vintage Series Slim Case, precisely crafted and fitting the phone snugly, but without adding that much bulk. Actually, you will barely notice it on the phone, but this doesn’t mention that it can’t protect it!

On the inside, it has a soft microfiber lining, while the metallic button covers on the side match the finish of the phone and offer easy access to all functions and features. The other ports are also easily accessible, thanks to the precise cutouts. You can get this model in Black, Brown or Red.

6. Benuo Soft Leather Case

best iphone 8 leather case from benuo

If you want to leave your wallet at home from time to time, you might as well check the Benuo Soft Leather Case, a model made with top notch materials, like genuine leather and durable microfiber. Handcrafted and rocking a vintage style, the case has a distinctly unique look, adding a big plus of elegant to your iPhone 8.

On the back, it has two convenient pockets, where you can store your ID, cards, as well as some cash.

Also, it’s a lightweight model, with a low profile design, so it’s slim enough to easily fit in your pocket. Precisely design, it won’t affect the phone’s functionality, thanks to the special cutouts, not to mention that it matches any style, since it’s available in Black, Brown or Red.

7. FYY Leather Wallet Case

best iphone 8 leather case from fyy

Looking forward to adding some color to your new iPhone 8? In this case, the FYY Leather Wallet Case is exactly what you need, as it’s available in several colors, as well as some crazy pattern, which will definitely help you stand out a bit! As you can notice, this case acts as a wallet (and it’s made with RFID blocking materials), so you can also carry up to three credit cards, ID, driver’s license or even some money.

On the back, there’s a kickstand, which can be set in multiple positions, being great for watching movies or video chatting.

Finally, you don’t need to worry about accessing all ports and buttons, since it comes with special cutouts. And remember, it’s made with premium genuine leather, so it will look great in time!

8. Arae Genuine Leather Wallet Case

best iphone 8 leather case from arae

And we’re not done with wallet models for our top of the best iPhone 8 leather cases, since we also have the Arae Genuine Leather Wallet model. Rocking a slim folio design, it’s able to fully protect your phone, while minimizing bulk, thanks to the slim materials.

The case feature a soft TPU inner skin, which keeps the device firmly, while the cover makes sure that the display remains without any scratches. This model is also available in a lot of colors to choose from – 14, to be more specific, so you will definitely find one matching your style.

9. KAVAJ Slim Fit Leather Case

best iphone 8 leather case from kavaj

Moving on, we have the Kavaj Slim Fit Leather Case, one of the best looking iPhone 8 leather cases of the moment, made with genuine materials, by hand. Thanks to the combination of light, durable ultra-thin leather and protective plastic, your smartphone can stay safe, even in the eventuality of a serious drop.

The case doubles as a wallet, thanks to the built-in slots on the back, which can be used for storing even notes, IDs or business card. Finally, what we really like is the slim profile of the phone, so you don’t need to worry about any unnecessary bulk being added. It’s available in Black or Cognac Brown.

10. Shieldon Premium Leather Case

best iphone 8 leather case from shieldon 2

And finally, last but not least, we have another case from the same manufacturer that this top started with! The Shieldon Premium Leather Case is made from genuine cowhide leather, looking stylish and feeling soft, being excellent for on-the-go use.

As you can see, it has additional pockets on the inside, for credit cards or IDs, as well as a pocket where you can store money or documents. A magnetic closure keeps everything in place.

The case is very easy to use and it can be used as a kickstand, with multiple viewing angles, so you can stream your favorite movies or read on the go. All ports can buttons can be accessed, without removing the case, thanks to the special cutouts. It can be bought in Brown or Black.

And we’re done! These are some of the best iPhone 8 leather cases, carefully selected by us, after analyzing every detail. We know, it can be a bit difficult to decide upon your favorite, but you will definitely find the one you like the most, as we eventually did!

Our Pick: Apple Leather Case

We simply had to opt for an Apple original accessory here, since it’s almost impossible to make an iPhone 8 leather case which looks better than the one made by the Cupertino-based manufacturer itself. It looks great on the device and it provides enough protection for the sides and corners, not to mention that the fact that it will get a unique look in time is also a big plus!

But what about you guys? Which one of these cases would you pick for your iPhone 8 and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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