Best Google Pixel bumper case

You don’t have to be the biggest Google fan to admit that the Pixel is one of the best Android handsets ever made. Yes, we know, it doesn’t have the most spectacular design, but when it comes to the overall Android experience, this phone is top notch. It’s Google at its best!

Unlike most Nexus models, the Pixel doesn’t come for cheap, therefore, it’s somehow mandatory to get a case for it, because who wants to see scratches, or even worse, dents on a $650 (at least) phone?

Since we’re talking about one of the most popular smartphones of the moment, the market is loaded with various case models, but after looking a bit on Amazon, we managed to make a list with the best. Keeping it short, here are some of the best Google Pixel bumper cases!

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1. Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Case

Spigen Google Pixel bumper case

We’re starting with one of our favorite case manufacturers, Spigen. These guys offer a dual layered case, made of crystal clear TPU, with a metallic PC back.

Of course, it has a circular opening on the back, for the fingerprint scanner, as well as one for the camera, while the raised lips are present as well, for added protection of the screen and camera.

It meets the Mil-Grade Standard, for daily protection, so your Pixel will definitely be safe with this case on it.

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2. Belk PC Armor Transparent Hard Cover

Belk Google Pixel bumper case

Next in our top comes a model from Belk, which is basically a bumper, made of TPU, offering protection for the sides and corners.

It has pronounced buttons and accurate cutouts for all ports, while the shockproof polycarbonate hard back panel is able to disperse collision force and crash impact before it strikes your Google Pixel.

Finally, the raised lip keeps scratches away from this phone when faced down, so we have all the reason to call this bumper one of the best choices! It’s available in various colors.

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3. Acessorz Rugged Hybrid Case

Acessorz Google Pixel bumper case

If you’re after something a bit tougher, this hybrid case is something you should check out.

It has a rugged polycarbonate hard shell, plus a flexible silicone rubber inner core, providing dual protection from drops and scratches.

Besides this, it includes 4-side protection, covering the corners and raising the edges, thus the screen is also safe in case of a drop. You can get it in Teal, Black, Pink and Purple.

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4. Poetic Kardbon Shield Slim Fit Case

Poetic Google Pixel bumper case

Another interesting entry in our ‘Best Google Pixel bumper cases’ top comes from Poetic and it’s made of high grade TPU, featuring a really cool carbon fiber texture on the back.

Even more, the rear pattern provides a grip area, making grabbing the phone even easier.

Of course, like most models, it has a raised front bezel, preventing the device from coming in contact with any surface.

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5. DGtle Anti-Scratches TPU Gel Slim Case

DGtle Google Pixel bumper case

We know, you have cases because they add a lot of bulk to your phone. But hey, there are also slim Google Pixel bumper cases, like this one, from DGlte, who manage to maintain a slim profile for your smartphone and feels like a part of it.

It’s made of impact resistant TPU, fully shock absorbent and scratch resistant, which also increases the Pixel’s grip, so you can forget about slipping it.

You can get it with a crystal clear design, as well as with several glossy and matte finishes.

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6. Maxboost Liquid Skin Case

Maxboost Google Pixel bumper case

Yeah, there’s something special about crystal clear Google Pixel bumper cases, so we have another model in our top, this time from Maxboost.

It measures just 1.2mm in thickness and it actually accentuates the phone’s design. It has a special anti-scratch coating, providing maximum resistance against daily wear and tear.

Simple and nice, this case could be an excellent choice for your Pixel!

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7. Trianium SnapOn Slim Case

Trianium Google Pixel bumper case

Last but not least, we have a very sexy Google Pixel bumper case, with a matte finish called Modern Black. It’s available in two more colors as well, Turqoise and Rose Gold, but that black…just wow.

The case is made of premium polycarbonate, protecting the phone’s sides and corners, while the raised bezel lifts the screen and camera of flat surfaces. It perfectly fits the phone, while the cutouts provide easy access to all ports and buttons.

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Our Pick

And we’re done. Initially, it was pretty hard for us to decide upon our favorite Google Pixel bumper case from this top, but in the end, Trianium’s Modern Black model won. It looks absolutely superb, especially if you have a Quite Black Google Pixel. Really, just look at how well it matches the phone’s design!

Still, you guys definitely have different preferences. Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below, which of these models would you pick and why!



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