Best Google Pixel leather cases

The Google Pixel hasn’t been around for long but it’s quickly becoming a popular product among many phone fanatics. The price of the phone is a little hefty and due to its price it needs to be well looked after, especially in today’s world when phones are manufactured with a thin and compact structure in mind which often means designs are fragile.

To look after a phone it’s always important to have a good sturdy leather case that is going to prevent it from taking any damage.

Unfortunately, as the Google Pixel hasn’t been around long it’s hard to find a good quality leather case for a reasonable price; but luckily, we have a few options to suit your needs.

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Have a look at the 5 best Google Pixel cases currently on the market below:

1. Tetded Google Pixel Leather Case

Tetded Google Pixel leather case

This Tetded leather case design is very slim but with its cowhide material you can be sure you are going to get a quality case that is going to protect your Google Pixel with ease. This particular leather case was handcrafted which ensures users get full access to ports and phone functions effortlessly.

The added plus of having a microfiber lining will make sure your phone screen is perfectly safe and won’t succumb to any damage. This case is on the market for $31.99 so it’s very expensive for a case, but with the strong structure it provides means you are paying for a case that is going to last.

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2. Tauri Google Pixel Leather Case

Tauri Google Pixel leather case

This case manufactured by Tauri provides users with a design that is not only able to protect the phone within, but it also provides a variety of other features to benefit the user’s experience.

This Tauri leather case comes as a wallet so users can store their credit cards and cash with ease, and along with the ability to provide the user with a kickstand feature that lets user’s face time and watch videos hands free, this case is great value for money.

You can purchase this case for $9.99 and with all of the features it provides makes this product one of the best around.

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3. Belk Vintage Leather Case

Belk Google Pixel leather case

This phone case which was designed with the Google Pixel in mind offers users a cheap alternative to some of the higher-end products in its markets, and is available for a measly $13.99. This case offers everything you need to keep your expensive Google Pixel out of harm’s way and with the affordable price tag this case comes at makes it very competitive.

The high quality solid stitching soft leather case not only ensures your Google Pixel is safe but it also has a couple of added features, such as the wallet to hold your cards and of course the reversible magnetic tab that lets the phone sit up.

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4. LK Luxury Leather Case

LK best Google Pixel leather case

This leather case is available for just $9.99 which makes it one of the most affordable Google Pixel cases on the market. Owners will be presented with a fantastic leather case that also acts as a wallet so you can keep your credit cards, cash, and mobile phone together in one place.

This case comes with the ability to transform itself into a stand, so the phone can be stood up without having to hold it in place. This particular case offers excellent value for money and for the price it comes at makes this Google Pixel case very hard to compete with.

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5. Dretal Google Pixel Case

Dretal Google Pixel leather case

The Sailfish Dretal Case is perfect for those looking for a nice looking case that is basic, but still provides the security needed to protect the phone from dust, dirt, and other knocks. This particular case from Sailfish comes in 5 different colors so you can be sure you will be able to buy one that suits your specific needs.

With a $13.98 price tag means this case is very basic, but with the fact it is made from genuine leather and it has a belt holder means it is very handy for those that do not like carrying their phones in their pockets. This is a great case and is very competitive in price for anyone looking for a case that is going to protect their phone with ease.

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Our pick

In conclusion, the above 5 leather cases for the Google Pixel offer users a lot of protection and are well worth investing in. But the product that jumps out the most and the one that offers a lot more in terms of robustness and features is the Tauri Leather Case.

It is by far one of the cheapest leather cases out of the 5, and with its kickstand feature and the ability to act as a wallet for cash and credit cards makes this case very hard to compete with.


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