Best iPhone 7 tripod and iPhone 7 Plus tripod

No matter if you’re an Android or iOS user, you must admit that the iPhone 7 has one of the best cameras ever mounted on a smartphone. And we’re not the only ones saying this, as several reviewers reached this conclusion after testing Apple’s latest smartphone.

However, no matter how good the camera is, there’s still room for improvement. Both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus feature optical image stabilization, but if you want to take the perfect image, you’re definitely in need of a tripod.

You can find a lot of nice models on Amazon right now, but, as usual, we did a bit of research and made a short list with five of the best iPhone 7 tripods. Let’s see what we’ve come across.

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1. CamKix iPhone 7 Tripod

CamKix iPhone 7 tripod

First in our top comes a really nice and compact iPhone 7 tripod, available at $17.99, perfect for group shots. In order to use it, everything you need to do is to pair the remote control with your phone, choose the camera app you want to use and press the shutter button on the remote and capture the moment.

The remote works from a distance of up to 10 meters, perfect for capturing very large groups. Also, the tripod is made from high quality materials and equipped with non skid rubber feet, for extra solid grip, even in a tilted position.

Make sure you put it on a plane surface for the best selfie results!

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2. ZHCH Professional iPhone 7 Tripod

ZHCH iPhone 7 tripod

Next, we have one of the best iPhone 7 tripods of the moment, as it’s a professional model, with retractable legs and very easy to use, as well as carrying around, available for just $16.59. It’s made of high quality aluminum and it’s durable, flexible and waterproof. It also comes with a special handle, perfect for controlling your phone when filming or taking panoramic snapshots.

What we really like about it is that thanks to the adjustable legs, you can basically use it on any surface, without worrying that your photos aren’t taken at the perfect angle. If the surface you’re placing it on is not perfectly plain, simply adjust each of them and you’re ready.

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3. Arkon Tripod Mount

Arkon iPhone 7 tripod

By far the most interesting feature of this iPhone 7 tripod is the fact that it comes with 11-inch bendable legs, so you can mount it pretty much anywhere, allowing you to take photos from some of the most impossible angles. Put it in a tree, fences,  on a bench, on your bike and so on and it will securely hold your phone.

The tripod is also compatible with digital cameras, as the phone holder expands to accommodate a lot of devices, which is definitely a bonus point. Considering how practical this tripod is, the price tag of just $18.95 makes it a great deal!

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4. AILUN iPhone 7 Tripod Mount

Ailun tripod for iPhone 7

Pretty similar to the previous entry in our top, AILUN’s tripod also features flexible legs, covered with high density foam, allowing your device to be firmly mounted on flat or uneven surfaces, for ultimate stability and creativity. If you’re after some crazy angles, in order to take that perfect Instagram picture, this is the tripod you’re looking for.

It has a retractable and detachable holder, being able to fit most smartphones, not just the iPhone 7, as well as system for fitting digital and compact video cameras. The lightweight design and easy portability allow you to carry this tripod in your pocket or briefcase, being great for holidays and not only. You can get it right now for a ridiculously low price, of just $7.89.

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5. Daisen tech Octopus Style iPhone 7 Tripod

Daisen tech tripod for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Designed and developed for all you smartphone users out there who like to take some of the craziest snapshots, this compact iPhone 7 tripod is by far one of the best choices of the moment.

It firmly ensures that your phone or camera (because yes, you can also fit digital cameras on it) can be used anywhere and everywhere. Thanks to the flexible legs, covered in a non-slippery  rubber, you can fit it on various surfaces. Also, you don’t need to worry about your device falling, as the clasp is very solid and strong.

Of course, the most interesting feature is the Bluetooth remote control, allowing you to take selfies or any other type of shots from a distance of up to 10 meters, making this tripod the perfect accessory for anybody who wants to capture some special moments from the best angle. It’s available for $13.99.

See it at Amazon

Our pick

If you ask us which one of these iPhone 7 tripods we would pick, the answer is pretty easy: Daisen tech’s model, as it combines a flexible design, offered by the bendable legs, with the freedom offered by the remote control. And it also looks like a pretty solid accessory!

But what about you guys? Which of these five best iPhone 7 tripods is your favorite and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


  1. I was looking for a tripod for my iPhone 7plus. I liked, and u recommended the daisen tech octopus one above and said see it on amazon. I looked and it is not there. Can u tell me how else to find it?

  2. Hi there, is the Daisen tech Octopus Style iPhone 7 Tripod also compatible with the iPhone 7 plus?

    Many thanks,


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