best huawei p10 plus cases

On a market dominated by Apple and Samsung, a Chinese manufacturer managed to make a name for itself, as one of the top players of the moment! Yes, we’re talking about Huawei, which recently introduced its new flagship duo, consisting in the P10 and P10 Plus, two amazing devices, with top notch specs.

If the P10 is a normal phone, in terms of design, things change a bit when it comes to the Huawei P10 Plus.

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Thanks to its 5.5″ display, it can be a bit difficult to handle by users with smaller hands, which, combined with the glass on the back, makes it obvious that this is a pretty slippery phone. So yeah, it’s obvious that you need a case for it.

1. TONERONE Ultra Slim Leather Folio Case

best huawei p10 plus case from tonerone

Opening our top is a nice wallet case for the Huawei P10 Plus, made of PU leather and TPU, measuring just 0.3mm in thickness and being excellent for heat dissipation. On the inside, it has a slot for your credit card or ID, as well as a special pouch for money or bills.

The phone is sitting in a nice durable silicone carrier, that will never scratch your phone’s body.

And, overall, we must admit that we’re impressed about how elegant this case looks!

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2. WWW Premium Wallet Case

best huawei p10 plus case from www

Next in line we have another wallet case, but this one takes the design one step further, with a very interesting crocodile pattern exterior, available in six different colors, like Black, Apricot, Brown, Mint Green, Navy Blue and Red.

It’s designed to fit the phone perfectly and, besides the interior slots for credit cards and money, it’s also made with RFID resisting materials, so all the data on them is protected from being stolen.

And as a bonus, it can also work as a kickstand, being great for movie watching or video chatting.

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3. Anskp Ultra Slim Silicone Case

best huawei p10 plus case from anksp

Ok, we’re saying it: we love this Huawei P10 Plus case! It’s absolutely awesome, with that ultra slim design and the matte black finish…man, it looks just great!

Made of premium silicone, it maintains the phone’s slim profile, not to mention that it also increases the grip, so you won’t drop the phone anymore.

In terms of protection, it keeps scratches or daily wear and tear away, but it can also keep the phone safe, in the eventuality of a lighter drop. And finally, it’s very easy to install and remove. You can get it just in Black, but really, it’s the perfect color!

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4. WWW Slim Fit Clear Case

best huawei p10 plus case from www

The folks over at WWW are once again present in our top, but this time with a clear Huawei P10 Plus, perfect for showing off a bit with your new phone.

It’s a slim fit model, offering full protection for the corners, which is very helpful in case of a drop.

Otherwise, the case is made of flexible and durable TPU and it features special cutouts for easy access to all ports and controls.

You can get one with a fully clear design, as well as in Pink, Mint Green or Black.

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5. FYY Handmade Wallet Case

best huawei p10 plus case from fyy

Yes, we have another Huawei P10 Plus wallet case, available in over 20 colors and patterns, so you will definitely find a combination you like.

It’s handmade, with premium PU leather and has a large capacity, featuring card slots and a note holder, so you can basically forget about your wallet.

In order to protect the data on your cards, it’s an RFID blocking model, not to mention its ability to keep the phone safe and sound in the eventuality of a drop.

The magnetic clasp is also present, keeping your belongings safe, while the kickstand function makes it great for using the phone hands free.

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6. Simpeak TPU Clear Case

best huawei p10 plus case from simpeak

Let’s face it, the P10 Plus looks very good, so, in some way or another, it’s really a shame to hide that design!

Considering this, we’ve added another clear case in our top, measuring just 1.5mm in thickness and made of flexible TPU, delivering an anti-slip grip.

The quality of the material prevents it from yellowing in time, while the textured interior creates a small space for air ventilation, so no vapors will form on the inside.

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7. IVSO Premium Bumper Shield

best huawei p10 plus case from ivso

And last but not least, we have another great Huawei P10 Plus, this time coming from IVSO. The surface is relying on the salient point design, being wear-resistant, as well as dust-proof and anti-skidding, being very easy to clean.

On the back it has a carbon fiber design, offering ultra-lightweight comfort and an additional layer of protection, while creating a premium look.

When it comes to colors, you can opt for Black, Gold, Silver, Navy Blue or Rose Gold.

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And this is where our top comes to an end. As you can see, there are plenty of Huawei P10 Plus cases to choose from, so we’re convinced that you’re going to find one that suits your personal style. As for us, we have a favorite of our own.

Our pick: Anskp Silicone Case

Really, we’re in love with this case! Besides looking great on the P10 Plus, with its ridiculously slim design, it can also keep scratches and daily wear and tear away, so it’s definitely the perfect choice for anybody who doesn’t like bulky models.

Now it’s your turn. Which one of these models is your favorite and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below.



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