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We’ve reached a point in which mid-range smartphones are just some small devices, with some average specs, aimed at those who don’t want to spend that much or a flagship or simply can’t afford one. On the contrary, they have some pretty beefy spec sheets, while the display can go even up to 6.0 inches!

Take the new Moto G5 Plus, for example, which is expected to make its debut this month. It has a 5.2″ display and a spec sheet allowing it to deal even with some of the most demanding apps, not to mention that it comes with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.

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However, it seems that this will be a pretty slippery phone, so it’s highly recommended to get a case for it. After all, who wants to drop a brand new phone, no matter if we’re talking about a flagship or a cheaper model?

Here you can find some of the best Moto G5 Plus Cases of the moment:

1. Cimo Heavy Duty Hybrid Case

best moto g5 plus case from cimo

Let’s start with a rugged Moto G5 Plus case, designed to withstand even the most serious shocks.

It has a thin, lightweight dual layer build, providing protection against drops and bumps, while the raised bezels make sure the display isn’t touching any surface while faced down.

The case has anti-slip properties, significantly increasing the grip of the phone, while the precise cutouts aren’t missing, making it very easy to access all ports and buttons.

You can get it in Black, Black with Gray or Orange accents, Stone Blue, Stone Pink, Stone Purple or Stone Rose Gold.

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  2. IVSO Premium Luxury Frosted Shield

best moto g5 plus case from ivso

Specifically designed for the Moto G5 Plus, this case uses salient point design, which give is anti-skidding, dust-proof or anti-fingerprint properties, making it very easy to clean.

On the back, it has some nice carbon fiber accents, offering an ultra-lightweight comfortable feeling, as well as an additional layer of protection and a premium look.

Super comfortable while holding it, with matte sides, the phone won’t slip from your hand, wrapping the phone perfectly. You can pick one in Navy Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Black or Rose Gold.

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3. OMOTON Soft TPU Case Cover

best moto g5 plus case from omoton

Next, we have a slim Moto G5 Plus case, with a very interesting design, consisting in two layers: a soft TPU interior, able to deal with shocks, and a removable polycarbonate exterior, for resistance against scratches.

The corners are also fully protected, so you don’t need to worry if you manage to drop your phone, while the raised edges help you protect the screen.

As a bonus, the case also has a kickstand on the back, being great for hands free media consuming. Unfortunately, it’s available just in Black.

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4. yootech Shock Absorption Case

best moto g5 plus case from yootech

If you want something with a really cool design, you might as well check out this stylish case from yootech, made of flexible TPU with resilient shock absorption ‘powers’, as well as soft silicone gel, for a really soft touch.

It has a matte black finish, with silver accents, reinforced corners, for added protection, and raised edges, protecting both the camera and the display. On the sides, the case features tactile buttons, offering solid feedback and an easy press.

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5. DGlte Anti-Scratches Silm Protective Cover

best moto g5 plus case from dglte

Moving on, we have a very subtle and elegant case for the Moto G5 Plus, coming from the folks over at DGlte.

It’s an ultra slim model, being a great solution for anybody who doesn’t want to add any unnecessary bulk to the phone.

Made from impact resistant TPU, it’s fully shock absorbent and scratch resistant, not to mention the increased flexibility.

Thanks to the non-slip grip, you don’t need to worry about dropping the phone anymore and, finally, the case is very easy to snap on and off! You can get one in Matte Black or Matte Smoke.

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6. SPARIN Soft TPU Clear Case

best moto g5 plus case from sparin

A well known case manufacturer is also present in our top! We’re talking about Sparin, with its clear Moto G5 Plus case, perfect for showcasing a bit the phone’s original design!

Made of eco-friendly TPU, with a fully transparent design, the case has rounded edges and a soft coating, resulting a very comfortable grip.

Even though it measures just 2mm in thickness, it’s scratch resistant, protecting your phone from daily wear and tear. The cutouts are also present, so you won’t have any issues with accessing the buttons and ports.

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7. LK Armor Defender Protective Case

best moto g5 plus case from lk

Ok, so you’re the active type of user, we get it. Or clumsy. Either way, you want a rugged case for your Moto G5 Plus. Yes, it’s a thicker model, due to the two impact-resistant layers it’s made of, able to withstand even some serious shocks.

Despite its size, the case is not heavy at all and it fits the phone perfectly, protecting the sides, the display and the camera, thanks to the raised bezels.

The buttons are also covered, but they’re quickly responding, so you don’t need to worry about this. The case is available in Black, Blue, Purple, Mint or Teal.

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8. Tauri Slim Clear Case

best moto g5 plus case from tauri

Probably our favorite slim case for the Moto G5 Plus comes from Tauri. It’s a lightweight model, adding minimal bulk to the phone, but improving the grip and feel.

It’s made from a special gel material, making it more flexible and durable than other cases, not to mention that it’s very easy to clean with water.

On the inside, it has a dotted texture, maintaining the phone’s form and color, as air bubbles are prevented from forming at the back of the phone. You can get one in Smoke Black, Black or completely clear.

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9. LK Heavy Duty Black Armor Case

best moto g5 plus case from lk 2

Yep, we have another one! This Moto G5 Plus case is a really rugged model, featuring a hard outer shell, made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and double-enforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve, with a felt lining.

The corners also feature molded polycarbonate, for outstanding protection against drops and other impacts.

The case also comes with a belt clip, allowing you to keep the phone with you all the time. Also, a kickstand is also included, giving you the convenience of watching videos, reading and making calls hands free.

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10. LK Leather Wallet Case

best moto g5 plus case from lk 3

Last but not least, we have a very practical case, with slots for cards and money, being the best choice for those who want to leave their wallet at home.

It has three special slots, for credit cards or IDs, while the special money pouch is perfect for storing a couple of bills safely.

Besides this, it provides four corner protection, thanks to the high quality soft TPU inner skin shell and the shock absorbent material it’s made of. The case has a magnetic closure, holding the wallet securely closed all the time. It’s available in Black, Brown Purple and Rose Gold.

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And we’re all done! These are ten of the best Moto G5 Plus cases you can buy right now! We’re convinced that you can find a model you like here, since we’ve selected quite a few of them. And after selecting them, we’ve also decided upon our favorite.

Our Pick: Yootech Shock Absorption Case

We were delighted by the design of this case, not to mention that the matte black finish looks great on the Moto G5 Plus. Also, bonus points for the silver accents, which add an extra plus of style to this otherwise very elegant case!

But what about you? Which one of these cases would you pick for your Moto G5 Plus? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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