Best iPhone SE Cases

Apple just announced the new iPhone SE, and there are already some decent cases in the market. The iPhone SE is similar in design as iPhone 5s. You cannot differentiate the phones except there is a little ‘SE’ mentioned on the back of the phone.

The device has similar specifications as iPhone 6s, however there’s lack of some major features like 3D touch. But the good thing, it’s twice as fast as iPhone 5s and you can record 4K video.

Check out our roundup of best iPhone 6 cases.

While the SE prices starts from $399, it’s good to give the phone the best protection. We have rounded up the 10 of the best cases for your newly bought iPhone SE.


Spigen iPhone SE case

Availability: View it on Amazon

Our first choice is Spigen, because they never fail to product great cases for iPhones. Spigen has come out with several various models, materials, and styles of their dual layer, rugged protection cases for the iPhone SE.

Like other Spigen products this case is fully functional, and with its ability to withstand drops up to 1.5m it definitely becomes evident that this is one of the best iPhone SE models for taking on day-to-day activities.

Trianium iPhone SE Case

Trianium IPhone SE Case

Availability: View it on Amazon

With 360 protection, this is really an awesome case, is perfectly molded to fit your iPhone SE, and best of all comes with a GUARANTEE!

Customers love this case because it’s a perfect fit, and this can be an at times seemingly impossible tasks considering all the many various brands and styles of iPhone cases available on the market.

With a soft rubberized interior the Trianium iPhone SE case really goes above and beyond to optimize protection, comfort, and a relatively overall slim-fat.

Maxboost Battery Case

Maxboost IPhone SE Battery Case

Availability: View it on Amazon

Featuring a slim, yet durable design, the Maxboost iPhone SE Battery Case is a really great product and high-powered piece of technology that charges your phone over 120% and comes with a very impressive, powerful 2400 mAh battery that is sure to keep your iPhone SE powered, and recharged for days at a time—typically 1 to 2, which is great for bringing it out on the road or recharging for using at work.

Snugg Leather Wallet iPhone SE Case

Snugg iPhone SE case

Availability: View it on Amazon

If you’re looking for a durably built, high-quality, and stylish, leather iPhone SE case, then the Snugg is an excellent product. This iPhone SE case comes with a built in stand which makes watching media easy and fun, hidden pockets for money and valuables, and even a LIFETIME Guarantee.

We love products that the seller or manufacturer stands behind, so go with a product that makes sense and make the best investment for protecting and preserving the condition of your iPhone SE.

iPhone SE Case by SaharahCase

Sahara iPhone SE case

Availability: View it on Amazon

The SaharaCase for the iPhoneSE is a really great investment for your money to protect your iPhone, as it’s built with premium-grade tempered glass—which means genuine thickness and added protection—comes with a durable, hard plastic without the bulk, and takes well to bumps, scratches, and even minor drops.

This is a really affordable product and a great both investment, as well as comparison to the Otterbox without the unwanted added weight or bulk.

Waterproof iPhone SE Case by ZVE

Waterproof iPhone SE cases

Availability: View it on Amazon

ZVE has built a very reliable, unique, and dynamic Waterproof case for the iPhone SE that withstands not only water, but also ice, snow, and dirt.

Making it all the more desirable, it’s also simple to operate, press buttons, charge, and access literally all your ports—as well as protect them as necessary—without having them damaged by rain or even immersing your iPhone into water.

This ZVE is an awesome choice, especially considering it’s slim—yet incredibly durable and protective design.

HESGI Waterproof Case

Waterproof iPhone SE case

Availability: View it on Amazon

If you’re looking for a phone that’s waterproof up to 6ft, is built to withstand drops, bumps, and scratches, and meets IP68 standards so you know your phone is fully sealed in the event of any accidents or spills.

Even better, it’s still easy to use the functions on the touch-screen, and nearly feels as if there’s not even a case installed at all. Easy access ports and a durable plastic, you can still carry your iPhone SE in your pocket without the added or unwanted BULK.

Trianium iPhone SE Clear Cushion Case

Trianium IPhone SE Clear Cushion Case

Availability: View it on Amazon

If you’re a fan of Trianium products and have experience with their iPhone cases, yet seek a transparent look with the same trademark benefits and qualities of Trianium products then this is definitely the way to go.

The anti-scratch design and durability of this case is definitely top of the line, and the durable, yet thin ergonomic style makes it possible to still withstand scratches and even partial spills. To top it all off, like most Trianium product, even at its affordable cost, you purchase this iPhone SE case with a LIFETIME Warranty.

Aceabove Cordoba Leather Bookcover Case

Aceabove Cordoba Leather Bookcover Case

Availability: View it on Amazon

If you’re looking for a CLASSY, genuine Cordoba leather book cover case for your iPhone SE, then the AceAbove is a great brand and model to go with.

This anti-slip leather case is an awesome selection, comes with built-in pockets, and really adds character and personality to both your iPhone and the way you present it.

Customers love this Aceabove product because even with its enclosed design, it’s still a breeze to utilize all of the buttons and features of your iPhone without being blocked or having to worry about obstacles of the case.

Endler’s Casual Case

Endler scratch resistant iPhone Se case

Availability: View it on Amazon

With a wide variety of various cutouts and designs, the Endler’s  protectors add real character and design to your iPhone SE and doesn’t just “case” it without style of a sense of personality.

Customers love these “stick-on” protectors because they’re very customizable, yet durable and of course quite light and don’t add any real weight or inconvenience to the phone.

While not great for drops, this type of protector is effective against scratches, bumps, and in some cases light drops.


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