Whether you’re trying to make your iPhone 6 stand out from the crowd, or you want to give it some added protection from impacts or scratches, there are a wide range of cool cases and covers to choose from. You might definitely want to protect your new iPhone 6 that costs as much as the¬†Apple Watch.

You don’t want to take a risk of cracking its screen or getting some scrubs when you accidentally¬†drop it on a hard surface. We have selected 20 of the best and detailed them below.


Spigen Non-Slip Exact-Fit

Spigen Non Slip Exact Fit iPhone 6

This minimal clip on case looks sophisticated in black but is also available in a number of different colors. It’s hard but rubber-like texture provides protection for you iPhone 6, but also improves grip so you’re less likely to drop it. All for $9.99.

Flexion Euphoria Series Ultimate Protection

Flexion Euphoria Series Ultimate Protection iPhone 6

Flexion’s Euphoria Series boasts all round drop protection for $15.99. It’s soft microfibre interior also prevents your iPhone 6 from ever getting scratched, which is surprisingly common for cheaper cases and covers, that will rough-up the back of the device. Multiple colors are available.

Flexion Crystal Clear Guardian Series

Flexion Crystal Clear Guardian iPhone 6

Flexion’s Guardian Series is one of the best iPhone 6 protectors on the market, due to its innovative shock-dispersion/air cushion technology. Not only will it protect the device from side and corner drops, but the slight lip at the front of the cover also helps prevent screen damage. It’s priced around $20.

LifeProof Fre Series

LifeProof iPhone 6 Fre Series

The Fre Series from LifeProof is one of the most versatile and durable cases available. It’s fully shock, water and snow proof, and sealed from dirt and dust. The trade off however is that it does cost $70, but no matter what your environment your phone will be safe!

LUVVITT Ultra Armor

LUVVITT Ultra Armor iPhone 6

As the name suggests the Luvvitt is all about shock protection. For just $9.99 this stylish double-layered cover combines both a soft shock absorber with a harder outer shell, so you can be sure that you won’t damage your phone if it’s dropped. It’s by far one of the best looking cases on the market, which a beautiful two color design.

OtterBox Commuter Series

OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone 6

OtterBox are known for their durable cases, and the Commuter Series is no different. While it certainly adds some bulk to the device, it remains light weight and will absorb shock from all angles. At around $23 it’s the perfect price for protection and style.

Spigen Safe Slide – Protective Style Armor

Spigen Safe Slide Protective Armor iPhone 6

Spigen’s Safe Slide cover brings the same quality of protection as their other offerings, but with a more efficient on and off sliding mechanism. It has lip protection so the screen won’t come in to contact with other surfaces, and air cushion technology to absorb the shock during drops. You can pick it up in several colors for $16.99.

Spigen Air Cushion Hybrid Series


Another great option from Spigen is their Hybrid Series Air Cushion case. It has a scratch proof back in multiple colors, and advanced air cushion technology that will protect your iPhone if it’s dropped. It also has a small lip over the bezel to protect the screen from contacting surfaces. This can be picked up for a very reasonable $12.99.

Ultraproof Waterproof

Ultraproof Waterproof iPhone 6

For $8.50 you can make your iPhone 6 fully waterproof for up to 4 metres, with the Ultraproof waterproof case. It’s not really designed to be a permanent cover as it’s essentially like a water-tight envelope. But if you’re showering, swimming, or taking part in water sports, it’s perfect for the matter at hand. Both the touch screen and camera will continue to function while encased, making it a versatile choice.

Maxboost Vibrance Series

Maxboost Vibrance Series iPhone 6

For $15.99 Maxboost offer their Vibrance Series case, which is an all round good choice for general protection. It can absorb shock all the way round the device, has the lipped bezel to protect the screen, and has a soft interior to prevent scratching from the cover itself.

OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6

OtterBox’s beefiest case is the Defender Series, which comes with a belt clip and is ideal for the workman. The phone and all of its ports are sealed from dust and debris, its 3 layers of protection makes it one of the best shock absorbers on the market, and it has surprising range of color and pattern options. All for $37.70.

JETech Bumper

JETech Bumper iPhone 6

The JETech Bumper Cover is perfect for those on a budget, as it comes in at under $7, but still has a lot of features usually only reserved for more expensive cases. These include air cushioned corners and a thin screen protector. There are also a range of customizable design options so you can create unique look.

Trent Trenti 6 – Transparent Bumper

Trent Trenti Transparent Bumper iPhone 6

The $9.95 Trenti transparent Bumper Cover by Trent, fits comfortably over the back of your iPhone 6, and has over-shaped corners for extra shock absorption if dropped. The unique dotted design not only looks cool, but also provides added grip.

i-Blason Halo Series

iBlason Halo Series iPhone 6

At $9.99 another decent transparent cover comes from i-Blason. Their Halo Series provides a scratch resistant rear shell, with an anti-slip coating, and a front lip to protect the screen. There are also several vibrant color choices for the edges to give it some flair.

Luxury Hybrid Bling Glitter Rhinestones

Luxury Hybrid Bling Glitter Rhinestones iPhone 6

If you’re looking for more of a distinctive style instead of damage protection, the Luxury Hybrid Bling case might be just what you need for $11.99. It comes in core black, gold and pink colors, each sporting a glittery coating and rhinestones at the top and bottom. It has basic protection from dust and scratching, and some shock protection for small drops.

Luxury Hybrid Bling Glitter Normal

Luxury Hybrid Bling Glitter iPhone 6

There is an even cheaper option for those on a budget at just $2.27. It has the same cool glitter effect, but without the rhinestones or extra protection.

Maxboost Liquid Skin

Maxboost Liquid Skin iPhone 6

Another popular iPhone 6 case from Maxboost is their “Liquid Skin”, which is a soft, thin and light design, which tries to stay as true to the device as possible. This is why it’s marketed as “barely there.” At $7.99 it might not be the best option for impact protection, but it is scratch resistant and protects from surface damage and pressure. If you don’t want it transparent, you can also add some color to the back.

MoKo Sports Armband

MoKo Sports Armband iPhone 6

The $6.99 MoKo Sports Armband is a temporary case for when you are being active. It straps your iPhone 6 to your upper arm with Velcro, which is perfect for when you are out jogging or at the gym and it’s not practical to have the device in your pocket or left unattended. It’s resistant to sweat and surface water, making it the ideal exercise companion.

Hundromi Henna White Floral

Hundromi Henna White Floral iPhone 6

Like the bling cases, this $5.99 cover is more about the cool design choices than their protection abilities. Most of these are floral “henna” style patterns and images, with several vibrant colors. It also comes bundled with a stylus pen, which is pretty good value for money.

ESR The Beat Series


For $9.99 the ESR Beat Series iPhone 6 case provides nearly 40 different high quality design choices, from groovy patterns to cool animal characters. There’s definitely something for everyone! The scratch proof coating means your chosen design will never fade or rub off, and there is also some basic corner protection in case you drop the device, though it’s not as sturdy as many of the others.

Have any specific recommendation from your experience? Share it with us in the comment below!



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