With the Samsung Galaxy S6 now out in full force, you may be wondering how you can protect the device from damage and give it its own unique look. There are many cases on the market that accomplish both. The new Galaxy S6 has completely new design. However, there’s a lots of critics Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 resembles in context of design.

While the Galaxy S6 has a Gorilla Glass 4 on its front screen, it’s not completely scratch proof. Why risk that sexy new device getting scratched or even cracked?

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So, we’ve chosen best of the Samsung Galaxy S6 cases that you might want to put it on your brand new Galaxy S6. Here are ten of our favorites.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Series

Spigen Neo Hybrid Series galaxy s6

The Neo Hybrid series is a stylish premium looking case that comes in two layers for extra bumper protection. This features the main TPU rubber shell (with patterned grip) that encases the rear of the device, and a polycarbonate material that doubles-up over the edges. This outer trim comes in different colors for a custom feel. You can pick this up for $17.99.

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CellBee Dual Layer Heavy Duty Holster

CellBee Dual Layer Heavy Duty Holster galaxy s6

This heavy-duty shock protector is perfect for those who work in dusty and dirty environments, and is great value for money at $10.99. All of the ports can be sealed to prevent any internal damage, and it’s beefy dual layered casing can withstand the impact of being dropped or bashed around on the job. The 180-degree rotating belt clip is great for quick access, and also doubles as a kickstand. While the outer casing is black, the inside layer which is visible along the edge comes in multiple colors.

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Spigen Air Cushion Bumper

Spigen Air Cushion Bumper galaxy s6

As the name suggests this offering from Spigen comes with air cushion technology, making it particularly good at absorbing the shock if you drop your Galaxy S6 on the floor. Rather than fully encasing the back of the device, it simply clips around the edges, and a separate stick on protector is provided to prevent damage to the rear, without adding any real bulk. It also protrudes slightly over the front bezels so the screen doesn’t come in to contact with other surfaces. You get all this for just $12.99 and $11.99 for the S6 Edge version.

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MoKo Universal Waterproof

MoKo Universal Waterproof galaxy s6

There are several versions of the Moko Waterproof available, but the most versatile is the $6.95 one that comes with an Armband and Neck Strap. This makes it ideal for taking in the shower or going for a swim, as you can keep it on your person while also being active. It’s transparent and thin watertight design allows you to tap away at the touchscreen and snap the camera with no issues. This also makes it perfect for the more extreme among us to take shots while surfing, rafting, or any other water-soaked endeavour.

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Enther Ultimate Cushion Slim

Enther Ultimate Cushion Slim galaxy s6

At $9.99 the Enther Ultimate Cushion is great value for money. The thin and clear design allows you to keep the original look of the S6, but the edges and rear are protected by a material that is almost as hard as tempered glass. This is dust and scratch proof, giving you piece of mind when putting in your pocket or bag, and it’s extra grippy when held.

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Caseology Wavelength Series

Caseology Wavelength Series galaxy s6

This is a particularly cool looking case, whether you choose the standard black or a more vibrant two tone option. For $13.99 you get dual-layer shock support that responds when dropped from all angles, and a soft rubbery grip making it less likely to slip out of your hand in the first place. It’s a top notch build that fits perfectly for the spans, ports and camera.

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MoKo Sports Armband

MoKo Sports Armband galaxy s6

As well as their full waterproof option, MoKo also offer a $8.99 sports armband that is resistant to surface water and sweat. This temporary solution is aimed mainly at those who need their S6 on their person while exercising, which is accomplished by strapping it to your upper arm with Velcro. It also has a built in reflective strip in case you are jogging in the dark.

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Spigen Resilient Impact Protection

Spigen Resilient Impact Protection galaxy s6

A third offering from Spigen that is worth checking out is the $11.99 “Resilient” model, which we think is one of the better looking Galaxy S6 covers on the market. Like the others it has air cushion technology to absorb impacts, but it’s rugged look is what sells it for us.

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Ringke SLIM

Ringke SLIM galaxy s6

If you don’t want to radically alter your Samsung Galaxy S6 then the simple smooth Rinke SLIM is worth considering. The $9.99 case adds minimal bulk to the device, while giving it all round scratch protection and grip. It also comes with a standard screen protector and currently a free HD movie on Amazon. It’s not the best shock absorber of the bunch however.

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Verus Flexible Clear

Verus Flexible Clear galaxy s6

The $14.99 Verus is another minimalist design that can either be transparent or jazzed up with some color options. Its “crystal light” rear texture provides both grip and reduces the oil and build-up that smoother covers suffer from, and it can handle minor shocks from all angles.

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So, which one is your favorite pick? Let us know in the comments below.


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