Best Google Pixel battery case

The Google Pixel is definitely one of the most interesting (if not the best) Android handsets launched in 2016, receiving a lot of positive feedback from the tech community. However, despite its high end specs, there’s still one detail about which a lot of users are complaining: the battery life.

Out of the box, it comes with a non-removable 2770 mAh battery, which, at first, seems just enough for a 5.0” smartphone, but let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as ‘enough battery life’.

Of course, you can always opt for an external battery, but it can be a bit annoying to carry it all the time, not to mention that it’s very impractical to use the phone and hold the battery with just one hand. Therefore, we need to find an alternative solution. Ok, how about a battery case?

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Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great Google Pixel Battery cases available, but after taking a look on Amazon, we still managed to find a few excellent models, perfect for those moments where you’re in need of some extra juice.

Here are the best battery charging cases for Google Pixel:

1. Alclap Ultra Slim Portable Charger Case

ALCLAP Google Pixel Case

First of all, we have a very powerful 4000 mAh Li-Polymer battery case for your Google Pixel, made by Alclap, able to provide an extra 30 hours of talking time of 15 hours of web surfing.

The case is very easy to install, since everything you need to do is simply slip the phone in it. The integrated power switch enables you to turn on and off the battery case quickly, while the 4-light LED indicator shows exactly how much power you have left.

The case is also equipped with the Dual Charge Technology, supporting charging for both the phone and battery, at the same time. Finally, let’s not forget about the intelligent protection, which can efficiently prevent a short circuit or overcharge, under extreme operating conditions.

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2. ICONic External Battery Case

ICONic Google Pixel battery case

Next in our top comes a Google Pixel battery case from ICONic, with the same capacity as the previous, 4000 mAh, able to provide an extra 60 hours of music, 17 hours of talking, 13 hours of video, 12 hours of web browsing or even 3 hours of 3D gaming on your phone. Whoa, now that’s more than impressive!

Besides charging your phone, this battery case can also provide a great amount of protection for the Pixel.

It has a comprehensive bumper design and hard shell back plate, being able to keep away scratches, as well as daily wear and tear. It also has precise cutouts and ports, so you can access all buttons and ports, while the slim design doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your phone, so it will easily fit in your pocket.

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3. iAlegant Ultra Slim Charger Case

iAlegant Google Pixel charging case

Finally, the latest entry in our short ‘Best Google Pixel Battery Cases’ top comes from iAlegant and it has a capacity of – you guessed it – 4000 mAh.

The manufacturer promises an extra 60 hours of audio, 17 hours of 3G talk time, 11 hours of video, 9 hours of web browsing or, for all you gamers out there, 3 hours of 3D fun time.

It comes with an LED battery level indicator, so you can easily check out how much juice there’s left, while the integrated circuit design can effectively prevent short circuits or overcharging, which can damage your phone.

Of course, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that this is also a case, with a relatively slim profile, being able to protect your phone from scratches or even some serious drops. Hey, what more can you ask for?

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And this sums it up, ladies and gents! These are some of the best Google Pixel battery cases so far. We’re convinced that more and more models will be released in the near future, so we’ll definitely add them to our top.

As for our favorite case…well, we can’t really choose one, since most of them have the same capacity and look almost the same. But we’ll leave this to you. Which Google Pixel battery case would you choose and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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