best htc u ultra wallet cases

There’s no doubt that the all new HTC U Ultra is one of the most impressive smartphones we’ve seen this year (and it’s just January), but we’re not so sure about how well it will sell, considering that ridiculous price tag it sports.

However, if you’re a big fan and will eventually get your hands on one, you might as well make sure that you keep it safe. After all, who wants to break a smartphone that can cost even a bit over $1000?

As you probably know, you can already find a lot of cases for this model, but today we’re focusing on a special type: the best HTC U Ultra wallet cases!

Apparently, a lot of people prefer these practical models, due to the fact that they can easily replace those chunky wallets, while maintaining an increased level of protection for your phone.

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Here are some of the best HTC U Ultra wallet cases you can currently buy:

1. LK HTC U Ultra Wallet Case

best htc u ultra case from lk

The folks over at LK are pretty good when it comes to making wallet cases for various smartphones and this one, for the U Ultra, is no exception.

It’s multi-functionally designed to act as a case, as well as a secure portable wallet. The multiple slots allow you to carry three credit cards and cash, in the special pouch.

In terms of protection, you should worry at all about your phone not being safe, thanks to the inner TPU skin shell and shock absorbing materials used in manufacturing it.

Finally, let’s not forget about the automatic magnetic closure, which keeps the wallet securely closed. And it can’t be turned into a kickstand as well, if you like enjoying movies on your phone. The case is available in Purple, Black, Brown and Rose Gold.

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2. MP-Mall HTC U Ultra Wallet Case

best htc u ultra case from mp-mall

Next, we have another excellent HTC U Ultra wallet case!

Actually, it’s more of a wallet than a case, since it comes with convenient card pockets, allowing you to store, 3 of them, a special money pouch, as well as a stylish wrist strap, so you can carry it around with ease.

The case itself is handmade of synthetic leather and features a strong magnetic clip, make sure the content is safe all the time. Unfortunately, it’s available just in black, but still, it looks very good when fully closed!

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3. Tauri Leather Case with Flip Cover

best htc u ultra case from tauri

Looking for something a bit more stylish, but with the same increased functionality?

Check out this HTC U Ultra wallet case from Tauri, made of premium, soft leather, featuring built-in card pockets and a sleeve, allowing you to store your ID, cash and credit cards.

It has a smooth leather finish, preventing damage from dust, dirt and scratches, while the magnetic clip provides all-round secure protection to your phone. And yes, the kickstand is also present, being great for videos, reading or video chatting. You can get one in Rose Gold, Black or Purple.

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4. NageBee Premium Flip Wallet Case

best htc u ultra case from nege bee

Ok, time to focus on something really cool, perfect for those who want to stand out!

This wallet case from NageBee is available in three versions, featuring some crazy patterns, like Royal Totem, Plum Blossom or Butterfly Tree, being great for you ladies!

Just like other previous entries in our top, it features three slots for credit cards or ID, as well as a separate insert for cash.

The secure snap lock keeps everything inside and, overall, the case adds just a small amount of bulk, managing to maintain the HTC U Ultra’s slim profile. A great choice, if you ask us!

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5. ONX3 HTC U Ultra Wallet Case

best htc u ultra case from onx3

The manufacturer claims that this is more like a card and phone holder, since it’s a very slim model, but somehow managing to keep your HTC safe and sound, keeping scratches and dust away.

However, its main feature is the sliding phone cradle, which allows you to take pictures even with the phone in the case, since everything you need to do is slide it up, expose the camera and snap away!

Also, we should mention the inner plastic cradle, which holds the phone securely, thanks to the spring-powered claws, built to withstand drops and falls. You can get it in 10 different colors and finishes, but make sure you don’t miss that carbon fiber model, looking really great!

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And this is pretty much it, guys! These are the best HTC U Ultra wallet cases you can currently get. We know, they’re just a few, but since we’re talking about a new phone, they’re just enough, at least for the moment.

Our Pick: Tauri Leather Case

It wasn’t really hard picking our favorite, though, since Tauri’s leather case looks just fine for us. A classic, well-made wallet case, perfect for keeping your essentials with you all the time.

But what about you? Which model would you choose and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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