best oneplus 3t wallet cases

If you’re looking for a high-end phone and you’re on a budget, more or less, there’s no doubt that there’s no better option than a OnePlus 3T right now! The Chinese manufacturer’s latest model is an excellent combination between premium design and high-end specs, while managing to maintain a pocket-friendly price.

Even though the handset itself is pretty solid, due to the metal build, a bit of extra protection doesn’t hurt. And if that protection can also be very practical, things get even better!

You guessed it, today we’re talking about the best OnePlus 3T wallet cases, perfect for carrying both your phone and essentials, like ID, cards or money.

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After taking a quick look over Amazon, we’ve come across some very interesting models, suitable for any budget and style. So, without much further ado…

Here are the best OnePlus 3T wallet cases you can currently buy:

1. Orzly Multi-Function Wallet Case

Best OnePlus 3T case from Orzly

Made with faux leather on the outside, for durable protection, and with an inner hard shell, for a secure grip, this case features in-built pockets, able to store two cards or IDs, as well as a special slot for banknotes, being great for a night out, when you don’t need a lot of stuff in your pockets.

The case also has precise cutouts, providing full access to all ports and buttons, not to mention the integrated stand, for hands-free viewing of videos, emails and notes. It’s available in Black, Blue and Red, by the way!

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2. Make Mate OnePlus 3T Wallet Case

Best OnePlus 3T case from Make Mate

Unlike the previous model, we’re looking at a genuine leather model here, with a great feel and able to better absorb shocks, in case of an accidental drop.

The inside is made of high quality polycarbonate, very tough and able to hold your phone firmly.

Of course, the pockets are present on the inside, while the magnet mounted on the case automatically absorbs the phone, allowing you to easily close the case and making sure it won’t fall. Also, the lid can be put in different positions, so you can enjoy movies hands free! You can get this case in Black, Orange and Rose Red.

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3. Kwmobile OnePlus 3T Wallet Case

Best OnePlus 3T case from kwmobile

Next, we have a pretty interesting OnePlus 3T wallet case, with a great looking design, made of canvas fabric.

It’s available in five different color combinations, giving the phone a very elegant look, while managing to remain practical.

The flap has a powerful magnet which makes sure that the content remains where it should. And by content, we mean – besides the phone, of course – your credit cards, ID or money, since it has some special slots on the inside. And yes, you guessed it, it works as a stand as well.

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4. Pacuwi OnePlus 3T Leather Case

Best OnePlus 3T case from Pacuwi

You basically can’t go wrong with a leather wallet case, like this model, from Pacuwi, with a really nice Lichee Pattern design and soft materials, very easy to install and remove.

Besides the practical card slots and cash holder, it offers your phone full protection against scratches and bumps.

The magnetic flap is on duty, keeping everything secure, while the precise cutouts allow easy access to all features and ports, without removing the case. You can opt for Red or Black when buying it.

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5. MicroP OnePlus 3T Wallet Case

Best OnePlus 3T case from MicroP

Designed specially for the OnePlus 3T (and 3, that is), this cool case, available with a light Blue finish, is great for those who want to stop carrying a wallet, thanks to the three built-in card slots it features, as well as the money pouch, spacious enough for a few bills.

It’s not the bulkiest case out there, being able to maintain a slim profile, but this doesn’t mean that the OnePlus isn’t safe, since it provides full protection against scratches, scuffs and daily wear and tear.

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6. Acessorz Rugged Wallet Case

Best OnePlus 3T case from Acessorz

Ok, now this OnePlus 3T wallet case leaves the classic flip cover design behind, introducing a different way of storing your possessions.

To be more specific, it has a card slot on the back of the phone, able to house just one card and some cash. Besides this, it’s a real hardcore model, thanks to the rugged plastic brushed shell and the flexible silicone inner core dual layer.

Yes, it’s a bit bulky, but your phone is definitely safe with this baby wrapped around it. Also, it’s available in some pretty nice colors, like Rose Gold, Gunmetal, Black and Teal.

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7. Meiya Leather Flip Case

Best OnePlus 3T case from Meiya

Last but not least, with have another interesting wallet case for OnePlus 3T, made of premium PU leather and a very interesting pattern. You can get it in Gold, Black, Blue, Red and Grey, so it matches pretty much every style!

Like all models present in our top, it has slots for credit cards and cash, as well as a magnetic flap, which can be easily closed and opened, making sure that your phone is not accidentally exposed to any danger.

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And this is where our top comes to an end. Below you have seven of the best OnePlus 3T wallet cases money can buy right now. No matter what style you prefer, or if you want to stand out a bit, you’ll definitely find a model you like here.

Our Pick: Orzly Wallet Case

Yep, we had no doubts about this. Orzly’s model is our favorite case from this top. It has a simple design, but it’s insanely practical and somehow manages to maintain the phone’s slim profile.

What about you? Which one of these OnePlus 3T wallet cases is your favorite and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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