best Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 cases

Even though it’s an amazing phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t come for cheap, so anybody who wants to buy a new smartphone and can’t afford the South Korean manufacturer’s latest flagship, should definitely consider the Galaxy A series, specifically the Galaxy A5 (2017).

It’s an upper mid-ranger, released just a few weeks ago, able to run even the most demanding apps, not to mention the premium design! Of course, you know us. We care about smartphone, so today we’re recommending some great cases for your new smartphone, after doing some research on Amazon.

Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) cases you can get right now:

1. Spigen Liquid Air Case

Best Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 case from

Ah yes, a smooth and elegant case from the folks over at Spigen.

Made of elastic and durable TPU, a material which allows a soft and comfortable grip, the Liquid Air case for the Galaxy A5 (2017) is slim and form-fitted, being able to show the perfect shape of your device.

Besides the ability to absorb shocks, for superior protection, it also increases the phone’s grip, so you can forget about dropping it. You can get it just with a Black finish.

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2. Tridea Power Guard Premium Case

Best Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 case from Tridea

Next in our top comes another great looking Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) case, with a carbon fiber look finish, called Matrix Black (it’s also available in Brown).

It’s made of flexible and durable polycarbonate and TPU, being able to absorb shocks and offer superior protection.

It has a slim design, so it won’t add that much bulk to your phone, while the precise cutouts enable the access to buttons and ports. And it has a hidden slot for a credit card or ID, so you can leave your wallet at home from time to time.

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3. LONTECT Heavy Duty Hybrid Case

Best Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 case from Lontect

Ok, time for something a bit more extreme! We’re looking at a dual-layered Galaxy A5 (2017) case here, able to provide reinforced protection, being shock absorbent, shatterproof and anti-scratch.

On the back, there’s a built-in kickstand, perfect for horizontal viewing, and, overall, has a slim design, despite being a rugged model. It’s available in Navy Blue and Grey.

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4. Ouba Hybrid Armor Defender Case

Best Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 case from Ouba

Yes, ladies and gents, another rugged case makes it to our top, but this time, made by Ouba.

Made of a combination of hard polycarbonate and soft TPU, it provides outstanding protection against drops and other types of impact.

The kickstand is also present, being great for media consuming, while the grip of your phone will be significantly improved, thanks to the rugged textures on the sides. You can get in Black or with various details, in Blue, Green, and Rose Gold, the latter looking incredibly good.

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5. EasyAcc Crystal Clear Slim Case

Best Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 case from EasyAcc

Such a top would be incomplete without a clear case, right?

For example, this one, from EasyAcc, will perfectly wrap around your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), revealing its shapes and lines, with minimal bulk.

The inner dotted marks prevent air bubbles, as well as water marks, while its anti-slip property makes sure the phone won’t fall from your hand. It also has raised edges, keeping scratches away from the screen! And finally, we should mention that it’s made of premium TPU, so it won’t get yellow in time.

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6. Remex Military Tires Shockproof Case

Best Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 case from Remex

How about something a bit different, like this Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) case from Remex, with a really special pattern?

Made of polycarbonate and TPU, it provides a great amount of protection for your phone, while maintaining a slim profile.

Thanks to the above-mentioned pattern, it reduces the chances of slipping the phone, but also manages to keep dust and fingerprints away. It also has a kickstand on the back, which is great for those moments when you want to watch some movies hands free. The bad part is that you can get it only in Black…

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7. Mustaner Premium Leather Cover Case

Best Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 case from Mustaner

Looking for something classy? How about a nice leather Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) case, like this one, from Mustaner?

It’s made of premium PU leather, with an iron sheet on the inside, protecting your phone from any sharp objects.

The surface is dustproof, anti-fingerprint and very easy to clean, not to mention that it adds just 20% thickness to your phone. You can get it in Brown, Black or Blue with a Brown stripe.

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8. 32ndShop Slim Armour Defender Case

Best Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 case from 32ndShop

Yes, there is such thing as a rugged and slim, at the same time case. Consisting of two parts – soft silicone and a hard polycarbonate outer shell – this case can definitely withstand even a serious drop, thanks to the reinforced build.

On the other side, it’s incredibly slim for such a model, so you don’t need to worry about your phone not fitting in your pocket after applying it.

If you’re fancying this model, you can get it in Silver, Black, Gold, Mint Green, Red and State Blue.

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9. 32ndShop Faux Leather Wallet Case

Best Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 case from 32ndShop wallet

A wallet case can’t hurt and this one, from the same manufacturer as the previous model, works great with your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017).

It fits the phone perfectly and features two slots for ID or cards, as well as a special money pouch!

You can get it in six different colors, like Black, Deep Blue, Hot Pink, Light Blue, Purple or Red, and it includes a screen protector, cleaning cloth and touch stylus.

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10. Suensan Ultra Slim Hard Case

Best Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 case from Suensan

And finally, we have a simple, yet efficient Galaxy A5 (2017) case, made of hard polycarbonate, with an ultra slim design!

It’s available in several colors, including some brightly colored variants, like Blue or Red and, despite being a pretty basic model, it does the job.

The case provides a natural feeling and it can keep your Samsung safe against accidental scratches or light impacts, like drops from small heights.

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And this is where our list comes to an end, guys! Above you can find some of the best Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) you can currently get for your phone, no matter the budget or personal taste.

Our pick: Spigen Liquid Air Case

Honestly, it was love at first sight. This is how a case should look like! It’s slim enough and it also provides just enough protection for your phone, being great against daily wear and tear.

But what about you? Which one of these models would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


  1. I work in construction on a lake in Ontario Canadaand need something as protective as it gets impact proof dust proof and water proof so far the only case of found that does that is the love mei case umm silently using however it’s heavy and probably not worth as much as i spent it was only $30 and is working well so far but i need something that provides the same type of coverage and there’s not a life proof case out yet doubt there’s anything but diversions would be nice

  2. What about cases that cover the power and headphone ports? If you work /live in a dusty environment this is a must have feature!


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