Best iPad Pro 9.7 inch case with pencil holder

Apple had good intentions when they developed the Pencil, but we just can’t forget how people reacted after seeing how that thing charges.

But hey, we’re not here to discuss Apple’s design decisions, but to talk about some cool tablet cases, with a support for this really practical stylus. To be more specific, we’re going to focus on the best iPad Pro 9.7 inch cases with Pencil holder!

Big tablets are becoming more and more popular, as many people are replacing their laptops with them, so if you want to keep yours safe and sound all the time, you’re in big need of a case!

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Fortunately, we’re here to help. After taking a look over Amazon, we made a list with ten of the best models you can buy right now. Let’s begin, shall we?

Here are the best iPad Pro 9.7-inch cases with pencil holder:

1. ProCase Leather Stand Folio Case

ProCase iPad Pro 9.7 case with pencil holder

Our first pick is from ProCase. The folks over ProCase open today’s list, with a really good looking iPad Pro 9.7 inch case with Pencil holder.

Designed exclusively for the tablet, it’s made of a combination of leather on the exterior and a soft interior, offering great protection against daily use.

Besides the integrated stylus holder, if also gives yo the possibility to enjoy multiple viewing angles, while the buttons and ports are easily accessible, thanks to the precise cutouts.

It’s available in ten different colors and it comes with an included stylus, for those who don’t own the Pencil.

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2. Speck iPad Pro 9.7 inch Case with Pencil Holder

Speck iPad Pro 9.7 case with pencil holder

Next in line we have a very good looking model, coming from Speck. Just like the previous model, it comes with an integrated Apple Pencil holder and it also works as a kickstand, allowing multiple angles, for comfortable viewing and typing.

What we really like about it is the slim profile, which manages to provide durable protection, while adding a reduced amount of bulk. Made of quality vegan leather, the case is available in Black and Marine Blue.

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3. iVAPO Brief Business Style Slim Case

iVapo iPad Pro 9.7 case with pencil holder

Another slim iPad Pro 9.7 inch case with Pencil holder makes it to our top, featuring a premium composition PU exterior and a soft microfiber padding on the inside, offering a great amount of protection for your table.

The textured design increases the grip, while the kickstand feature is great for hands-free media consuming.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget about the built-in Apple Pencil holder, conveniently placed on the side of the tablet, or the Magnetic Closure system, supporting the auto Sleep/Wake function.  You can get the tablet in three colors, including Black, Blue and Red.

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4. ZooGue iPad Pro 9.8-inch Case with Pencil Holder

ZooGue iPad Pro 9.7 case with pencil holder

Moving on, we have a very interesting case for the iPod Pro 9.7”, fully adjustable to pretty much any angle you can think of.

Seriously, this case can be adjusted in several positions, so you can obtain the perfect viewing angle.

It comes with a secure magnetic cover and flap, with Sleep/Wake function, as well as a stylus holder, because hey, this is what this list is all about. Simple and nice, we would totally buy it!

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5. Tranesca Premium Leather Protector

Tranesca iPad Pro 9.7 inch case

Our top would be incomplete without a leather case for the iPod Pro 9.7 inch, so Tranesca’s model is more than welcome here.

It has precise cutouts, enabling easy access to all ports and buttons, as well as clear viewing of the front and rear cameras. The Rotatable Stand function ensures multiple viewing angles, while the card slot and Apple Pencil holder are also present, so you can take everything you need just in one case.

It’s available with a Topaz Brown or Velvet Black finish.

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6. Fintie iPad Pro 9.7-inch Case

Fintie iPad Pro 9.7 inch case

If you want to be a bit different, you might as well check out this iPad Pro 9.7 inch case with Pencil holder from Fintie, especially with this Vintage Antique Bronze finish, which looks absolutely superb.

It allows you to adjust your iPad to absolutely any angle and secure it with the patent pending Velcro design, while the adjustable strap on the back can be used to mount it even on a car headrest.

The case itself is made of premium synthetic leather, with a soft microfiber interior, being lightweight and protective.

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7. Benuo All in One Series Leather Case

Benuo iPad Pro 9.7 inch case

We know, you like to carry all kinds of stuff with you, that’s why we included this awesome leather case for the iPad Pro 9.7 inch in our top.

Made of superior genuine leather and with a suede-like finish, with a retro look and handmade stitches, it has 3 interior card slots, as well as a big, flat document pocket.

Yep, it can pretty much replace your wallet, since there’s enough space there for your credit cards, bills, ID and documents.

Besides the convenient Pencil holder, it features a leather wrapped Stretch Strap, which can be adjusted freely to fit your wrist. You can get it in Black, Brown and Luxury Black.

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8. CUVR Genuine Leather Case

Cuvr iPad Pro 9.7 inch case

Available in three colors – Brown, Tan and Oxblood – this iPad Pro 9.7 inch case with Pencil holder offers a very elegant look to your tablet.

Featuring a textured leather exterior, it increases the grip significantly, while the soft microfiber interior keeps all scratches away. It works as a stand, so you can use your iPad in three different positions, and the smart cover, with a clever magnetic clasp, enables the Sleep/Wake feature.

A very good choice for anybody that wants to add an extra style to the already good-looking iPad Pro 9.7”.

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9. Bentoben Kickstand Slim Folio Case

Bentoben iPad Pro 9.7 inch case

Even though it’s made of premium synthetic leather, this slim model from Bentoben looks very, but very good!

On the interior, it has microfiber lining, so you can slide the tablet in smoothly, while the detachable Apple Pencil case is placed on the outside of the case, providing easy access to it.

It works as a viewing stand if you place it in the stitching area of the lining and we should also mention the presence of the auto wake-up and sleep modes, which will significantly increase your tablet’s battery life. You can get one in Navy Blue, Black and Rose Gold.

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10. Jumtent Leather Folio Case Cover

Jumtent iPad Pro 9.7 inch case

Closing our top is another leather iPad Pro 9.7 inch case with Pencil holder which can easily replace your wallet. If you prefer such a big wallet, that is.

It has an elastic hand strap, card slots and a document card pocket, so you can carry all your essentials.

As mentioned earlier, it’s made of premium synthetic leather, with a soft, scratch-free microfiber interior, maintaining a slim profile for your tablet and providing a firm and increased grip.

It has precise cutouts and openings for all buttons and ports and it’s available in five great-looking colors, like Coffee, Black, Brown, Magenta and Pink.

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Our Pick

And this is where our list comes to an end. Below you can find ten of the best cases for your 9.7” iPad Pro, with an included and very practical Pencil holder.

Even though all of them are excellent products, we must admit that we have a soft spot for the Speck StyleFolio Case, mostly due to its design. Yeah, we would totally buy it!

Now it’s your turn. Which one of these cases would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below.


  1. I’m ordering the Speck cases tonight for my husband and myself. Why? Totally because the pencil holder is INSIDE. I don’t want to risk the possibility of losing covers or the pencil itself because it got caught on something. Thanks for doing the research!


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