Best camera cleaning kits

Your expensive DSLR camera will require regular maintenance to be able to function optimally in the field. The outdoors is not kind to your DSLR camera, especially the lens. The glass can gather dust, dirt, debris, mud, or get fogged with mist, rain or sea spray residue. Not to mention the smudging that can occur from the oil on your skin.

Clearly, you will need a great camera cleaning kit to avoid having to clean your lens in the middle of a shoot with a tissue (which is a terrible idea, because the tissue can scratch the lens.) and it requires only a handful of items.

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There are many perks to buying a camera kit. First, they usually include equipment perfectly shaped to reach the nooks and corners of your camera. Also, professional cleaning kits come with liquids and material that won’t damage the surface of the lens or another part of your camera, as it is common with certain household items, like soap or bleach, amateur photographers use to clean cameras.

For these reasons, you should be careful regarding the camera kit you buy. A dirt cheap, unprofessional camera kit can do more damage to your camera than leaving it uncleaned.

So, read below for a roundup of the best, professional-grade camera cleaning kits for heavy-duty DSLRs:

Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit

Our Pick
Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit

Altura Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit includes all the materials you’ll ever need to clean your valuable camera.

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Our number one pick is the product from Altura. This cleaning kit has all the essentials: lens cleaning pen, lens brush, air blower, lens tissue paper, empty spray bottle, and MagicFiber cleaning cloth. However, this kit is distinguishable from the rest as it does not include any harsh liquid chemicals for complete results.

The premium-grade microfiber cloth included is extremely soft on surfaces, and leaves no scratches, streaks or any other kind of marks. One end of the lens cleaning pen includes a non-liquid cleaning agent to remove stubborn stains and fingerprint smudges. Also, the air blower included is easier and safer to handle than compressed air ones.

CamKix Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

Best Alternative

CamKik Professional Cleaning Kit

In case Altura’s cleaning kit is unavailable, this is the best alternative you can buy.

This is an all-purpose kit from CamKik suited for all brands of cameras and sensitive surfaces. Includes an air blower, microfiber cleaning cloth, lens cleaning tissues, a brush, reusable spray bottle and a double sided lens cleaning pen. The spray bottle comes with an alcohol-free cleaning solution to remove hard stains without damaging the surface of the lens.

The cleaning brush included is static free and contains no silicone or other material that can cause abrasions. This is a wonderful comprehensive kit suitable for photographers always on the move.


Also Great

Canon Lens Cleaning Kit

This kit work not just for Canon cameras, but also for other professional cameras of other brands you own.

This fast selling camera kit is from the reigning DSLR maker itself: Canon.

The kit is however compatible with other DSLR brands as well.  The kit includes lens cleaning fluid, lens tissues, a soft retractable brush, microfiber cloth, a sturdy plastic storage box and a Precision Design Deluxe Hurricane Blower.

The lens cleaning fluid is especially suitable for high-end optical lens, and won’t cause long-term damage after use. The retractable brush and microfiber cloth will not cause abrasions on the camera, and are ergonomically designed to reach all the linings and folds. Also, the cloth uses a special dry cleaning solution to remove smudges easily. Last but not least, the blower can completely remove dust particles without any physical contact.


Also Great

K&F 7-in-1 Cleaning Kit

It offers 7-in-1 cleaning materials, good enough for your everyday DSLR camera.

The K&F kit is specially designed for Nikon and Sony DSLR cameras. It comes with a lens air blower, microfiber cleaning cloth, lens cleaning pen and cotton paper. This kit is highly recommended for hand dusting and removing oily smudges.

The microfiber cloth absorbs liquid on any part of the camera instantly, and can easily rub off grease and oil. The lens cleaning pen is safe to use even on multi-coated glass. The extremely ductile lint-free cotton paper provided can clean without causing mini scratches as normal paper do.

LS Photography

Also Great

LS Photography Cleaning Kit

This decent package  have you covered all the things you need to clean your camera nice and clean.

This excellent heavy-duty LS Photography cleaning kit will best serve photographers who work in dusty terrain. If you are going on assignment to shoot wildlife scenery or capture urban chaos, don’t forget to get one of these cleaning kits.

It includes lens cleaning pen, soft cleaning brush, SuperFiber lens cleaning cloth, Rocket air blower, cleaning tissues, wipes and cleaning solution. This kit can remove hard stains and dust caused by static with little effort. This kit can be used on any type of lens, be it night-vision or coated.


Also Great

VSGO Cleaning Kit

If you’re a travelling photographer, then you might find this cleaning kit incredibly useful.

This is the ideal kit for travelling photographers. VSGO DKL-6 has included everything in compact, travel-ready mode. Also, this kit exclusively offers cleaning material for sensors, which most other kits ignore. Included in the portable bag are lens cleaning cloth, air blower, anti-static cleaning brush, APS-C 16mm sensor cleaning swab, cotton swabs, wet wipes and lens paper.

The lens pen includes a multi-laminate nanoscale active carbon powder to absorb oil stains almost instantly. The sensor cleaning swabs are completely dust free and won’t damage sensitive surfaces.

Choose one of the above professional cleaning kits for your DSLR camera and stay away from home-made material that can cause irreversible damage to your precious equipment.


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