Nikon D3400 with flash

Camera enthusiasts brace yourselves: Nikon just announced the highly anticipated D3400 DSLR camera.

Successor to the popular D3300, D3400 has been designed specifically for “aspiring photographers.”

Cool New Features Compared to D3300

The D3400 will be the first entry-level DX-format digital SLR camera with SnapBridge connectivity. For those of you who are new to Nikon cameras, SnapBridge connectivity allows the camera seamless connections with other devices like your smartphone.

The D3400 has a built-in Bluetooth connection that’s always on to connect to the devices you want. It’s designed to consume as little energy as possible, so you won’t drain your camera’s battery by having the Bluetooth on all the time.

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The D3400 shares some of the basic specifications with the D3300 that came before. For example, both cameras have the 24-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor without an optical low-pass filter. The EXPEED 4 image processor from D3300 is the same in D3400 as well.

Nikon D3400 entry level camera

However, there are very notable differences between the two cameras. For starters, the D3400 is lighter compared to the D3300, which is impressive given that D3300 was built to be light. The D3400 will weigh 395 grams, which is close to 15 percent less weight than the D3300.

D3300 fans should also know that ultrasonic sensor cleaning that came with the model is not available in the newer D3400 model. You will have to manually clean using sensor swabs. Also, the external microphone port in the D3300 is missing from the D3400.

The D3400 has an impressive battery compared to the D3300. The D3400 battery is said to have 1200 shots per charge. In comparison, the D3300 had only 700 shots per charge.

You can expect the D3400 battery to last twice as long as the D3300. In addition, the ISO range has been extended to 25,600.

Intended for Amateur Photographers

Nikon is marketing the D3400 as an entry-level camera for photographers or hobbyists who are just entering the trade.

The D3400 does not have the superior capacity that professional photographers will require in certain situations. However, if you want an advanced but manageable camera to take on vacation, the D3400 is a good choice.

The Nikon brand is known of offering high-speed performance even in low-light conditions. Therefore, the D3400 will be well suited for casual photographers and journalists as well. D3400 has Nikon’s Guide Mode.

Nikon D3400

The camera automatically provides the best settings for a capture, thus “guiding” the user. Users can precisely capture moving or distant objects. Therefore, this camera is ideal for those without much photography experience.

If you want to share the photos you take almost immediately, then this is definitely the camera for you. The SnapBridge connection and corresponding smartphone app allows automatic transfers of all pictures taken by the camera.

Most Likely to be a Great Buy

Nikon D3400 will be available starting early September of this year. The starting price is $649.99. That’s not exactly cheap, so is it worth it?

The price is certainly worth paying if you need a long lasting and easy to use camera for work or a serious hobby.

Order the Nikon D3400 here.

For example, this is a great camera for travel bloggers without extensive photography experience. This is also a good camera to have in the office if you need to occasionally snap high-quality pictures without much expertise.


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