Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is a smartphone game that was released a few weeks ago for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. It is currently one of the most popular games in the world. The game is completely free with in-game micro transactions.

It is a play on the popular Pokémon games of the 90s, and involves players walking around their neighborhoods using the app’s GPS and Augmented Reality system to find and capture creatures called Pokémon.

For all intents and purposes, Pokémon Go is a free smartphone game. However, when you installed the game, you probably saw the warning as well about the game having micro transactions enabled.

If you happen to run out of supplies in the normal game, you are going to have to run to the nearest Pokestop so that you can restock on the things you need. Sometimes it might be very inconvenient for you to do this. The time that this takes can make it pretty hard to level up as well.

There is another option, and this is to buy the extra supplies that you need from the store in-game using real money. The recommendation is that you do not do this, because it might take away most of the adventure of the game.

Have a Pokémon Party

Gather your friends who play the game and have a proper leveling up party. Turn your games off, and then drive out to an area with a number of stops in the same zone. There are plenty of locations like this all over the place. Look for locations such as places with historical significance, city centers, tourist hotspots, places with many religious buildings, and that are more concentrated in one small area.

Now gather all of your friends together and move from one Pokestop to the next to farm all of the drops that they have to offer. Have one of your friends use a lure at the first Pokestop, another friend at the next, and so on. Then, do the rounds from one stop to the next to catch dozens of Pokémon as you go.

Lures Refresh Pokestop Loot

Pokemon Go Party

When a lure is set at a Pokestop, it causes the stop to refresh its stock every few minutes that the lure is active. This means that you can basically harvest the area for Pokémon with nearly-infinite Pokeballs from the stops because of the resets. If you have about 5 stops in the area, you will be able to pick up new supplies from the first one when you make your way back to it from the 5th in line.

Catching all of these Pokémon so quickly means that you will be earning a lot of XP over time. You won’t have to hunt too hard for this, you won’t have to drive to different places, and you won’t have to spend money on things like incense.

Welcome the Public to the Party

As you have your Pokémon party, remember that the higher numbers of Pokémon in the area will attract other trainers to you as well. This means that your party could expand to include dozens of players. Welcome these people with open arms; as the number of players in an area increases, the chances of a rare Pokémon spawning in will also increase.

As you can see from these tips, you don’t have to spend money to get a leg up in this game. All you need is the right set of people and a good amount of willpower to farm the area for your supplies, XP, and Pokémon!

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Meanwhile, check out this video from GameXplain on tips for playing Pokémon Go:


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