Best Wired Gaming Mouse

So do you need a gaming mouse? Well it depends on how much you are into the games. How much you are trapped in the addiction of Dota 2, LOL or any other first person shooter games.

Why buy gaming mouse?

There are many benefits that gaming mouse provide which will help the player in fps games and many other online game that normal mouse can’t provide.

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DPI setting – It’s important that your mouse is accurate as possible .Normal mouse does not let you choose DPI. DPI setting makes the mouse move faster without sacrificing any precision or accuracy. Gaming mouse lets you choose between multiple DPI settings and right DPI settings is important for right game.

Feel – All the gamers want a mouse that feels comfortable in their hands. There are different design that gaming mouse come from which gamer could select which mouse fits their hand well while they are gaming. Palm design and Claw design are some of the design. Some gaming mice also provide you to change their weight.

Malfunctions Speed – Another factor that gaming mouse is needed in fps games is malfunction speed. If malfunction speed must be low, when you flick your mouse fast you may either end up looking in any random direction or you may haven’t turned around at all. Gaming mice provides malfunction speed high which will help gamers to control the view even if they flick their mouse at very high speed.

Let’s just say there are many benefits that gaming mouse provide which will help in gaming. So finally you decided to buy a gaming mouse but which to buy go search on Google and it shows hundreds of gaming mouse which one to choose. Well here are some of the best gaming mice which are well known in the gaming industry and many of the professional players use.

In addition to that, you should also watch for the price of the mice if you have limited budget.

Here are the top best wired gaming mouse

10. SteelSeries Rival

SteelSeries Rival 100

SteelSeries Rival 100 is one of the best budget mouse for gaming. The body is plastic and super light and very pleasant coating at the top. Shape of the rival 100 is awesome, which is best for the claw grip gamers.

It has 6 buttons, 2 side browsing buttons, 1 DPI selection button, primary left click is light which help in fast click, right button is stiffer, scroll is great. Mouse wheel and logo light up with RGB color. Rival 100 have optical sensor which is very good that fires red LED capable of up to 4000 DPI supporting 143 IPS and 20G acceleration. At the bottom, there are 3 Teflon feet which are interchangeable if you wear them out.

It has the software (Steel Series Engine 3) where you can change the button configuration, change the DPI, change the acceleration, deceleration, polling rate and allows you to change the color illumination.

9. CM Storm Mizar

CM Storm Mizar

CM Storm Mizar is the mouse by cooler master. It contains 7 buttons – 2 side buttons, left click, right click, mouse wheel and 2 DPI changing button.

The textured rubber area on right and left side provides better grip.

2 DPI changing button when pressed changes the led color of the logo which lets you know the change of DPI with ease.

It has 30G acceleration and 1000 hertz pulling rate. It comes with the software which lets you change the RGB light, configure buttons, change DPI (800, 1600, 3200, 8200).

8. Corsair Gaming M65

Corsair Gaming M65 FPS Gaming Mouse

Corsair M65 FPS gaming mouse is the update to the M60. This mouse features Avago Adns-9800 sensor which is extremely accurate. It goes up to 8200 DPI. It has 8 programmable button. On the side it has sniper button which when you held that down you can set a different DPI setting in the software and while that’s being held down it changes your DPI. On bottom there are adjustable weight which you can unscrew it as for your comfort.

It also comes with the software but you need to update the firmware if you to use latest version of software. It has some storage which stores the profile which lets you load the same profile even if you connect the mouse to different computer.

7. Mionix Avior 7000

Mionix AVIOR 7000 Ergonomic Ambidextrous Laser Gaming Mouse

Mionix is known for the wide range of peripheral and one of the best one is Mionix Avior 7000. It has symmetrical shape that is meant to be used by both right handed and left handed users, which is one of the best feature in this mouse.

This mouse also supports both claw and palm grip. It has new ADNS 3310 gaming optical sensor with no acceleration. It has DPI up to 7000 and it tracks accurately even in 7000 DPI.

The sensor of this mouse does not support in white mouse pad or the glass surface. If you’re picky about LEDs, it also allows you to change the led color.

6. Zowie Gear (FK1)

Zowie Gear Gaming Mouse

Zowie FK1 is the improved version of FK14 and was made with suggestion of professional players.

It is plug and play device with Avago 3310 optical sensor on it .It provides you to choose DPI of 400/800/1600 and 3200.

It is slightly bigger and is easier for palm grip. It tracks perfectly — even if you flick your mouse in super speed, you can control it easily.

The DPI changing button is on the bottom of the mouse. There’s no fancy stuffs like LED on the mouse because Zowie give priorites to the performance.

5. Roccat Tyon

ROCCAT TYON All Action Multi-Button Gaming Mouse

Roccat Tyon is a laser mouse which lets you choose the DPI up to 8200. It is fitted with the Pro-Aim Sensor R3 up to 1000 Hz pulling rate and 1ms response time.

It has 576Kb memory, which means you can save your profile in the mouse. It has excellent shape which is best for both claw and palm grip gamers.

It has 12 buttons. 2 button on the side and in the upper part, there is accelerator analog thumb paddle which is made for the games like Battlefield 4. It comes with the software which lets you change the LED colors, customize buttons and sensitivity.

4. ASUS ROG Gladuis

ASUS Gaming Mouse

Asus ROG Gladius is one of the best customizable gaming mouse that you can find on the market.

The shape of the mouse is quite similar to one of the best mouse Razer Death Adder.

The designer have insured the best ergonomic on this mouse which means the Gladius is perfect fit for all grip types. Rubber grip on the left and right side of the mouse provides the perfect grip. The cable is detachable and even comes with carrying pouch. ROG Gladius is equipped with 6400 DPI optical sensor.

The tracking is perfect which helps in perfect aiming in game .It doesn’t tracks well in white surface so it’s recommend to use dark mousepad.

With 6 programmable buttons, ASUS included extra pair of switches that allows user to swap them for different quick resistance — that means you can select whether if you want heavy right click or light right click.

It comes with software and helps you to change the sensitivity, acceleration and lighting effect.

3. SteelSeries Rival 700

SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming MouseSteel Series is one of the new mouse in the gaming community. The shape is ergonomic for right hand use. You can change the rubber plate in the back. Side grips of the mouse is very nice and best for palm grip

This mouse has the new features that no other mouse ever have. For example, SteelSeries included monochrome display on the right side which is always viewable. You can input GIF file in the mouse which will loop and will be displayed on the display.

It comes with Optical BMW 3366 sensor, but you can change the sensor to laser. This mouse also allows you to change the top surface of the mouse like glossy version, rubberized version or metallic surface. The cable is detachable.

However, if you need to swap your hand more frequently, this mouse might not be the best choice because it’s a heavy mouse.

It also have built in vibration motor that vibrates the mouse when you take a damage in game or you get a kill. Rival 700 is one of the best customizable gaming mouse you can find.

2. Razer Death Adder Chroma

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

In the number two, we have Razer Death Adder Chroma, which is improved version of Razer Death Adder 2013. Razer Death Adder is very popular in the gaming community.

It has 4G optical sensor with maximum DPI of 10000. It has nice ergonomic shape which fits best for any grip.

It has plastic body and it’s light weight. It comes with 5 buttons and 1000 Hz ultra-polling.

You can customizes the button from the software that Razer provide. It has 50g acceleration and comes with gold plated USB connector. This gaming mouse allows to have 16.8 million customizable color option.

1. Logitech G502

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

Our number one choice is Logitech G502 Proteus core. The shape is ergonomic as it has extended thumb rest. It has super satisfying texture rubber on the side for the perfect grip.

This mouse has optical sensor and can be tuned — which means it can adapt different surface for optical tracking. It doesn’t have any hardware acceleration and DPI can be set up to 12000. It has 11 programmable buttons. It also have scroll left and scroll right and profile switching at the back of the mouse wheel.

There is DPI indicator and profile indicator at the side of the left mouse button which makes it easy to know the current configuration of the mouse.

Its mouse wheel can be used in click to click type or hyper fast mode. It also lets you adjust the weight of the mouse by removing the bottom plate.


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